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  1. The best game you've ever had - (Kills)

    Mine was 60+ a long time ago, haven't played since the fov was nerfed, and i can never get an acog.
  2. Please Fix the visibility.

    One day i hope they fix this, stopped playing a very long time ago.
  3. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    Never being able to be a sniper.
  4. Are you sure? because i remember this game having all kinds of squeakers, oh wait Teens and 20 year olds on a beer-dope fest going off in chat screaming. Ill have to check the population, and play a few rounds again. We begged for Ignore features over mics before this is why i am rather interested in your remarks. OP, its been that way since day 1, you find the good and the bad ones and do your best to work with a SL. I think some of the good or better SL have put the game down, only so many hrs you can play a game. The biggest issues when it hit Steam .... oh half the old timers remember those weeks.. Otherwise i hope FOV is better, i may have to try the game again.
  5. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    1.FOV 2. Scopes (maybe) after FOV repaired 3. FOV +1 4.Allow me to pick the acog. Just so i want to play again....
  6. FOV ability to go lower?

    Actually you nailed it perfectly. The blurriness is horrible, the pixelation. I could not see anything over a small distance. I tried to adjust the graphics and found it so bloated out. So i jumped off and decided to wait until it was much cleaner look for a 27 inch screen. I don't want to ruin my return experiences.
  7. FOV ability to go lower?

    I was wondering, if we could take the 90 fov to 70-80? I tried it again after a few months and it was all changed to 90 fov. I am asking now, or in the future if it is going to be allowed to be adjusted lower. Thanks
  8. Multiple FOV sliders

    I came back to try squad again, played for 15 minutes then logged off because of the 90 fov. It was too high. I wanted to lower it. Oh well another EA.
  9. What role do you prefer the most?

    I liked the semi sniper acog back in the day, haven't enjoyed it since. Can never get one. So i shelved Squad for now, and i see nothing changed back in free weekend. Gave it a try and could not see anything with the fov 90 on 27 inch.
  10. Dislike button

    Anyone find the dislike button? i am still looking for it. so i can dislike the devs posts, because they wont let me go solo with a sniper rifle, so i can drive solo and squad solo. damnthem
  11. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Seriously?? that's frigging awesome.. Ill keep it in my pants, but damn that's awesome.
  12. Squad has come a long way!

    So you guys are saying install it again and play? I wanted to save all the Jellybean experience
  13. Anyone feel overwhelmed as a medic?

    You said it, giving you enough time to escape from a hilly area pulling the wounded down the hill or in behind a bush. Your smoke can be somewhere 15 feet in the middle of both of you, and by the time the smoke spreads you can rush, grab the downed soldier and start dragging him with both hands. I think not just the medic but all soldiers should have that option to drag.
  14. How will you be using vehicles?

    I voted to run over people, but hey nobody cared to listen
  15. Oh wow i have been away for awhile... since when did invisible.nin become moderator