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  1. LOL, literally just messaged you on steam. Yeah, I'm through a provider so I don't have actual access to the OS but the process reports to be started (and the logs are generating stuff).
  2. My server launches, but I can't see it in the browser. Checking the server-side logs doesn't show anything weird but I can throw them in a paste bin if that'd be helpful.
  3. A reason about DDOS attack?

    So, he is unwilling to unlist our servers then? Obviously there is more than one way to obtain an IP, but eliminating the easiest method is not a bad idea.
  4. NA Servers

    We find that our server stays pretty much empty during the day, during the evenings it's pretty consistently in the top 20 - seems like if you want to play during the day you've either got to seed a US server or play UK.
  5. i need help!

    Disable shadows, lower graphics settings... wait for game optimization. Other than that, 35fps isn't that bad considering what a lot of users are seeing.
  6. Just a guess but I see this: [2015.12.30-11.22.52:512][ 0]LogWindowsMoviePlayer: Unable to load movie: ../../../Squad/Content/Movies/LoadingScreen.mp4 Perhaps try going to control panel add/remove > features > uncheck media player, reboot, recheck media player.
  7. x2. I agree that we need an official guide, because right now everyone is operating on a system of trial and error; and learning from each other's mistakes. I use the single file on our servers as well and have not had an issue. Thorough post though, Vane.
  8. DDOS

    ^. DDos really has nothing to do with squad. You/your provider are responsible for handing that.
  9. Server Feature Requests

    Definitely need console... I need to be able to kick people faster, somebody TKs his whole squad but it still takes me a minute to kick him, have to find his ID, then run the kick cmd, would be nice if we could kick by player name and have it autocomplete as you're typing
  10. Would I get in some sort of trouble if....

    Currently multiplayer servers are only supposed to be coming from approved vendors, I know that much. I would probably seek out approval if you're concerned it might not be on the up and up.
  11. X2. Even among my admins, the attitudes vary pretty widely. I agree with banning cheaters from our community, but just because somebody was shitty on another server doesn't mean I would ban them solely on that.
  12. Perhaps you're not understanding. ALL of my configs are in Squad/config. NOT the saved folder. Thank you, though, for that hugely insightful post.
  13. Toggle lean broken

    Works fine for me... i tap lean and I'm leaning, not holding it down.
  14. Toggle lean broken

    I haven't experienced this... you have to hit the same lean button as you're currently locked on. It's not like arma where you can left left, then lean right to straighten out. You have to hit lean left to lean, then lean left again to straighten.