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  1. I have never been so excited in my life
  2. February 2017 FFO vs Squad Ops Although FFO won by a significant margin, Squad Ops definitely held their ground on the second round. We (Squad Ops) are looking forward to future games and hoping to expand our skills as a team. Teams: - [Ops] - Squad Ops - [FFO] Results: FFO Won Against Squad Ops (2-0) Points: Score: Video: Thanks To Johnny for streaming this, it's an honour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODINaZBeuMY
  3. 12th February 2017 LRC 2017 - Friday Big Rumble #1 This was our first Big Rumble of the season and it started with a big kick! Thanks to all the teams who participated in the match and looking forward to more upcoming rumbles. Teams: - [Ops] - Squad Ops - Indies - svg - [A.T.B] - [HSR] - =MFIC= Results: Indies + svg + [HSR] = won against [Ops] + [A.T.B] + =MFIC= Points: Round 1: Round 2: If your team is interested in getting onto Squad Masters please visit the two links below. http://www.squadmasters.com https://discord.gg/dn9gHE3
  4. Lots of maps starting to take shape. Really looking forward to seeing these maps implemented into Squad!
  5. You really don't understand advertising some of you, how does Squad make money? Let me guess...through sales. What is one way to do this? Oh let me guess...giving big youtubers access to the a major update and make a video on it. Not hard.
  6. Game is nearly complete, just hold on They still have a few bugs that need to be iron out.
  7. You can turn out and have a much better view.
  8. You can't cap inside vehicles.
  9. I wouldn't consider the vehicles "OP", they are actually pretty balanced when there is quite a few players on in each team. I can only see it being an issue with a low player count when there is not people to cover the necessary kits. With the introduction of the new weapons, the vehicles are quite easy to disable. Small maps like Sumari, drivers have to constantly be aware of their surroundings. I have died plenty of times because i'm forced to go a route that i don't want to go on.
  10. vehicles

    I'm thinking in a couple of days time, still some bugs that need ironing out but A7 is looking very polished
  11. SquadLeague Level checking in OP First Light
  12. Level @Level Don't mind what map
  13. It was a good Op, had great fun. Here is my perspective of the operation:
  14. Level Saturday 10:00 UTC: Basic Infantry Combat Saturday 19:00 UTC: Basic Squad Leading
  15. I agree that it is unfair that you had to play a map that you were not aware of. However was the other team aware of the change (303RD i believe?). If not then it shouldn't be such a big deal. People make errors and when an event is being ran for the first time ever we learn from our mistakes. People need to see the bigger picture and know that nothing is ran perfectly, it takes time and several attempts to get it done properly...