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  1. I have mixed feelings, don’t know how I’ll feel until suppression effects are implemented but I have a feeling I would not be satisfied by the game going “gotcha!” whenever I line up a shot. Assuming I’m a good player, I’m moving from cover to cover. If I am shot at then I reason that he missed because I was moving and the shooter will soon dial in. Because he has eyes on me, and not I on him, I, as a player, become suppressed. Maybe I peek out, he shoots again. Was it close or was I hit? I’m suppressed. Was it not close or did he miss? I can run to concealment or retreat to try another approach. Another option is that I saw him; perhaps I can peek out and kill him, or perhaps he kills me. That was my choice as a player and one of us is better than the other. Or I communicate with my team, or I throw a smoke, or I do this, or I do that. If I understand his advantage, the beauty of Squad is that the maps aren’t big for the sake of being big; the size gives you other options. If someone is ripping triple-round bursts or runs their mag dry, why should the game grab my shoulders and shake me around when I’m prepared to peek out during that interval and land a shot between their eyes? If you fire at a guy with optics and he turns and kills you whose fault is that? Should the game scramble him so he can’t turn and defend himself even though he’s capable of doing it? Should you not have shot at the guy with optics from 100 meters away? I’m just not a big advocate of control being taken away from the player, sometimes when I’m creeping around in the woods trying to get behind enemy lines, the snap of an enemy startling me and the bullet whizzing by and kicking up dirt and concrete is enough to make me, as a person, jump behind my computer desk. I don’t need the game to be scared for me. I’m tired of these “social proof” posts where someone comes on and says, “everyone is saying this about Squad.” Everyone is saying it but this is the only post about it? It doesn’t add up. I have 600 hours in Squad and have never heard foul-talk besides people getting anxious for vehicles back when they weren’t around a month or two before they came out. These examples are so situational and there’s no way to prove whether the OP is some scrub who runs around in the open and just wants to neuter people who are playing the way they’re supposed to or a bonafide savage who wants features implemented for the sake of realism. Quite frankly I think the HLL suppression is nauseating and jarring. I’ve been on teams that were absolutely locked down by sniper fire and there’s times where smokes and vehicles and flanks have worked to counter it. Nothing has happened so often or so many times consecutively that I’m convinced there’s something wrong or overpowered in the game.
  2. Recoil mode

    Takes some getting used to but it's far from impossibly difficult to use. My full auto kills are few and far between based on my role and how I play but you'll have to channel through some corridors or breach buildings/compounds sooner or later. Superior rate of fire has earned me more kills than it has cost me in the right situation and automatic rifleman will be getting a bipod soon; someone keeping a street clear, marking with tracers or stopping a squad from cresting on the horizon might have more trouble keeping his mouse on the mousepad but I don't think even they need to be magdumping necessarily.
  3. No longer able to get shot while in vehicles?

    I think only certain calibers can pierce certain glass now, but I don't know the details.
  4. V9 Performance issues anyone? Or just me?

    Can any dev comment if there is a known performance issue you're trying to tackle or if the game is just growing to a point where I'd need to upgrade to keep the settings I've been using? Definitely want to be clear that I'm not bashing the devs ability to make a game or blaming them for bad performance; I'm certainly open to the fact that technology moves fast these days and I could be operating with some aging hardware, and this will handsdown be the game that makes me run out and upgrade if that's the case, but I just want to make sure I rule everything out before I go that route. 8gig DDR3, 970 GTX, i5 6600k Before V9 I was able to get away with max settings, 1.25 supersample in 1080 with smooth FPS. Don't know the exact FPS because it was never slow enough for me to use a counter but it was always consistent. Even now it's not like the game is hanging around a low 20fps, or that overlooking a landscape is causing a low FPS while looking at an interior or at a wall returns to high fps. It's entirely consistent, only with these very powerful freezeups and they feel very hit or miss; I'll have no problem camping a doorway and dropping a guy who comes through and the medic who comes to heal him, then I shoot (or shoot at) the next guy two or three times and the game locks up entirely, just for a second or two, and the game responds again and I'm either dead or there's a dead guy on the floor in front of me, which is admittedly pretty comical. Turning off supersampling seems to fix it which leads me to believe it's a hardware situation, but even maps like Chora which don't seem to have changed drastically through the V9 update are giving me these freezes with ss on. I'd have to play a little more to be certain but it also feels like the longer I play the more frequent these freezeups happen, and it just seems like a peculiar set of circumstances that I thought I'd try to run by you guys. Thanks for your time and effort. Props to the sound guy, props to the FX guy, the February 2016 visual update is still one of my favorites. You guys are doing an excellent job, keep it up.
  5. V9 Performance issues anyone? Or just me?

    GTX 970, 8 gig, i5 6600. 1.25 supersampling and FXAA, all else is maxed 1080. FPS still seems consistent, it's never been slow enough for me to want to check but since the update there are huge hangs right when I fire or something blows up, then we're back to normal for a couple minutes. Game definitely looks and sounds better though, and I like the punchy acceleration on the vehicles. Really surprised with v9.
  6. If we get some balls to the wall urban maps it'll be better, I've lost at Logar Valley once when the last cache was in that central strip of housing and we just couldn't find the damn thing. Currently there's a lot of times when the "intel" tells you the cache is at x position and when you get there there's only 2 or 3 huts in the middle of the desert and it doesn't make for very interesting or challenging games. I do like the gamemode though, as has been mentioned AT mines will help a lot, I basically bought the game in anticipation of cache mode and IEDs. I love the idea of the attacking team having to narrow down their search based on where the enemy is coming from and the defenders having a chance to mislead the attacker's search based on where they THINK the enemy is coming from. I'm not into making superFOBs but if it's going to happen I like to make them off the objective so when the "good guys" finally breach they realize they've been attacking a FOB for 30 minutes and not the objective. The second the attackers see sandbags they get excited and report they've found the cache so, to me, it's pretty important to build off of the objective.
  7. Game got too fast

    I think it's ok, the team who plans and sticks together still wins. I'm sure there will be bad teams where half a squad pile into a Humvee, leave half their squad behind and their opponent's counterpart will do the same, rush to the middle of the map and see who blows up first but, even just after the first week of vehicles being implemented this has become a rare occurrence. People don't want to lose, and they don't want to be berated for being morons so I think these types of players get culled pretty quickly. If you can get even 4 or 5 guys who at least try to work together you'll have good results, the other 4 guys who plug into your squad, even if they're randoms will generally follow your lead. Map size might encourage rushing, Ruskies can get an APC to Fortress about the same time as Militia show up, but again they just cram the APC in there get a few kills then a couple Humvees and grenadiers show up and sort things out.
  8. I'll post more in depth later but just food for thought the devs will be lengthening the prone animation to include using your arms to actually lying down to deter stop and drop firing. I'm not sure if that's the argument here or if there's a suggested imbalance in the roles but I gotta run to work before I can see what the hub bub is about and chime in.
  9. You get used to it, because I'm not a teamstacker I'd usually get stuck on Insurgency and militia for several games in a row, to the point where having a red dot felt awkward. The frame of the device itself felt like it was blocking my vision and I got really accustomed to irons, but I'm at a point now where I do good regardless. Give it time, for a week or two I thought I'd wasted 40 dollars because I just couldn't do good. I wasn't dying a lot but holy cow ending games with 2 to 4 kills? Going 4-4? Did I get too old? My vision felt bad, when I'd see a target down range I'd have my nose to the screen. I'd just lost interest in the genre for so long that I'd lost a lot of ability but I finally started getting 8, and breaking 10 kills. Then 12, 16, average around 14 and the best I've ever done is 20-4, given I spend half my time flanking instead of charging head on. My aim isn't as good as it always was, my snap isn't always pinpoint and my grouping can get a little sketchy but I can still outthink groups of people and think of the long game. The maps give you a lot of options and now is actually the time to be playing, learn the maps as they develop and grow, become one with nature and the surroundings before vehicles are introduced. Suddenly, like most other games, you have a general idea where to look, and can feel out when you may be making contact. As you get better you actually develop strategies for each map for both teams. Like hey, whenever I play this team on this map 90% of the people seem to be doing this every time, so I can do this to capitalize, and some good squad leaders will teach you to think outside of the box. For a couple days I'd spend a lot of time helping build super FOBs (pointless) or even be crawling around mountains by myself, potshotting across valleys and thinking it was the point of the game lol. Give it time, I'm 27 and played CS for most of that then had a couple years with Battlefield before even that got old and this is probably the game I'll play long term. I'd go as far as saying it's the best FPS I've ever played.
  10. Defense issue

    I don't think MG emplacements will help, mortars maybe to some degree. Flag FOBs are usually so swamped in opposition it gets to a point where peeking out is suicide, you become a concentrated point of attack surrounded by various elevations and terrains and have an enemy freely moving up their own rallies and FOBs. People in bushes waiting for you to pop up from cover and rest of the enemy advancing forward. You are actually more suppressed than the other team and then they start getting nades over the wall; the closer they get to your FOB the longer it takes to respawn, then it gets camped and you lose it. You can only hope to slow down the process. It's a 45 minute game where you're tasked with controlling more flags than the enemy and with current ticket bleed that actually matters more than anything else. The more people you take out of the game to build your base the less of an offense you have, your team is either mindblowingly good and stacked and the enemy never makes it to your base anyway, or you get outnumbered and they fight their way to you. And quite frankly that sounds like what some of you want, you'd rather have one flag to five as long as you get to have your epic base shootout at the end. The optimal flag cap is to surround the flag, flank in, take it, and return to your surrounding location unless you're moving up to the next flag. Then you basically continue to pick off any enemy that returns to take the flag. They'll never take it until they come knock you off your defensive positions and find your FOB which is a debilitating task in itself if you've hidden your FOB and taken extra steps to move in from misleading positions. A worst case scenario is a FOB on both sides, one from each team, and a flag that keeps changing hands; whoever realizes and does something about it first is going to secure the flag and win or there could be a backcap. Be the backcap squad, not the sandbag squad. Your team needs you. When the game expands and the average game lasts longer (if that is the plan) it might make sense and give you more time and options to have elaborate bases. As of now it's capture the flag, and if you don't capture flags you lose because of ticket bleed. Your offensive strategy is your main concern, your defense needs to be fluid, spontaneous and swift.
  11. Should we be able to throw grenades farther?

    Look upwards when you throw nades, in my experience they travel further the higher you look up. There does appear to be a bug, maybe due to connection but I don't really know, where you pretty much limpwrist the grenade about 2 feet in front of yourself, like you accidentally slipped up and dropped the nade mid-throw lol. I'm not sure if jumping adds to throw distance but it's a habit I have from Counter-Strike. Also not sure if duration holding down the click adds power, but I hold the mouse button until my guiding hand is fully extended just to be safe. Also, if you want to lob one right over a wall, hold right click and look upwards, almost straight up. If you look down you do a nice easy roll but if you look upwards you will create a high arch that can land grenades just over walls. Even though I don't condone it under any circumstance, this can help clear the outside of compounds you've found yourself trapped in, the trapping being the exact reason I don't condone FOBs on flags or wasting time blocking every exit.
  12. Little Features/Details That You Like

    Shrapnel bouncing off surroundings from grenades and I don't normally stick around with squads that want to dig all day but I happened to notice the dust effects look really cool while digging, and when a fortification pops up there will be a little bit of dirt that rolls off the bags.
  13. Been as good as it's ever been for me, having a lot of good games lately.
  14. Base-Hugging and Super FOB's

    I thought about making this thread the other day to ask if this was the worst strategy. I suppose there's some merit if they're communicating with other squads but I've seen it get as bad as several squads coming together in one of these bases. I've been kicked from squads for defying SL, staying outside the compound and racking up ridiculous amounts of kills from enemies who are swarming the compound like a nest of angry bees. The worse is when you're a medic and the nades come and 5 or 6 people are going down at a time because all anyone can do is crawl around or hide in corners, then they get mad that it's virtually impossible to rescue them. A FOB behind the flag seems key, it makes your team's push for the flag feel unrelenting and allow you to secure a perimeter.