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  1. Why the medic aversion?

    I love being medic. It's very gratifying to patch your team back together and get the job done. Your team also treats you like a rock star for constantly healing them. I think it's great that they gave us a grenade now. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't carry explosives as a medic.
  2. American Militia?

    Wolverines! I like the idea but I think Sahara is right about being low priority. However, with the active modding community, you can never say never. The Colonel: All that hate's gonna burn you up, kid. Robert: It keeps me warm.
  3. Are character animations, free-look, and vaulting planned for the v9 release? I scanned the feature preview to find info about it but didn't see any mention.
  4. How do you play music in-game?

    It's distracting if someone spams their mic with music. But there have been times when it was utilized effectively/comically, like when piled in a transport vehicle and someone plays some jihadi or patriotic music to pump you up.
  5. General Butt Naked's birthday suit is hands down the most terrifying. So terrifying, I won't even post him. However, his soldiers in the picture here are almost as terrifying.
  6. Music!


    Fixed: I deleted local files and reinstalled but the problem still persisted. Deleted local files again, but this time I also went into steamapps/common and deleted the Squad folder along with whatever files remained inside. I reinstalled and now it works fine. Hope this helps you.

    I've got the same problem. Hope a solution is found soon.
  9. Calling all tone hounds: Guitar thread

  10. Vehicle Recovery Winch

    I think this is cool. Maybe even allow a stuck vehicle to attach the winch onto a tree or something to pull itself out?
  11. [SQUAD]Health & Fitness Thread

    Anyone do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Blue belt here.
  12. Music!

    Wow, thanks for the kind comparison. I am a Cynic fan as well.
  13. Music!

    I like to make music.
  14. ◘ >>> ** Play Testers V7 Videos in here ** <<< ◘

    Show us your techies!
  15. Calling all tone hounds: Guitar thread

    Thanks! Just my friends and I messing with "Breathe" by Pink Floyd.