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  1. None of the servers showed up for me a few weeks ago and did this to solve it, wouldn't hurt to give it a try: Go to Steam > Steam (top left) > Settings > Downloads > Clear download cache. Not sure if it's going to fix your problem, but worth a try.
  2. Yes. Here is my steam profile:
  3. [SOLVED] After discussing with other community members I cleared the Steam download cache which fixed the issue. To do this you go to: Steam > Settings > Downloads > Press "Clear Download Cache". Steam will restart and you have to log back in. Launch the game and hopefully it should work for you now.
  4. Haven't tried that yet, will do now. EDIT: @ChewyMan, I love you. Not sure why, but it worked. Thanks.
  5. That's not the case for me at least. When it comes to Steam I've tried to verify the integrity of game cache, lowered the "In-Game server browser: Max pings / minute" to 500 from 5000, changed download region, and restarted it. None of it worked for me, it has worked for others though.
  6. Welcome, Raffy! Hope you'll have a fun time playing the game. Feel free to add me on Steam if you ever want to have another teammate.
  7. Happened to me just now.
  8. Just recently no servers show up in my server list. Played it for some hours now and everything worked fine. However, when I launched the game just recently no servers pops up. Tried a few tips on the web to solve this, but have had no luck so far. Thank you for helping.
  9. Same happened to me now just recently.
  10. ================================================================================================================================== Name: Petter. Steam Profile: Primary Language(s): English + Norwegian. Age (optional): 17, turn 18 in march. Timezone or Region: GMT+1 [EU]. Nature of Interest: Casual/MilSim. Interested in both, to be honest, but milsim is probably the one that I would moslty appreciate. Gaming Background: Played games since I was a little kid. Normally shooters. In the recent years, I've played mostly CS and Arma related games. I have a huge passion for military simulation types and that's why I am looking for a team to play with. Have had a semi-pro career in the Norwegian CS:GO league for those interested. Been in several groups/teams earlier when it comes to Arma and DayZ, but never in Squad. Squad is a game I like a lot and hopefully I get the opportunity to play with a team in the future. Additional Skills: I would consider myself to be an athlete. Played football (soccer) since I was 5 years old (12 years total). I like almost every sport there is and quite active when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Have some skills in video games in general, more specifically shooters. Likes to talk to others and have a goos time exchanging jokes etc. Very nice and polite and I am always open to make new friends. Status: Unsigned. ==================================================================================================================================