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  1. Disable AA
  2. Gorodok and Yehorivka maps needs updating Thanks
  3. We run all INS map on all of our servers
  4. I think for different rounds,coreinventory might be needed
  5. No one ever said animation will be in v9 ,so please read guys next time.
  6. Bring Al Basrah in v9 @IrOnTaXi
  7. We use that always,as it helps people stay on the server,by keeping fobs up and fighting only over one objective. Thats until 18vs18 or 20vs20. NO usage of IFV vehicles also. THis way you promote fighting and less downed time,that keeps those players on server until it others join
  8. Half of that seeding, we know you chronic
  9. LOL bilsantu, this is a tactic since PR,on some servers it was forbidden,and clans were agreeing to not use it in matches
  10. Well in v7 testing there people like levelcap that are way worse then those two. That just marketing thing,us hardcore and people that enjoy tactical things are really minority in gaming community,and these people have a lot bigger common and casual public. Also these people are almost all that play ww2 games regularly,there was The Shermanator there also. He did well
  11. I will just say, you should all be hyped for this. Especially for assets and maps. Map design is by the far best i have seen. There are already unique buildings, hotel,church etc.... There are already ruins from artillery,mortars on some of the houses
  12. They are aiming for historical accuracy. So there will be probably some maps in future that really had bunkers. Anyway you can use these ditches and canals as a trench for example
  13. I guess because they have their own channels and marketing strategy
  14. This is amazing stuff,cant wait to try BreihzoO,awesome work by all devs and people included in project. You will be updating PS same as OWI,i mean adding coreinventory,animation system,new tracked vehicles system on the way to stuff that exists in your game?
  15. RIP is UK/EU community with players all around the world,and our server is based in France. We have admins that are active 24/7,whenever server has players there are admins online