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  1. Squad Gameplay 2016 (intense)

  2. Alpha 4 Released

    seems i had something else also bound to Enter, but didn't realise it..
  3. Alpha 4 Released

    Enter key no longer brings up Squad screen, but if i bind it to another key. works? :/
  4. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    Win7Pro x64 i5 2500K 32GB RAM R9 390 8GB Settings: EPIC FPS: Average 40 at 1440P
  5. Alpha 3.11 Released

    USA seem a lot harder to shoot now, takes about 4 shots (static target) to take them out.. was shooting a guy, he turned around and shot me outright.
  6. Alpha 3.11 Released

    Depends on where they passed out. if they were up a hill, they'll go back to the original position. I've had a few people levitate above me after reviving them.
  7. Alpha 3.9 Released

    Nope, doesn't want to work :( :wacko:
  8. New LevelCap video on Squad

    http://downloads.joinsquad.com/Manual/Squad_EA-Manual_1_0.pdf page 42
  9. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    Don't mix up CPU and GPU, 2 totally different things. ;)
  10. The British

  11. Ok not sure if a r9 390x can handle it at reccomendation..

    I run 1440 at nearly everything Ultra on my R9 390 at average 60FPS
  12. Escape from Tarkov

    Actually we have built in stabilisation in the form of our eyes - if you focus on an object and move your head around - where does that object say? does it jog around, or do your eyes follow it?