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  1. Alpha 10

    unplayable the menu keeps resetting to 1024*768 and freezes upon loading also when I actually got to play I noticed the hit reg is still terrible
  2. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    Made exclusive for SL now
  3. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    Because the SL need yo claim them first (terrible system btw) and then take off without taking people with them Anyway, its CTD galore so i'm out for now
  4. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    yeah ... - I cannot play for more than 15mins before CTD - Hit detection has gotten even worse - I can still fire when inside a vehicle, camera gets stuck in weird angles because of it - half the team gets stuck on the main base because they cant get into the vehicles
  5. Release: Alpha Version 5

    I am uninstalled this You need to get your basic mechanics right instead of the adding that has been happening up until now. ping is still increasing over time, starting at 50 and ending at 150+ after 15 mins. The aiming is stil very unnatural for mouse control, I dont care how realistic its suppossed to be. Its still a game with mouse and keyboard, sacrifices have to be made to keep it playable, this is beyond frustating. And don't give me crap about going back to COD or BF, I come from Red orchestra and insurgency where I am always on top
  6. Release: Alpha Version 5

    Absolutly nothing has been done about the horrible aiming, i am skipping this one
  7. Alpha 4 Update

    big improvement on performance however the aiming still feels unnatural and completely unintuitive
  8. 1. agree this is needed, or something to give us better tactical overview 2. I've never run out of ammo so far, dont see the need 3. Only if you cant fire while going prone, because else we got dolping diving, the thing that turned me off battlefield forever 4.no opinion 5 bug 6. i think this is coming 7. try jumping 2m down with full gear in real life
  9. Recoil

    speaking of a topic that webt off course the high recoil itself was not really the problem for me, the fact that its random and uncontrollable is. I dont think you guys understand my problem, when i fire in auto mode, the mouse input is completely ignored, its not possible to counter it and futhermore, even IRL the recoil is predicatable and thus can be countered a bit, but when its random like this, thats not possible either
  10. Recoil

    Starting to think the entire game is a placeholder, every comment i make gets the same reply
  11. Recoil

    I dont mind the high recoil (although i could be a tad less), however it is the fact it is random and uncontrollable realy bugs me in other games there is a way to counter it through mouse movement, but not here. it makes MG's in particular very difficult to use effectivly
  12. Nobody listens to me when i go SL, still waiting for the first game where i can execute those who don’t
  13. is there a roadmap or something that i can read ? I know its an alpha, but this is core gameplay, and should already be in the alpha
  14. Been playing for a few hours now, and i found that the game still has far to much BF2 in it, by that i mean that the gameplay mechanics are too old I want to be able to: - Mount a machine gun on any surface for better accuracy and recoil - Rest my gun on any surface for better accuracy (like in the red orchestra series) - I want to be able to crawl into a window or over a wall or obstacle at any times (not jump but actually crawl over it). it is very frustrating to have to run across a field, getting stuck at a low wall because you are out of stamina, and then getting shot while waiting for the stamina to regenerate. - adjust your sights to the distance, aiming is pretty much useless at close range right now also seem to have come over from BF: - Baserapers and cheaters are very common - I can shoot while crawling (not realistic) we also need some transport vehicles, most long rounds i have done so far includes very little action, its pretty boring