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  1. Stuttering whilst turning

    Hey chaps.. odd problem here, the game runs for the most part quite smooth but whenever i turn with the mouse the game will freeze for up to a second then run smooth again. This happens every time i move the mouse.. so as you can guess making any headway in cqc is neighbon impossible. it happens both on and offline. I average about 60-80fps i7-6700k 16gb ram 970 sli
  2. FPS Limit Removal

    I just use a single 980ti oc strix 6gb.
  3. FPS Limit Removal

    thanks, i gained about 5fps. I will wait for an update.
  4. FPS Limit Removal

    I have just tried the training scenario and i got some results, using stats fps and stats unit i get the following. FPS: 240.00 Frame: 4.17 Game: 1.33 Draw: 4.17 GPU: 4.17 as soon as i stand in the centre of a smoke grenade then i get FPS: 63.00 Frame: 15.xx Game: 1.44 Draw: 15.xx GPU: 15.xx when im in a multiplayer game it usually sits about 20ms giving me about 50fps so if its smoke that is causing the drop in fps, is there a way to make the quality of it lower?
  5. FPS Limit Removal

    Hello Chaps. When i play squad and i enable the stats fps i see that the FPS seems linked to the MS.. the higher the MS the lower the FPS, the lower the MS the higher the FPS. Usually the FPS will hover around 50fps and the MS about 20 as if its limited to that number. so.. 1. What does the MS represent, i don't think its ping to the server because i have joined high ping servers in america and low ping servers in the eu and the MS stays about the same. 2. If there is a FPS lock how can i remove it. 3. Is there anything i can do to lower the ms and improve my frames.? 4. (unrelated) when i look into the sun the darkness on the hills is black, as in black black, i wouldnt be able to see someone looking at me 2 feet away, is there something i can do about that? im running a 980Ti Strix OC so i shouldn't be needing more GPU and my CPU is at 3.8ghz. Most things are on high but shadows are disabled cheers.