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  1. Alpha V5 Initial Feedback

    We did some testing on OP First Light and Chora 2, and the bleeding of tickets wasn't consistent for us. We'd lose a ticket, then 8 seconds later we'd lose another, then 20 seconds, then 18 and then 12, but it wouldn't always be in that pattern. At one point we should have been bleeding but we weren't, about 50 seconds past and then we randomly lost 2 and thus the circle started again. Also on OP First Light when losing a flag we'd lose 16 and the enemy gain 8, but on Chora you'd lose 20 and gain 10. I thought all the AAS maps had the same loss/gain ratio?
  2. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 5.0

    I think the sway of weapons (whilst ADS and not zooming in) is a little too high. Now I could understand if you have no stamina or under half then it will add more sway to the weapon because you are fatigued but at the moment with full stamina the sway is too sporadic.
  3. Squad League Tournament Opens Saturday!

    You boys are in for a real treat! ;) You'll best start believing in GHOST stories! #3spooky5me
  4. What custom keybinds do you use?

    Depends on your muscle memory I have used these keys and PTT on mouse for years now and it doesn't affect me, I use claw grip and my thumb is already on the buttons so pushing them doesn't move my thumb
  5. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Any way you can that for the new V4.0 patch? :D
  6. What custom keybinds do you use?

    Y = Forward H = Back G = Left J = Right T = Toggle lean left U = Toggle lean right I = Reload L = Grenade C = Sprint M = Prone Space = Crouch Right Alt = Map K = Use Mouse Wheel Up = Jump Mouse Wheel Down = Primary Weapon Mouse 4 = Squad Chat Mouse 5 = Local Chat F = Squad Leader Chat (Never really play squad leader so rarely use it) 6 = Pistol 7 = Bandage 8 = Smoke 9 = Shovel I use YGHJ in all games