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  1. I am having a similar problem. Reinstalling time after time though it doesnt work.
  2. downloaded squad but can't login

    I cant seem to log in. Is everything working fine?
  3. GO GO GO GO

    Cant log in either. What seems to be the hassle?
  4. Development Diary #2

  5. I am just finding my way around the UE4 editor and I would like to know where the best place is to download different vegitations and buildings etc. I am not too familiar with the specific terms but static objects such as way signs, barns etc. Can these things be downloaded from somewhere and imported into the editor? regards =MeRk= UncleSmek
  6. I just bought the commander pack. Where can I get access to my keys and so on to try the game out?
  7. Mapping In Ue4

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering about mapping in UE4. How is it different from BF2 Editor and what are the steps to take to start learning how to map in UE4? Do you have to buy the engine? I am really new to this but I am a fast learner with lots of time on my hands.