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  1. Ruined Militia

    I like them
  2. 1 in 20 not bad going

    Yep community is awesome with the rare weird "my team sucks" even tho we won guy in between
  3. Issue with M203 sights (I think)

    It really is weird yes..,maybe its supposed not to have an Red Dot ontop cause with it you can only make a guess where it might hit
  4. Fixing healing yourself while prone

    Yeah it happens thats why I look at the floor as soon as i pull it out....
  5. Incentive for Winning a Match

    Kind of disagree..... I remember back in the day we played to have....well fun. We never got any shiny stuff for winning at any game back then and why would be as the road there was fun. As soon as you put a "shiny" thing in for winners loosing starts to get frustrating. But as it is atm even loosing is rather fun
  6. Giving Up easily / Ticket Wasters

    Permissions will never work people will just start to troll each other or accidently forget about it. A timer as long as your respawn would work but would also increase respawn rates. The system atm is alright...just scream at them in open when you are a medic usually does the trick. other than that people will learn it sooner or later
  7. When add vehicle?

    Wait Ill just go an grab my giant crystal ball
  8. Murder Holes

    Will be near impossible to implement seing as they dont plan to ad destruction...which this kind of would be. So nice idea but youll have to use the ones already there. If you struggle vs Acogs use smoke...get into solid cover dont get engaged in firefights you cant win...and always remeber an guy starring down his acog wont look to his left or right nearly as much ;)
  9. How to lock framerate at 60fps?

    Might be the case never been a fan of V-sync so I usually never even turn it on. Always felt it feels weird no matter what
  10. How to lock framerate at 60fps?

    You know you can just put mouse smoothing on and move the sens below 0.5 and it will stop skipping pixels? But then again dont see the problem with high FPS in the menus? Is there any?
  11. How to lock framerate at 60fps?

    in the defaultengine.ini there are some settings for frame smoothing. change framesmoothing to true and adjust the range in the ini file. Go to : C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Squad\Squad\Config Open DefaultEngine.ini with notepad or notepad++ (free) press: [ CTRL+F ] to open search tab Search for : bSmoothFrameRate edit like this: bSmoothFrameRate=true --- Search for : ERangeBoundTypes::Inclusive",Value= Edit like this: UpperBound=(Type="ERangeBoundTypes::Inclusive",Value=30 ---- You can choose the fps cap here. Change the number "30" by the number of Frame limit you want. SAVE, EXIT Doubt fully locking it is in yet
  12. You seem to miss the point....How about using the search function for once mate. This has been discussed yesterday as well so next time before you start on an rant use the search it is there for a reason. But as you seem unable to do so here you go. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/10151-aas-do-the-caps-matter/?hl=%2Bdoe+%2Bcaps+%2Bmatter
  13. Depends on the map but this is how it is supposed to work so there is no point in discussing it over and over again
  14. Bleed only applies if all your flags have been taken. Other than that it does nothing. Besides loosing a flag =20 points An FOB = 10 points That btw is also why you never place an FOB on an CP....it's just bad well unless you want to loose
  15. Squad is about teamwork, not K/D

    K/D doesnt matter but can be shown at the end of the game. Doesnt really matter but people like to know how "well" they did and as it doesnt to anything as no one knows when you joined etc its only there for yourself really