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  1. Graphics Settings Issue

    So the problem is that I can't change any graphical settings of the game. I switch between different options I press "apply" button but nothing works. Tried to restart the game, steam and my pc. Is there any other way to change configurations of the game especially I need graphics settings cuz now it's high and I get only around 30 fps. Thanks in advance.
  2. Game freezing non stop

    So, after not playing for a few days the unplayable game freezing is back then I restart my pc and the game is back to normal (no lags). This game keeps surprising me.
  3. Game freezing non stop

    Same here. Latest driver update seems to have fixed all issues. Who should I thank then? Nvidia or the Devs?
  4. Game freezing non stop

    I'm cool and I'm completely aware of the fact that this is an early Alpha Stage, there's gonna be bugs issues and stuff. I'm not hating anyone because the game is unplayable I know they need sometime to fix it. I know it's not easy. But if you start - you need to go all the way, not 99% of the way, all the way. Good luck, Devs.
  5. Game freezing non stop

    I have never ever changed any files, now everytime a player joins the server the game freezes for about 5-10 seconds. So, please be so kind fix the freezes because the game is unplayable. 99% huh? And when you do your job it isn't supposed to be done 100%? The left 1% should do what now? Uninstall the game they paid for? With all due respect, Sir, you make no sense.
  6. Game freezing non stop

    This latest fix didn't change anything for me. The game was stuttering and freezing really bad and it still does! And I wonder what that means - Attempted fix for a major part of the stuttering issue - Why only attempted? Like, they know there's an issue with the game that makes it completely unplayable but at the same time they don't really care???
  7. Game freezing non stop

    Same here, tried everything but nothing works, let's wait for a hotfix
  8. Launcher error

    So I tried all other possible methods but nothing works. Now I get this message Api-ms-win-core-crt-l1-1-0.dll
  9. Launcher error

    OK. I'll try it. I got a powerful pc though.
  10. Launcher error

    Sorry, what means "verify gamefiles"?
  11. Launcher error

    Hey, guys. I've got this weird problem. I've just bought the game recently and when I try to start the game I get this message: launcher error. I tried reinstalling the game and all that kind of stuff but nothing works(( Can anyone help me. please? Thank you in advance. P.S. Not really sure this is an appropriate thread but anyways I leave it here.