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  1. Other Factions

    Please also factions like the Spanish army (g36 with Eotech above the carrying handle), French, Russian (with AK12), Italian (with ARX-160) and ISIS are implemented. And of units to choose as the Marines, Airborne Infantry, Armoured Infantry, the Rangers, Special Forces like Delta Force or SEAL or recognition infantry.
  2. More guns and being able to change equipment

    Also would be great as the fact wear the uniform. With sleeves rolled up by the wrist, rolled up to the elbow and rolled up completely. It would also be interesting to add shemagh, goggles, masks, balaclava and camouflage paint. All this would be fine to customize the character's face to make it look like you.
  3. Soldier Class: Ammo Carrier

    Instead of a gun, a loader carries an assault rifle or carbine in a squad do so, because the fact of being charger is not limited to giving ammunition but also operates as a target designator and coverage for the machine gunner. It would also be a very limited role if equates a submachine gun.
  4. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    It would be possible to implement the dual-render scope "CoD Ghosts" (the sniper aiming) and dual sights, but for all weapons with visor with some magnification?
  5. Vehicles & tank simulation

    I want to suggest free camera to see inside the tank and have access to interacctuar with controls and displays, even the shooter can click the right mouse button and toggle the display of the weapon and freely look inside your cabin and the same for the commander and the loader (well, maybe the loader not). Besides that, unlike Battlefield, can exist realistic and fast animations to enter vehicles .
  6. It is also important that the soldier holding the weapon according to their position. With a rifle without accessories, the rifle is held for half the handguard. When this facing the rifle, hand passes hold very close to the charger and when it is pointing, hand goes even rely on the magazine, it is the nearest to the center of gravity of the gun position and therefore, more stable and less prone to tremors. Same with an accessory, for when one is pointing, not the weapon is held by the grip, if not also be supported subject to the magazine.
  7. That's what I meant, you can collaborate with colleagues for a better insight in combat, so you collaborate efficiently and the need for peer is understood. But take only that the "CoD" XD
  8. Of course, I do not want as complicated as "Weapon 2" system, I prefer "Weapon 3" Because it is much easier: The Control key is used to choose between 8 different positions when pressed with "W" or "S". And two with "A" and "D". But as you say could be something that can be detrimental to good progress in the game, but could also work if you simplify it a bit, it would be a good thing. As to "climb" I would say more appropriately "parkour"; since all the armies in the world, and especially the French, they use it in urban setting. Besides the "parkour" I would also like to refer to the ability to climb rocks or steep incline, to overcome a slope of 70 degrees without getting stuck. As amputations, I do not mean that the body is divided into small pieces if not smaller than a whole arm areas. It could be a hand, forearm, arm, an amputation at the shoulder and progress in parts of that and do it that corresponds to the type of damage that is received; crushing, fragmentation, impact of a high caliber ... Make it realistic. Furthermore, with regard to blood, it could take the example of "Call of Duty: World at War" and even take it to another level, but without being too gory.
  9. It would be just perfect that ability Squad elects to change the position of the soldier Weapon 3, if we add that you can climb and jump on steep areas (rocks or hills), obstacles or walls (the great walls using a partner) with appropriate animations and also able to interact with vertical surfaces so they can provide coverage to the player crouching on them. It would be a simulation game much more dynamic and realistic than can be "Arma 3" or "Battlefield 4". At least in displacement and development to combat refers.Maybe I would be excited and it may be hard to do, but there is no doubt that if it were to make would be awesome to play this game. I need to state my opinion on how they might be controls to perform these interactions. Assassins creed think that is a good reference for this type of movement. A button to climb and jump (space for example) and another for cover. In addition, we may take the idea of using the button control as "Arma 3" and so change that position is the soldier and use the "c" and "v" buttons to keep crouching or lying. As for injuries, obviously we all want to be as realistic as possible. Starting with bullet impacts in different parts of the body, the caliber and type of ammunition (piercing, incendiary, explosive, hollow point, Full Metal Jacket ...). Another thing is the fire and explosions (grenade, rocket, cannon shot...) that would lead to other more unpleasant and shocking injuries. Would like to point out also, that dismemberment not limited to section complete extremities, but it may be more specific parts like hand,a foot, half face, half ass... Also highlight other damage of severe trauma as crushing, high rise or fall impact of heavy objects like the remains of a vehicle or rocks driven by an explosion. I do not speak English very well, I hope that is well understood. If not, ask me whatever you want you clarify.