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  1. Which US IFV would you rather see in squad

    Bradly because its prefect for Squad, you have 3 vehicle roles (comander driver gunner) and 6 places left for the rest of the squad.
  2. Map Grozny

    Hell yeah, its one of my favorite maps from the good old PR days
  3. Improvised APC

    It would be great to see them in the game. Possible outcome: more balanced power between factions.
  4. I agree for a 3rd thing, but what if you get hit in the helmet ? In reality, getting killed in the head depends on bullet angle and material of the helmet. (Shot in the face etc. is fatal) Easiest way to solve this problem is to set 50/50 chances of dying if you get hit in helmet and 100% if in the face.
  5. FPS Quesiton

    It is not problem with developers not working hard enough. Unreal engine is a problem. I think they are currently updating it to a newer version and that should probably fix the fps.
  6. Turret Movement Controls

    Use search, already discussed.
  7. New Squad Map Concept

    Any possibilities for more screenshots like this, im just interested.
  8. Happens to me also, all the time, its f**king annoying
  9. Mortars comfirmed, not 100% sure but I have read one post on reddit (I think it is form developer) where mortars are comfirmed.
  10. Lenovo y570 Will it RUN the game?

    I have: FX8320 R9280x 8gb ram On low I still dont get over 30 fps when server is full. You should wait for next update where they are probably going to fix fps problem. I cant promise you it is going to be the next one.
  11. Helmand Province

    It would be great map, first one that I like without many foliage.
  12. Alt + Tab lockup.

    Happens to me almost every time, cant wait for loadnig and automaticaly press alt + tab :D
  13. any chance of a little inventory

    Yeah, like in arma
  14. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    3rd picture so realistic Good pics btw
  15. Character editor

    Discused many times. It is good idea but only if customization is limited (no pink hair, piercings, other s**t which some people would like on their characters)