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  1. WIP AA2 Pipeline 4v4 to 8v8

  2. November 2017 Recap

    When is this happening?
  3. The second method worked, thanks. Method 2: Fix the problem using disk management tool This solution is much easier compared with editing registry. We can use a free Windows partition manager tool – Eassos PartitionGuru Free to delete the file. This partition tool is able to delete files that cannot be deleted via Windows, delete files permanently in case of recovery, wipe partition, erase disk. Let’s see how to delete files when you are kept from deleting data. Install and launch Eassos PartitionGuru Free from your computer. Then locate the file or folder you want to delete. Select files or folders that cannot be deleted, right-click them and choose “Delete Files Directly”. Click “Delete” button to complete the deletion. Note: this deletion deletes the file directly instead of putting data to Recycle Bin. Please make sure you are deleting files correctly. If you delete files by mistake, you can use this software to recover deleted files.
  4. Gonna make this quick. These four files have somehow been corrupted and refuse to be deleted by any means: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Content\Audio\Impacts\Shovel\Dig\Dirt\shovel_dig_dirt_15.uasset E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Content\Audio\Impacts\Shovel\Dig\Dirt\shovel_dig_dirt_16.uasset E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Content\Audio\Impacts\Shovel\Dig\Dirt\shovel_dig_dirt_17.uasset E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Content\Audio\Impacts\Shovel\Dig\Dirt\shovel_dig_dirt_18.uasset Steam gives me the message "Content File Locked", and I cannot uninstall or verify the game files. I have tried numerous Windows commands to delete these files, I have tried numerous third party programs, tried deleting in safe mode. Nothing is working, I am always greeted with the same message: "An unexpected error is keeping you from deleting the file. Error 0x80070570" I have not altered the game folder in any way, and I've been having this issue since the 9.9 update.
  5. Squad map loadscreens?

  6. People who take Squad a bit too seriously...

    I am assuming the people browsing this forum are people who legitimately like Squad and care about the community that plays it, not those trolls (like in the video) that ruin what the game is supposed to be about. Which is teamwork. Besides, there is a very low view count.
  7. People who take Squad a bit too seriously...

    Idiots, idiots everywhere!
  8. People who take Squad a bit too seriously...

    This was a match of Insurgency where just about every squad was doing the same thing. Just building fortifications in pointless places and trolling to no end. The squad I was in was actually trying and holding the cache, but we can't win with one squad. This video is sarcastic, it just shows how many idiots play this game at this early point in it's release.
  9. In all seriousness, this is kind of a problem in Squad at the moment... ​
  10. Art thou hiring by any chance?

    Awesome, thanks. Feel free to close this thread.
  11. Ignore the cheesy title. But seriously, is Offworld Industries hiring?
  12. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Places Tunguska (Russia) Kamchatka (Russia) Magadan (Russia) Chelyabinsk (Russia) Kurgen (Russia) Omsk (Russia) Krasnoyarsk (Russia) Wallowa-Whitman (Alaska) Haines (Alaska) Tanana (Alaska) American Operations Operation Red Fox Operation Gray Wolf Operation Forest Prowl Russian Operations Operatsiya Borzykh Operatsiya Rodina Operatsiya Alyaski Khaski
  13. Please, for the love of god, no T-Shirts. Unless they are absolutely amazing, of course.
  14. I have always thought that different animations such as sprinting, crouching, firing, etc. would be a neat idea. But I agree with the comments above in this case, it would make the developers jobs harder, and we would not gain really anything from it.
  15. It's U.S. Forces versus who ?

    If they were to add anyone other than the US, I'd be fine with Canada, United Kingdom, France, and the Afghan Army. Adding another OPFOR/REDFOR doesn't seem very easy. Who else is in Afghanistan besides the Taliban? Not counting very localized "terror" groups.