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  1. Update: 40+ hours logged in Squad with zero crashes since setting my GPU to stock and CPU remains over 1.2v
  2. Instead of it being overclocking related... what if its more directly a voltage related problem? Try upping your voltage (whether you have stock or overclocked CPU) above 1.2v like the OP. @Simplicity I hope you manage to find a solution to fix your crashes... looking at your own topic it is similar to me and OP and may be overclocking/voltage related too. @DaiaBu Thank you for making this thread and bringing up the potential issue... a real fix is rare to find on these forums.
  3. Since your GPU wasn't overclocked did you try the OPs CPU method? as it so happens my overclock that's currently in place has a voltage above 1.2.
  4. I had just crashed after 15-20 minutes on Gorodok (full server) today and got fed up and decided to come back to here and saw your post!^ I decided to try returning my overclocked components to stock. Ive had a serious GPU overclock for over 4+ months with increased voltage. It was only about 7 days ago I overclocked my i7-7700k from stock 4.2Ghz to 4.6Ghz. I've had this issue for months which is why I'm going to try GPU stock first, but it did get WAY WORSE after overclocking my CPU. -------------------------------------- This is a major noticeable change for me! I'm able to play a game longer than 30 minutes after returning my GPU to stock. I will report back to see if any crashes happen--- and try returning my CPU to stock if it does. Edit: 1 hour into the game and still no crashes (played on the Narva for about 30+ minutes) which is highly unusual. Editx2: 2 hours into the game and still not a single crash (Chora map) I rarely make it this far without crashing. Editx3: Starting Al Barash now... I'm almost convinced the crashes are related to overclocking... will try switching servers after I hit my third hour. Editx4: Third hour hit... this game is a long one and im going to finish it up (20+ mins more) and try another server. Editx5: 3 hours 40 minutes logged and no crashes... but I'm going to take a break and if I get the same results the next time I play on a different server after a computer restart, then I will be 100% convinced it was overclocking related. This is very bizarre since I usually rip my hair out and just stop trying to play by this point. Editx6: Tried another server and I'm 1H 30m in (2 different maps) and no crashes... (Huge step up from 15-30 minute match crashes) I'm going to try again later today after a full computer restart... but it really does seem like my overclocked GPU was affecting my constant crashes. I feel very thankful to the OP right now as I would've never thought my overclock was affecting Squad in such a negative way. Editx7: It's the next day and my computer has restarted... I'm already 1 hour in for an Al Asbrash match with no crashes! I'm pretty sure my issue has been fixed! =) My CPU happens to have a voltage of 1.2+ like OP which is probably stopping me from crashing on the CPU side. This is just... weird AF... but I accept it so long as I don't crash anymore.
  5. +1 Same thing happens to me almost every game... hope you find and fix this annoying crash! i7-7700k @4.6Ghz GTX 1060*OC 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz
  6. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Vehicle Repair Stations have been reduced to 1 per FOB. Added "mercy bleed" to last flags on AAS. Yes!
  7. I also want to chime in that I've also have been crashing without an error message since the new Windows 10 update, Squad 9.5 update, Nvidia GPU update - I list all three of those because they are the most noticeable changes made to my PC in the past 7 days. (I7,7700k, GTX-1060 6GB, 16GB DDR4 3200mhz, 850 evo SSD) I've done the following: verified cache, cleared cache ingame, reinstalled nvidia graphics card update) I remember being kicked out with an EAC Authentication (2/2) last-night and now it just crashes to desktop without error the next day (idk if its related)
  8. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    All of a sudden... I'm feeling too sick to go into work tomorrow.
  9. Zen Ryzen

    Yeah, no. ~I render things quite often as much as I game and plan on upgrading before Q2-17. Unfair you say? of course. All I was pointing out was that Single threaded performance is important for games like Squad. No need to get too fired up when Ryzen isn't even out the gate and we only have a few benchmarks to review and compare across the internet. Ryzen overall is looking be a great processor and I don't think anyone who is looking to upgrade will be able to ignore buying one.
  10. Zen Ryzen

    Single thread performance is very important for Squad and the official Cinebench scores from AMD have me holding out until reviews and benchmarks come around March 2nd. $499 R7 1800X 162 single threaded score in Cinebench R15 $349 i7 7700k 194 stock single threaded score in Cinebench R15 (which can push to 215+ with a decent OC) Frequencies aren't the same though and we won't truly know how good the Ryzen CPU's are until March 2nd. I'm looking to upgrade my CPU and would probably purchase the cheaper R7 1700X. I've only ever supported AMD in the past (AMD Athlon X2, FX-4100, and currently own a FX-8350) and have felt burned to a point of almost jumping ship to intel. I hope somebody who picks up a Ryzen chip will share their performance with the rest of the Squad community.
  11. Squad Alpha V9

  12. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    Yay! Nice work.
  13. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Awesome! Thanks for the hard work. Keep it up!
  14. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    Looks great! ...also excited about the progress on Post Scriptum!