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  1. Alpha 11.1 Released

    No problem, thanks for proving my point Press one of the text chat keys (L, K, or L) Delete the text and start typing "AdminChangeMap Jensen's Range v2" All the admin commands will pop up and you can navigate to this one with the arrow keys.
  2. Alpha 11.1 Released

    You have to launch V1 and then use the console to switch to "jensens range V2". But i hope we get an easier way to launch it in the future for all the players who dont know how to do this.
  3. This. I dont think it will ever be a great AAS map and i dont think it has to be. With that said, the map could with pretty small tweaks be significantly improved IMO. Mainly by adding a few componds in the top right and especially the bottom left/middle of the map for potentiel cache spawn points. (and flags if you really want AAS on this map.) Otherswise its really only 25% of the map thats used most of the time, which is too small a play area IMO.
  4. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    I view it as very dishonest marketing by the PS devs rather than hairsplitting.
  5. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    @desen If they arent a mod then why on earth should they be in the modding section of the Squad forum? Its false advertisement IMO.
  6. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Im a fan of Ramiel myself, but Khamisiyah would also be awesome for sure And we dont have any other map in game or officially announced that has close to what Khamisiyah brings (4x4 km, flat open desert in between interesting points and a city) so i say go for it!
  7. It will stay, its just like all other maps :-)
  8. Lets name it Karasu

    Yup, helicopters are planned, both transport and attack In addition to that tanks and more APCs/IFVs are also comming in the not so distant future as the game will go more and more into the combined arms it was always intented to be about. Thats also why the (newer) maps are getting bigger and bigger. With that said though its totally up to you what kind of gameplay you want your map to focus on, and helicopters for example will never be for all maps. Fools Road with its 2x2km is in the in smaller end of the spectrum and wont get them, whereas the new Gorodok (4x4km) most likely will. (at least for some of its versions) So if you want infantry and mostly light vehicle combat then i would say you're on the right track. But if you want more heavy vehicles and especially choppers then 3x3km would be my guess for the smallest suitable map size. Regarding playtesting: Like others have said, theres no way for us to test maps ourselves yet, so the only possibility would be to beg the devs for help. They do closed and semi open playtests of new maps, although so far i dont think they've done any for maps that werent chosen to be added to the game. They did one yesterday for the community made map called "Al Basrah" which will be added to the game later this week for example. I have no idea how much work it takes for them to set up such a test though, so i dont know if they would be willing to do one with you.
  9. Locked squads for IFV

    I absolutely 100% agree with all of this. A SL who leads an inf squad wont be as focused on keeping his APC/IFV alive as as someone who made a squad just to man an APC/IFV is. He also wont be as likely to lend out his firesupport to other squads, even if they could use it more at that time. And in the vast majority of a round a squad dosent need to be transportet anywhere, they can spawn on RP's or FOBs close to the fight 95% of the time. This results in light APCs (Mtlb with 7.62mm gun for example) that have nothing better to do than be front line IFVs since thats what their inf squad happens to be doing. And if that squad later loses its RP and needs a ride back to the front, then guess what? It lost its APC because they used it badly and now there arent any transport vehicles. If a couple of APCs were instead crewed by a squad that focused on transporting others then 2 APCs per team would be enough to ensure that all squads could get a ride when and where they needed it.
  10. HAT (Heavy Anti Tank) balancing?

    I think the issue is that the Stryker ticket cost is too high. Its not worth risking the 35 tickets to use it, especially on Sumari. If it was a bit cheaper (or maybe removed from Sumari as it is now) it would be fine i think.
  11. Nation rasism in SQUAD so sad.

    Its not racism. Some servers have rules that all players must speak english, so they might kick you if you make a non english squad. Other servers are german or russian for example, they will kick you if you make anything other than that or a english squad. And since many russian players dont speak english then the admin is likely to kick you. Personally i dont mind as long as the squad leader speaks english (so we can talk to eachother on the SL channel), but its up to the server admins. So i would tell the admin that you do speak english, even though your squad is RUS only and that you will work with the team.
  12. Lets name it Karasu

    Looking good! And when V9 of Squad drops (any day now! Or 3 weeks if you ask reddit ) i think it will bring some new statics and things that might be usefull for you on this map, since Gorodok that you mentioned as inspiration is being significantly expanded. (from ~2x2 to 4x4 km) How big is yours roughly? Its hard to tell from just driving around
  13. We are getting tons of new transport vehicles this patch as well, all it would take is 1 or 2 of those per team dedicated to transport and you wouldnt ever have to walk. Sadly though it still dosent look like APC squads will be possible (yet hopefully).
  14. Agreed. FOB's have been nerfed continuously in every patch for a while now (which is good!) but rallies have stayed the same. A good SL can keep a rally up almost 100% of the time through a round, which means you hardly need anything else.
  15. Free look & weapon rest position

    This will be a very welcome addition IMO, it works really well in PR.