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  1. This topic should be a direct response to: Z-trooperPosted 17 October 2014 - 04:24 PM I am going to re-quote a part in his response. "We already have some test gore effects implemented, and I did not feel good after emptying a mag into a dummy soldier. It was neither glorious, cool or "awesome", it was a bit sobering especially when the models look like humans." As this game is aiming to be realistic i would say that one should not feel "good, or awesome," when seeing this effect on a realistic human model, but instead the opposite. Either disgusted, and or revolted. I think this is the whole point of immersing a player into this realistic tactical shooter. I shot someone while playing squad and heard their crying screams as they were killed, these screams then turned into hopeless sobbing. I was disgusted and became that much more immersed into squad. I felt more like i was actually in combat. It seems odd to me that the squad developers would add these gruesome sound effects into their game but are opposed to gore or blood. Or more than just a puff of dirt. I feel it would only be fair to the squad community to post some screenshots of the gore effect you have already implemented. It would be very interesting to see how people react and or think about the adding of that effect. Now i understand that this would limit to where you can sell the game legally. However i don't think that a country's restrictions, should restrict this game. All of what i have said in this post is out of respect. Squad developers, you guys are fuckin rocking and i have been waiting for your next shooter ever since PR. Thank you. Thank you all for your Replies. I would like to mention that i do think turning this game into a gore fest would be wrong. However as stated by many, a bullet hole exit wound or some blood stain on the soldiers clothes with some added dust particle effects would be a nice touch. Maybe also being hit in the head should be an instant kill with no revival, as well as a bullet hole in the face.
  2. r3volution has some really good ideas. However i just want to remind everyone of the specific means for this post. The devs apparently have already implemented some sort of blood/gore effect in the testing stage of squad at some point in the past (check op for details). I think it would be nice just to get some screenshots of them and see how the community reacts.
  3. Lol laser tag, as op i completely agree with you here.
  4. Sound ??? Direction

    I would have to agree, many times i find myself asking my squad where the gunfire is coming from, its almost like i hear distant gun shots with no noticeable stereo separation. As a mixing and mastering engineer (pre mastering to be technical) for audio, i would suggest the devs address the issue of position of gun fire, to location of player and frequency separation of gun fire with more noticeable panning.