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  1. Price

    1080Ti, 7700K. I don't go below 90 FPS, ever. And that's in 3440x1440. Your friends PC has problems, that's not Squads fault.
  2. Squad servers are single thread heavy. Right now the only CPUs capable of running 80 slot servers with proper health (tickrate) are 6700K, 7700K and 8700K from the i7 series. I9 with 4.2 ghz or above clock speed and XEON E3's from the skylake architecture with 4.2 GHZ or above. FYI most of the Squad community rents their own dedicated machines, something OWI earns exactly 0$ on. This has nothing to do with "bias". Regards, Nordic
  3. Server Name: [M] MUMBLERINES TEAMWORK #1/2 [ENG ONLY] DISCORD: We've now set up a discord server for you everyone to join, in case you want to get hold of a server admin, talk about how shit Von^Snoe is at the game or how handsome I am, this would be the place: www.MUMBLERINES.COM/DISCORD Website: www.MUMBLERINES.com About Mumblerines: Mumblerines is a group of players aiming to play serious Squad with high teamwork and cordination. Aiming to be the best competitive clan in the game and created by the beautiful swede Von^Snoe we consist of about 50 members right now. Mumblerines is an invite-clan only and there's no application process to join us. If we want you, we'll contact you. Idea: Mumblerines was created as a server for people who enjoy a lot of teamwork, cordination and high quality Squad. It's aimed not to be that server who have a couple of squads that don't talk or cordinate as much. The server will be in the "purest" form meaning every single player (including admins) have the same "privileges". There will be NO kicking for admins / friends, Squad leaders are of course allowed to "design" their squad however they like as long as they adhear to our rules. Admins will simply keep the hackers and people who destroy the fun by not behaving out. Players who TK for grief (Kicked from a Squad trying to kill the SL for example) will be dealt with harshly. Server Location: Kumla, Sweden Slots: 80 (Will increase to higher as soon as possible.) RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS: **SERVER RULES** - Intentionally teamkilling leads to permanent ban and community ban. Apologising in allchat if you accidentaly teamkill helps the admins. Need admins assistance? Try allchat ingame or here on the discord - Do not be an asshat and act like an adult. Be a player people want to play with and use common sense. Failure to comply will result in admins removing you from the server. - Mumblerines is an ENGLISH ONLY server. All SL's MUST have a mic and communicate on this server. That means english squads only. - Squad leaders must play objectives in the game and actively play for and with the team. Failure will result in removing of said squad leader. - You must have a prounanable nickname. - Main base raping is strictly prohibited. **VEHICLE RULES** - Do not abuse vehicles or the role of the vehicle. - Vehicles such as APC, IFV, CROW, BRDM require a two-man crew at all times. - Do not leave vehicles unattended anywhere else but mainbase or at protected FOBs. - Squadleaders must coordinate with eachother over the vehicles at their disposal. - Locked Vehicle Squads have priority over claimed vehicles, first come first serve. However, this does not mean you're entitled to lonewolf your vehicle, communication and teamwork is still a must on the server. (3: Example: the role of a BTR is armored APC, it is not a private tank.) **LOW POPULATION GUIDELINES** Low population means when there is below 16vs16 players. • Do capture every flag up to the middlemost contestable flag(s). • Do not advance beyond the middlemost contestable flag(s). • Do not place FOBs within 200 meters of the middlemost contestable flag(s). • Do not advance on the enemy FOBs. • Do not advance on uncontestable enemy flag(s). • If there is an admin available, they will dictate which flag is the object of contest. • If you attack and gain a flag then you stay and hold it instead of advancing. • If an admin says something other than what is written here, then you follow their instructions. When player count reaches 32 players (16vs16) the server will use standard rules again. PERMANENT BAN Q&A Teamspeak: ts.mumblerines.com Admins are available on our Teamspeak server on CET evening hours. For fastest help, get into #admin_support channel in Discord. Link at top of this post.

    Dayum. Two years anniversary missed with one day.
  5. K/D RATIO

    It was never my intention to be offensive, do not take my poor english vocabulary as that Yeah but that's what I said, if his job was not to kill people - all good. But if his job was to kill people, 5-2 is horrible. That's the beauty of Squad. Shit FPS players can still bring extremely value by being sick APC drivers, mortar operators, or helicopter pilots. That's your opinion, and I totally get it. But that's a very small fraction of the playerbase that thinks so. Look at the average pub game, after sitting on defense for 5 minutes without any action most of the pub players run away because they want to fight. The games I play (Which are 3300+ hours) and we're getting stomped so we have to do just that, people disconnect and lead the squad - fast. PR has a very special playerbase, they were hardcore and all wanted to play the exact same meta, there was not much room for anything else. That's not going to sit well with the general playerbase of Squad. But you'll still be able to play that way if YOU want. That's the beauty of Squad, it enables different playstyles to fit the player what he likes. I guess we just have different opinions, and perhaps I'm wrong then and you're not interested in organized games after all hehe. If you played on Mumblerines and had shit games I sincerely apologize, we do try our best but V10 has seen a lot of the veterans take a break and mostly new players play - making quality over all go down, but that's just temporary.
  6. K/D RATIO

    Well it is. 5-2 is really bad. Killing 27 enemies is not. Even if you're trading 27-27 you're taking away tickets from your enemy and hopefully making room for your friendly. If the 5-2 guy had the job of killing enemies (At did not play for example AT in a very vehicle heavy role) he did really really bad. Then you're playing the game wrong, or on very low quality servers - or both. Try playing organized matches, you'll see about that comment after that. But even on the good public servers, you'll see way more tactical gameplay. No it isn't, it's far from that. You've not understood the game at all if that's your opinion, or you're playing it horribly inefficient. Which, with all due respect, I am inclining to believe considering your comments about "5-2" being a better K/D than 27-25. The game is like nothing on the market, that's why I play it in the first place. Ehm yes they do. Every single PR video I've watched and every single game of PR I've played there are HUGE amounts of downtime. "Oh we just got wiped, no rally and now need to respawn main, wait 4 minutes for transport, sit in transport for 2 minutes, disembark 3 minutes from objectives ok cool now we're in the fight again". Feel free to show me a full round of PR that does not contain that - I've asked for that a few times... No one has yet to prove me wrong. All in all, you really need to try to find another server, it sounds like you have horrible experiences on those you play on. Oh and try organized matches, you seem to have the edge for that type of teamwork. To give you a taste of it, generally when my team (Mumblerines) play competitive matches we spend around 5-10 pure practice hours for that match. Which is everything from placing 2 HABs close to the hot zones of combat and shooting at each other for 2 hours just so get used to that area in combat to planning roll outs, finding vehicle positions, finding FOB positions, timing mortar strikes and everything.
  7. K/D RATIO

    Good players will always get a lot more kills than not good players in Squad. Will Squad always be about kills? Uhm, yeah. Of course it will be. You're not going to take objectives if you're not killing your enemies. It is an FPS, First Person Shooter, much more tactical and diverse than others, but of course kills are going to play a big part of the game. You can have the best tactics in the world but if you're not killing any enemies, your tactics will not work. What's squad about? Finding the tactic that makes you kill the enemies more than they kill you. Wether that's using mortars, an M4 or a tank that's totally different per game, but yeah - it's about killing your enemy and taking the objective from their hands. What's great about Squad is that you don't have to be a stellar shooter to be useful to your team, you can be absolute awful with your mouse if you're playing vehicles, helicopters or whatever. Doesn't matter if you can shoot good or not then, if you're out manuvuering enemy vehicles so you got vehicle superiority - you're helping your team and the teammate on your team that is really good with his mouse is going to kill EVEN MORE enemies because now he doesn't have to worry about getting lit up by an IFV because you killed that. Combined warfare brother. That's what Squad is about.
  8. SQUAD uninstalled

    Ahh, miss understood. Interesting point. I'll lift it internally and see what people say.
  9. SQUAD uninstalled

    Teams are not reshuffled. You swap faction (From Team One to Team Two or what people call "BLUFOR" and "OPFOR") but players are not mixed.
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #1 in Mumblerines #2 in
  11. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Definitely some issues, we agree. Anyway, I kinda derailed the thread. A topic for another time!
  12. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    (Warning personal opinion to follow) Invasion is a great mode which adds time for teams to do proper strategies and such. Layers can be tweaked to some extent, most definitely. Especially for competitive
  13. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Personally I think AAS is a horrible game mode in it's core. Once one team captures the bleed flag they should never lose, their advantage is just too big. Attacking is always harder in Squad and now not only do you need to attack, but you need to do it numbers down because you need to have people on your defense flag and the other team can choose to either just stack on bleed flag or attack next flag. Which is horrible for both public and competitive games, but more severe for competitive.

    Did you one man APC / IFV perhaps? Should've seen the warning messages. Let me know if something else was messed up, but remember: Admins are humans, they do make mistakes. Especially since they're all playing while doing admin work sometimes innocent people get caught in crossfire. Nature of online gaming, never fun to be that person. I've been in that seat too! Otherwise see you on the server buddy

    If you don't understand the meaning of "BTR SQUAD" with 4 people on it and why those assets are locked to those players (Whom made the squad from the start) I cannot help you.
  16. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines in
  17. Squadfrance.fr servers

    There was an announcement about this in the Squad Hosting discord buddy.
  18. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #1 in Mumblerines #2 in
  19. Boom. Amen brother. Everyone starts somewhere.
  20. Quality of play depends on how well admined servers are. Good players that genuinly tried goes to servers that are well admined and that seeks proper play. Less interested and more casual players are such scattered at others. Same for any online game. Nothing new.
  21. This thread is some of the most arrogant stuff I have read in a long long time. The act of superiority and people sitting on pedistal is straight out sad. I have been in this game since the absolute first day and spent more hours than most in it which means I know a lot of the faces in this thread. I know that once upon a time you had no idea how to play, you could not follow simple instructions and you would wander around like headless chickens and I was left sitting, is it so damn hard? Yeah, Squad is kind of hard. It has a lot of small stuff that takes ages to learn ,edge cases you need to learn because of experience and stuff that you need to try before it doesn't work. And it does this while having almost NO information to the new player. We're an early access game, it's easy for those of us who has played for a while to know the in and out because content grew very slowly so we got really used quickly to everything. But a new player, especially non PR players (Which are the VAST majority) comes in never having played a game with: FOBs and rally mechanics Having to join a group and team up. A flag system like Squad Kit restrictions and structured teams (Infantry squads, vehicles, logistics, gigantic map) Different weapons for different purposes "Advanced" medic system. I mean the usual player comes from Call Of Duty or Battlefield, if you're lucky Red Orchestra or Rising Storm. COD? Do they even have medics? BF? Yeah OK, defrib. and medic bag, some what comparable but still not. Also running from the same location over and over in most cases ( I know spawn radios exist) etc etc. It's a **** ton of things for them to learn, and one match takes 45-60 minutes and doesn't exactly cover all stages of the game. And instead of helping, being glad that we're getting more players and growing as a game which will only mean more content in terms of mods and other variations, you sit here cesspooling about how annoying it is that someone asks you which rocket goes for vehicles and which goes for infantry? And some of you clan people whom I have never ever seen playing anything above 12vs12 or 18vs18 without coalitions, how do you expect to ever get to 50vs50 with a player base of 2000 players per day? Here's a hint: You won't. And what's even more laughable is the fact that you act superior and arrogant like you're all knowing when the reality is that you all SUCKED once upon a time. And when you sucked the game was much easier than it was today. Spawning was just slapping down a FOB, didn't need a logi, didn't need a HAB. There were no vehicles to care about. Invasion? Conquest? Nope. You just had AAS, and in rare cases, insurgency. You were protected by your sandbag from everything, you didn't need to watch the skys in case someone decides to drop a mortar on your head. You never ever drove around worrying about mines or IEDs. It's against the forum rules to name drop, but here's a few things I've seen PLAYERS IN THIS THREAD acting like you're so good do the last 45 days: Player 1, clan player: Pick marksman over LAT as US vs Russia on Yehorivka AAS v1. You know the map were russia has 3 damn BTR's and 2 MTLB's that your little M110 can't do crap against. Proceeded to die multiple times. Player 2, clan player: Sit on an uncap flag saying "When you cap X we'll be capping this instantly!!!" and not answering when told that we're never going to cap it because we're 9 people down. Player 3, clan player during CCFN (Supposed to be somewhat high skill level): Spend 10 minutes walking around trying to "flank" and then keep fighting on an uncap after defensive objective was lost for about 10 minutes until game lost. Player 4, no clan what I know: Decided that a fantastic idea was to drive the BTR straight into Stepne and was very suprised when he instantly died. Blamed infantry for not covering him. I can go on for a while, but I'm pretty sure I've made my point. And here's another fact, for some of us who plays this game A LOT and at a high competitive level, how good do you think you are in our eyes? Do you hear us constantly shitting on you on forums and being annoyed that you're joining our public games? Remember what you all came from, because a while back you were all new, didn't have a clue what was happening or how to play the game and someone taught you the ropes and had their patience with you. Pay it forward and show some respect. These are humans trying to have fun. Just like you. Regards, Nordic.
  22. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #2 in
  23. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #1 in. Fool's Road
  24. looking for Admin

    Hi, Server owner here. As Beginna said, stop by discord and read the instructions and we'll sort it out mate!
  25. This is why I like invasion on Narva and Basrah. No bleed, no timer, no stress, no recapping. You wanna take 10 minutes to set up a perfect encirclement? Do it.