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  1. This is why I like invasion on Narva and Basrah. No bleed, no timer, no stress, no recapping. You wanna take 10 minutes to set up a perfect encirclement? Do it.
  2. Squad Server Installation On Linux

    Yeah with what tickrate, 6?
  3. Squad Server Installation On Linux

    Yeah there's no way you can host a Squad Server on a virtual machine. Sorry man.
  4. Deathrace

    Track looks good. Driver looks awful.
  5. Server Licensing General Info

    [email protected] is probably gonna give you a faster answer! // Nordic
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #2 in
  7. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #1 in Kokan PAAS v1
  8. Supplemental Rules

    All right, allow me to introduce myself: Hi, I'm Nordic. Owner of Mumblerines and running one of the most popular servers in the game so I think I'm qualified to comment on some things. Let's go! 1. No one manning APC's. Awesome! You've been to Mumblerines. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Here's the reasoning: First of all, one manning APC's (Stryker, BRDM, MTLB, BTR to be precise in current game) is not going to be possible in the future as it's simply not intentional. And by possible I mean viable. As far as I know, the last idea was to have a switch delay but still not flat out impossible as in PR.) Second: The reason we added this rule was because we kept seeing 1 random dude taking a 30-40 ticket vehicle (Before the change in v9.6) and go off solo, jump out to try to kill some dude with his rifle and get killed or simply abandon it in the middle of nowhere after taking 1 or 2 RPG's or getting shot at by a .50. After we implemented it we saw a GIGANTIC increase of quality in gameplay, dedicated APC Squads is in 95% of the games on our server and it's just overall fantastic. No more solo on a hill shooting 1 enemy every 5 mins but actually helping infantry on the flags. 2. To claim an APC you must name your squad APC. Throwback from PR with assets squads. Overall helps SL's realize what Squad 3 is actually doing and when looking through the scoreboard you can find "MECH INF" or "2 MAN STRYKER" pretty easy and know who to address. Don't see the problem. 3. To claim a Logistics truck you must name your squad Logistics. Now this is a rule I can't agree with simply because the claiming system doesn't allow you to claim a logi truck with only 1 man. Once (if) that is in, see #2 for why it's a good idea. A little harsh in my opinion. If no logi squad, what do? No FOB or break server rules? 4. No rushing first flag - 5. No rushing first and second flags. Implemented by Desmos playground because they're going for noob friendly servers of people who want to learn the game and I can absolutely see why they use that. I personally do not agree with it, I think tactics should be open for everyone. Solution? I simply do NOT play there. It's not that hard. Desmos offer a good area for someone to learn the very very basics of the game. What's the problem with that? Most people wouldn't stay around for long if all they experienced was getting bumrushed in the face 24/7. 6. No locking squads. 7. No locking squads until 4 members. 8. No locked one man squads. I can see why in some way, you don't want unassigned players but sometimes you just want to play with your friends or NOT having to kick people who join your "3 man mortar" or "2 man BTR" squad 24/7. The second part is just because a game with 9 "3 man recon" squads would be worthless and incredibly ineffecient and produce bad gameplay. 1 man squads will be viable when (if) you can claim a logi or transport alone. Put on some music, lock your squad and load up your logi and go truckin'. Can't say much, I don't agree with said rules and it's why I do not run it but I can see peoples reasoning ahead of it. However I think it does more harm than good. 9. No mines within 300 meters of main. 10. Do not camp main. Mines I don't see the problem with being close to main. People should be watching out, can't comment. Why you cannot camp main is simply because it ruins gameplay and just turns into a stomping fest with both teams waiting for the game to end. Should be gone with the mercy bleed in AAS. 11. There may only be 1 APC squad. Uhm. What. Why. Dunno. As baffled as you in this case. 12. No pings over 250. Squad is a game were high ping players have an incredible advantage over people with lower pings. Stuff like dodging hits and what not becomes super easy. Problem of online gaming. 13. You can camp main but only after all flags are capped. Way to not prolong the game I guess. 14. 15x15 only fight over center objective. 15. 16x16 only fight over center objective. 16. 20v20 only fight over center objective. 17. No FOB/HAB destruction below 15x15, 16x16 & 20x20 in order to populate the server. Since you've never ran a server you have no idea how tough it is to seed it everyday and to get people to stay. Fighting over 1 objectives gives fun and fast combat and less boredom with 6 players in total than running all over the map encountering an enemy every 5 minutes. Not a lot of people would stay in that environment. I'd like to see you seed a server without that so I have an offer for you later! Stay tuned! 18. Only vehicles specifically designed as suicide vehicles by the game designers (i.e. bomb cars) may be used as such. Placement of explosives on vehicles and using them as suicide vehicles, intentional ramming of enemy vehicles to suicide, etc is prohibited. Obviously someone got tired of people blowing up logi techies for 1 US soldier kill. 19. Players may not abuse the game physics for vehicles to continuously run over enemy soldiers. Can cause people to fall below the map because of rag doll issues. Totally understandable. Would risk ruin peoples games more than that bug already does. Not suprising. 20. Vehicles that have both a driver/pilot position and a primary gunner position must be crewed by 2 players with the proper kits to operate those positions at all times. If a crewman is killed or is lost via disconnection from the server, the driver is responsible for returning the vehicle to the safety of the main base immediately. Vehicles may not be one-manned from the main to pick up a second crewman or pilot. See #1 21. Vehicle assets may be assigned to a specific squad only through the orders of the commanding officer. If there is no commanding officer, vehicle assets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. See #1 - all though I don't understand who "commanding officer" is. 22. Players may not take a vehicle currently in use by another squad. Once a vehicle has left the main it is considered to be in use and permission must be received from the squad that took the vehicle or the commanding officer before another squad may take that vehicle. Stealing transport trucks is a *** move. Also see #21 and #1 25. No locking squads until 3 members. See #6 26. No kicking members out of your squad without stating a reason. Directly a violation against OWI's license requirements. 27. "Mercy Rule" can be used at any point during the game regardless of ticket counts and flag possession. What's a mercy rule? 28. No blocking bridges with vehicles. Run on noob friendly servers. Check #4 29. No shooting from under the surface of the water. Because it was previously bugged and currently very hard to see people and hit them is also a lot harder than for them to shoot out. Not rocket science. 30. No placing FOB's under the surface of the water. Makes FOB unkillable if done on Basrah. 31. No shooting from vehicles within 400 meters of main base. Uhm. 32. No placing FOB's "out in the middle of nowhere"... FOBs 500 meters away from the flag were you're forced to run across open ground triggers me. But repair fobs are viable. Overall conclusion: You have no feeling how it is to run a server or why these rules are in play or what would happen if some of them were not. You're outright laughable and you don't understand admin work. BUT FEAR NOT FOR I HAVE AN OFFER: Since you think "over zealous admins" are ruining Squad and the work developers do I am offering you YOUR VERY OWN SERVER FOR FREE. Hosted in my apartment in Sweden on top end enthusiast hardware and 1.5 GBIT/s internet connection it gives you the best 80 players performance you can get and you'll get it for free. If it's still actively in play 90 days from now I'll let you have it for free for a life time A Server License is included in the deal. This is your chance to prove just how good you would make a server if it had no overzealous admins. My question is: What's your wanted server name, map rotation and I need a list of steamid64 of admins to add. Looking forward to hear from you.
  9. Let's celebrate!


    Rules updated and tweaked. TL;DR - CROW humvee / MRAP are acceptable to one man. Nothing else has changed. Harassment, glitching, whatever combined under the asshat rule. Act as an adult.
  11. 70-100 - don't go below 70. I7 7700K 5.2 GHz MSI 1080Ti Custom watercooled and overclocked 32 GB 3200 MHz Ram Running on 3440x1440p screen with effects epic, foliage low, view distance high, shadows medium, everything off except eye adaption (Tournament settings). Not that turning it on to max affects anything since I'm still CPU limited. My GPU dishes out around 120-140 FPS.
  12. Will my PC run Squad?

    Not at all. Your CPU is way too old.
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines 2 in
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #1 in Narva Invasion V1
  15. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Dude literally said he has dyslexia, no need to be rude Tartan mate.