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  1. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Dude literally said he has dyslexia, no need to be rude Tartan mate.

    Server admins are allowed to kick or ban anyone they seem unfit for the server. That's what we did. If you feel offended by that I can't help you, suggest you follow rules of servers in future. Have a nice day.

    We've been over this. Rules clearly states that you must play on an active objective on our server. You weren't, thus you got removed from it. In no way does that interfere with license rules, thank you very much. Grow up and play by the rules next time.
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #2 in
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #1 in That green map yo.
  6. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    Promotes teamwork, tactics and higher skill cap because you need to cordinate with more players. Logistics is ment to be something more than a one use thing. Don't see the problem.
  7. VDS/VPS questions/recommendations

    I would not recommend running on a virtual machine. Squad does, as above said, not take use of that many cores and virtual machines are usually pretty weak CPU wise. E3-1270 is pushing the limit. Not promising anything but I doubt you'll be able to run one 80 player server on it without seeing low tickrate.
  8. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines 2
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #1 in - Chora

    You TK:ed out of rage because you got kicked out of transport techie that had 9 spots which I needed for my squad, you had nothing to do with us whatsoever, didn't say a word, just started shooting. For that you seem to think that you're allowed to ruin the game BECAUSE SOMEONE KICKED YOU OUT OF A TRANSPORT? HOW DARE THEM?! Players like you are most definitely worth a permaban since we don't want you playing this game at all. For you information you're not only banned from our servers but from the 10+ other european servers we share bans with because they share the same thought. " Maybe the system should be improved so the person who was tk can decide the punishment... " Sure! That person would be.... Me. Hi! I'm Nordic, server owner and head admin. Oh and, running marksman kit more than 1 KILOMETER away from your Squad is not "working well" with it. Bye.
  11. AMD is worst for Squad

    It's not onesided to intel or nvidia. You're limited by your CPU which is completely outdated and that has nothing to do with intel or AMD. A pentium 4 wouldn't run this game either.
  12. AMD is worst for Squad

    Here's what I'm talking about: BF1 - 64 players, 500x500 meter maps (If even that?) Ghost Recon Wildlands - Single player game. Not CPU intensive. Division: 10 players per server Afaik? 300x300 meter maps? Rainbow Six Siege: See division And then: Squad: 80 players, 4000x4000 meter maps. (Or 2000x2000). Get it now?
  13. Higher server tickrate?

    No, it does not. We're running 150 Tickrate with 70 players. Drops to 25-40 on 80 players.
  14. AMD is worst for Squad

    Your CPU is 5 years old and you're trying to play a title made 5-6 years after the CPU's creating date. That's also extremely CPU heavy. Optimization won't help you much mate - nature of PC gaming, you'll need to upgrade if you want to play newer titles.
  15. Squad Server Installation On Linux

    There is currently a linux server crash, I've sent logs to the people in charge. Hopefully fixed next patch! But it's not your fault