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  1. Squad Server cant start

    Those warnings are all normal, are you hosting from the same network you're playing from? I.e your home?
  2. Squad Server cant start

    Sure, if you describe your problem =)
  3. Squad Server cant start

    Let me guess, you're closing the SSH session too after starting your server?
  4. Squad Server cant start

    Are you using screen?
  5. Price

    1080Ti, 7700K. I don't go below 90 FPS, ever. And that's in 3440x1440. Your friends PC has problems, that's not Squads fault.
  6. Squad servers are single thread heavy. Right now the only CPUs capable of running 80 slot servers with proper health (tickrate) are 6700K, 7700K and 8700K from the i7 series. I9 with 4.2 ghz or above clock speed and XEON E3's from the skylake architecture with 4.2 GHZ or above. FYI most of the Squad community rents their own dedicated machines, something OWI earns exactly 0$ on. This has nothing to do with "bias". Regards, Nordic

    Dayum. Two years anniversary missed with one day.
  8. K/D RATIO

    It was never my intention to be offensive, do not take my poor english vocabulary as that Yeah but that's what I said, if his job was not to kill people - all good. But if his job was to kill people, 5-2 is horrible. That's the beauty of Squad. Shit FPS players can still bring extremely value by being sick APC drivers, mortar operators, or helicopter pilots. That's your opinion, and I totally get it. But that's a very small fraction of the playerbase that thinks so. Look at the average pub game, after sitting on defense for 5 minutes without any action most of the pub players run away because they want to fight. The games I play (Which are 3300+ hours) and we're getting stomped so we have to do just that, people disconnect and lead the squad - fast. PR has a very special playerbase, they were hardcore and all wanted to play the exact same meta, there was not much room for anything else. That's not going to sit well with the general playerbase of Squad. But you'll still be able to play that way if YOU want. That's the beauty of Squad, it enables different playstyles to fit the player what he likes. I guess we just have different opinions, and perhaps I'm wrong then and you're not interested in organized games after all hehe. If you played on Mumblerines and had shit games I sincerely apologize, we do try our best but V10 has seen a lot of the veterans take a break and mostly new players play - making quality over all go down, but that's just temporary.
  9. K/D RATIO

    Well it is. 5-2 is really bad. Killing 27 enemies is not. Even if you're trading 27-27 you're taking away tickets from your enemy and hopefully making room for your friendly. If the 5-2 guy had the job of killing enemies (At did not play for example AT in a very vehicle heavy role) he did really really bad. Then you're playing the game wrong, or on very low quality servers - or both. Try playing organized matches, you'll see about that comment after that. But even on the good public servers, you'll see way more tactical gameplay. No it isn't, it's far from that. You've not understood the game at all if that's your opinion, or you're playing it horribly inefficient. Which, with all due respect, I am inclining to believe considering your comments about "5-2" being a better K/D than 27-25. The game is like nothing on the market, that's why I play it in the first place. Ehm yes they do. Every single PR video I've watched and every single game of PR I've played there are HUGE amounts of downtime. "Oh we just got wiped, no rally and now need to respawn main, wait 4 minutes for transport, sit in transport for 2 minutes, disembark 3 minutes from objectives ok cool now we're in the fight again". Feel free to show me a full round of PR that does not contain that - I've asked for that a few times... No one has yet to prove me wrong. All in all, you really need to try to find another server, it sounds like you have horrible experiences on those you play on. Oh and try organized matches, you seem to have the edge for that type of teamwork. To give you a taste of it, generally when my team (Mumblerines) play competitive matches we spend around 5-10 pure practice hours for that match. Which is everything from placing 2 HABs close to the hot zones of combat and shooting at each other for 2 hours just so get used to that area in combat to planning roll outs, finding vehicle positions, finding FOB positions, timing mortar strikes and everything.
  10. K/D RATIO

    Good players will always get a lot more kills than not good players in Squad. Will Squad always be about kills? Uhm, yeah. Of course it will be. You're not going to take objectives if you're not killing your enemies. It is an FPS, First Person Shooter, much more tactical and diverse than others, but of course kills are going to play a big part of the game. You can have the best tactics in the world but if you're not killing any enemies, your tactics will not work. What's squad about? Finding the tactic that makes you kill the enemies more than they kill you. Wether that's using mortars, an M4 or a tank that's totally different per game, but yeah - it's about killing your enemy and taking the objective from their hands. What's great about Squad is that you don't have to be a stellar shooter to be useful to your team, you can be absolute awful with your mouse if you're playing vehicles, helicopters or whatever. Doesn't matter if you can shoot good or not then, if you're out manuvuering enemy vehicles so you got vehicle superiority - you're helping your team and the teammate on your team that is really good with his mouse is going to kill EVEN MORE enemies because now he doesn't have to worry about getting lit up by an IFV because you killed that. Combined warfare brother. That's what Squad is about.
  11. SQUAD uninstalled

    Ahh, miss understood. Interesting point. I'll lift it internally and see what people say.
  12. SQUAD uninstalled

    Teams are not reshuffled. You swap faction (From Team One to Team Two or what people call "BLUFOR" and "OPFOR") but players are not mixed.
  13. Community Clan Fight Night

    Mumblerines #1 in Mumblerines #2 in
  14. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Definitely some issues, we agree. Anyway, I kinda derailed the thread. A topic for another time!