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  1. Ah, yeah I get why you got banned, this happen a lot and our most common bans lately, sometimes I guess we can be hot on the money because 99% of the times it's correct. (I obviously removed the ban)
  2. Adding; Vehicles lose their turrets if you skip back / forward in the demo. Mouse sensitivity is incredibly high.
  3. Unfortunate, but why didn't you make sure to get a 2nd crew member when he DC:ed?
  4. Squad does currently not have LAN support, no. You can install the server on the same network but you would need to use hairpinning to be able to connect to it. Some routers supports it, some does not.
  5. No, rcon is currently broken in this patch. Didn't make it in for this one
  6. Currently not working, has been reported and HOPEFULLY fixed with next patch.
  7. Mumblerines in - Kohat AAS v1
  8. What the wise man said.
  9. All of those errors are completely normal. Could you please upload the entirity of the log file so I can have a look? Are you running this on machine at home or a rented machine in a datacenter? Please provide your start bat script as well.
  10. No it doesn't. That's a myth. Overclocking has literally 0 effect on your CPU's lifespam unless you overvolt it, which you won't be able to do as it will thermal throttle itself and stop operations to save itself.
  11. Interesting! My 6700K wasn't over temping at all but couldn't play stable in 4.7 (crashed when video editing). I might delid it just for funzies and see where I land!
  12. Do you mean the 7600K? I've never heard anyone getting any significant improvements on the Skylake series with delid (2-5 degrees or so), all though that has been on the i7. I'm going to delid my 7700K, currently getting 5 ghz with around 75-80 in temp, hoping to push that baby to 5.1 / 5.2! Waiting for my de-lid die mate though! So slow delivery in Sweden
  13. Mumblerines in Kohat AAS v1
  14. Literally the exact same rig I have now. Enjoy yourself never dropping below 70 FPS (and that's in 3440x1440p). If you play 1080p, set super sampling to 2.0 and just gliiiiiiiide.