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  1. You rushed shipping. Drove the BTR close to the flag. Get wiped. BTR still there, none of your squad mates are alive. Yet somehow that's not abandoning the BTR according to you. You're right, you're never playing here again because you're permabanned. Toodles.
  2. Creating a forum thread trying to slander a server because of your actions is a bit silly mate. You're more than welcome back tomorrow.
  3. So if you die. Respawn mainbase, take a transport vehicle (there were 2 transport trucks there). Go up to the active flag. But you kept respawning, after me telling you to move up for 10 minutes, on an uncap position. End of discussion. If you have any further things to discuss, take it up in our discord and don't trash the forums with your bullshit and start drama just because you cannot play to the rules or listen to fellow SL's, and in the later case, admins.
  4. You were sitting on an uncap objective that had been uncappable for 10 minutes. You and 2 other squads were sitting on South Stepne while North Novo were capped by us and we held it, alone, for 10 minutes. At which point I warned you that you had 2 minutes to move off the uncap objective to an active point or be banned of the server for not playing the game - all according to our rules. When you failed to do that - you were banned. You had not 1, not 2 but THREE armored vehicles (2 BTR's and 1 MTLB) on that flag all capable of transportion you protected off the point to the active points. Adding to that you were being pushed from the south and some what east while north and west were completely safe and able to push out from. And as you said, part of the server name is indeed "TEAMWORK" - which is what you failed at. Please learn how to play the basic game and how the game modes work before playing Squad lead as you completely ruined the game for your fellow players. Ban stays. Regards, Nordic.
  5. You can apply for a licensed server here:
  7. Do you see it via Server name set correctly? Ticked "show empty serverS"?
  8. Ah, yeah I get why you got banned, this happen a lot and our most common bans lately, sometimes I guess we can be hot on the money because 99% of the times it's correct. (I obviously removed the ban)
  9. Adding; Vehicles lose their turrets if you skip back / forward in the demo. Mouse sensitivity is incredibly high.
  10. Unfortunate, but why didn't you make sure to get a 2nd crew member when he DC:ed?
  11. Squad does currently not have LAN support, no. You can install the server on the same network but you would need to use hairpinning to be able to connect to it. Some routers supports it, some does not.
  12. No, rcon is currently broken in this patch. Didn't make it in for this one
  13. Currently not working, has been reported and HOPEFULLY fixed with next patch.
  14. Mumblerines in - Kohat AAS v1
  15. What the wise man said.