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  1. Mumblerines in - Kohat AAS v1
  2. What the wise man said.
  3. All of those errors are completely normal. Could you please upload the entirity of the log file so I can have a look? Are you running this on machine at home or a rented machine in a datacenter? Please provide your start bat script as well.
  4. No it doesn't. That's a myth. Overclocking has literally 0 effect on your CPU's lifespam unless you overvolt it, which you won't be able to do as it will thermal throttle itself and stop operations to save itself.
  5. Interesting! My 6700K wasn't over temping at all but couldn't play stable in 4.7 (crashed when video editing). I might delid it just for funzies and see where I land!
  6. Do you mean the 7600K? I've never heard anyone getting any significant improvements on the Skylake series with delid (2-5 degrees or so), all though that has been on the i7. I'm going to delid my 7700K, currently getting 5 ghz with around 75-80 in temp, hoping to push that baby to 5.1 / 5.2! Waiting for my de-lid die mate though! So slow delivery in Sweden
  7. Mumblerines in Kohat AAS v1
  8. Literally the exact same rig I have now. Enjoy yourself never dropping below 70 FPS (and that's in 3440x1440p). If you play 1080p, set super sampling to 2.0 and just gliiiiiiiide.
  9. Nope! Probably just me messing up when I synced the bans from both servers earlier, linux servers have a nasty habit of making big nasty whitespaces in the ban list which makes my script **** up sometime when I have manually banned someone by entering a row. You're unbanned on both servers now, takes effect after mapchange though so might have to wait 30-40 mins as of this post. Regards, Nordic
  10. Mumblerines #2 in
  11. Oooh yeah chron, coming at us with fast and big steps
  12. Mumblerines in
  13. FINALLY done. Video here: And all the commands / step by step guide here:
  14. Yeah sure, that's a bit true, but that's just because of the newer game, updated graphics, resolutions and such. Like people can see further than 100 meters right now, hell you're not safe on 300-400 meters in plain sight like you mostly are in PR. I'm personally leaning towards fog of war, perhaps only for the infantry (I hate that you're limited in long range vehicles in PR) to perhaps tweak that, I consider it working decently on sumari (all though it's TOO close there) and Yehorivka 2. Sure, good shooters are rewarded, as they should - but again, everyone of those players who get up to 50 frags, I get +30 nearly every game as well, it's mostly due to players playing poorly split with close combat and I mean, close combat is not the games fault, that's just thousands of hours in FPS games that gives me the edge. Can't blame the game for me being a nerd. Oh yeah I'm definitely here for the competitive games as well. And they're TONS better and I'm kind of hoping that's what pubs are going to be in time. I mean sure, you say headless chickens will continue to run around for sometime, that will always be true to some extend due to new players coming in all the time, but it till greately decrease when people learned the game. Look at were we was at V7 end / V8 release. It's WAY better since then. I get the one life hype, and I think it's an excellent game mode for people like you who want that exact experience, were you actually can't just respawn on the rally if you die. There will probably be servers with mods running that 24/7 and I bet a bunch of players like you will resident there 24/7 as well. I know a few personally that will and I think that's awesome. But most of players are more intrested in the "game" side of things with a realism factor than mil sil with the game factor if that makes any sense? Hehe All in all, I think it's "useless" to train to get actively better there, but just going there to shoot targets to get the warmup in and wake up the muscle memory for the day is perfect. All though I don't use the minigame but rather run and turn fast to hit the targets far away. But I long for the day we get moving targets (or even enemies!) on the range because right now it's not really possible to train your aim in a real world scenario. I've used it a lot to get the distance of shots and such in though in my 2000 hours. Except GL. 2000 hours and I still can't ever hit something with GL. Because **** that weapon. When I move my whole mousepad from left to right I move the sight slightly over 90 degrees - most other FPS games doesn't feature pixelhunting in 300-400 meters and aiming at a head that's 1 CM on your screen, that's why you're running that sens Oh and we should remember (yeah here it comes): We're in alpha, there's a ton of gameplay design things we havn't even seen yet, shooting is going to change and a lot when the ****ing drop shooting and dolphin diving stops and other things, so we'll see were we land. Hopefully we'll find a nice sweetspot for both of us so to speak.