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  1. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    Updated the original post, I am just busy, so i don't have time to update this all the time, as for the speculation, it's not really speculation it's mostly things from project reality. It's not speculation wether or not the Russian side will have an ATGM, because they have more than 1 unlike american faction, it's uncertain which ATGM. Some people discuss these things and maybe it's useful for them to have something to go by if they never played project reality or happen to be a military expect so they know all these things already, it's merely to be helpful to those people. It isn't, but more importantly the longer barrel of the M16 gives the bullets more power which increases their range and accuracy. The M16 muzzle velocity is around 950 m/s while the M4 is around 880 m/s
  2. Tank Quiz Battle

    yeah the bots are really hardcore, i suggest you challenge people from the leaderboard, myself or some of the people who post on the page.
  3. Tank Quiz Battle

    Glad you like it! Took a lot of time to study the questions for it.
  4. Tank Quiz Battle

    I don't know if you like tanks, but I certainly do. So much infact that I made a tank quiz on quizup. If anyone would like to play against each other, me or someone random on quizup here is a direct link to it. https://www.quizup.com/topics/_a47a88e8-fc6f-45cf-a4b2-fdc17f540415 If you don't know quizup, it's basically a quiz with 7 questions between 2 people where each person has to answer as quickly as possible between 4 choices, the longer it takes you to answer the less points you get with a minimum of 10 points for a correct answer and a max of 20. What exactly is in the quiz? Questions about tanks, tank related things, tank history and IDing pictures of tanks. What isn't in this quiz? Questions like "why was tiger tanks unstoppable killers?" "which is better?" So come play and tell me why you like or hate the quiz about tanks maybe?
  5. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    updated the op again
  6. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    Russian svd now SVDM, Where was the M870 confirmed though, i only know of the M1014 being the US confirmed shotgun.
  7. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    @Blackout i might remove the speculative things if things get out of hand, but i think this thread is very nice and despite some things being a bit off topic, it's been pretty reasonable and interesting discussions that's been going on here. Added with screenshot links.
  8. Update delayed for one week

    Why does the official forum get news second hand from reddit...
  9. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    Not only is the M72 not phased out, it's in active production still for the US army. Considering us platoon structure, i'd almost guess the support squad would have the AT-4 or Carl Gustav, while the 3 infantry squads might have LAWs if they choose.
  10. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    Isn't a technical with no weapon a pickup truck :> ?
  11. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    In the game it's listed as M4 for now though isn't it?
  12. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    I am only putting proper weapons on the list, not lets call them "tools".
  13. Danish Squad players!

    Z-Trooper is danish :O ? I thought the devs were all american for some reason.
  14. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    Updated the list a bit, thanks everyone.
  15. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    added You should look up Leclerc, a pretty under rated tank compared to the Leopard 2, it includes a very fast autoloader (12 rounds per minute) and modular armour, it's also around 10 tons lighter. Probably the best west european made tank.