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  1. Xbox Headset Issue

    i use a wired Xbox 360 controller with its headset, it works for every other game ( arma 2,3, project zomboid, GTA V america's army, TF2 and garrys mod ) but not this game, any reason why?
  2. Xbox Headset Issue

    mine just plugs into a USB port in the back, and i plug the headset into the controller, i don't have the option for just the mic, but i will be getting a headset soon so i can get rid of the controller headset, and i'm on windows 7
  3. Xbox Headset Issue

    it is setup as my default communication device, if i set it up as my default device i get sound out of my headset ( only one ear piece ) and no sound out of my speakers *EDIT* not sure what i did but people can hear me now, but i hear my squad voice out of the speakers not the headset, but i can talk now at least