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  1. Who Dares Wins - Wallpaper

    Cheers! and I'll give it a go
  2. Who Dares Wins - Wallpaper

    Quick wallpaper I put together, thought I'd share. http://i.imgur.com/eVDP5Fs.jpg -- Christmas Hat Variants 1) http://i.imgur.com/L6CwsoI.jpg Bright Hat 2) http://i.imgur.com/1ox2Gsv.jpg Dull Hat 3) http://i.imgur.com/OuqlvII.jpg Grey Hat
  3. Drag/Carry players that need reviving

    Sorry, just signed up today so I haven't been following the development that closely. Cheers for the confirmation though, I'm glad the devs have the system planned already, will make for some pretty tense but equally rewarding situations.
  4. There are many situations where a friendly player will go down in a firefight and their body is far from any tangible cover. Here you have 3 options; a) Wait out until the firefight concludes. - Entire squad could end up dying. - Player(s) injured may bleed out. B) Attempt to smoke the friendly body to revive. - Medic is put at direct risk from enemy fire. - Can be quite disorientating for the medic and player being revived. c) Attempt to cover the medic while he/she revives the injured player. - Medic is put at direct risk from enemy fire for an extended amount of time. - Friendlies may be forced to leave cover for an extended amount of time. -- By implementing a system that allows members of the players squad or even just the medic to move the players while injured opens up new aspects of gameplay. For example a friendly player can carry/drag injured players into cover to alleviate danger towards the medic when they are being revived. A friendly player can carry or drag their injured teammate to a nearby medic so that they can be revived. -- Now imagine a scenario where your squad is under heavy fire and may need to retreat to regroup and form a counter attack. In this situation you would not want to leave any injured men behind. with this concept in place you could carry your injured teammate(s) with your squad providing covering fire and all fall back simultaneously.
  5. Limb Damage mechanic - In Depth

    Cheers, that's helpful to know, hopefully due to players being able to endure more damage (at least from the front) this system could lead to players being more aware and cautious. I'd also hoped that it could lead to some interesting scenarios. Such as a sniper could opt to aim for an enemies legs to limit the their ability to escape. This could also be used as a tactic to lure medics out of cover so that the sniper can take out a vital asset to the squad. Possibly even effecting a players ability to be revived altogether e.g if they have sustained too many bullet wounds or a bullet to the head then attempting to revive the player would be null and void.
  6. Limb Damage mechanic - In Depth

    Due to the use of the unreal 4 engine I'm assuming that this feature would be possible (all be it very hard work). I'm putting across the idea that damage to certain body parts would have consequences e.g a bullet to the upper arm effecting the accuracy of your fire, bullet to the leg effecting movement speed etc. This is a rough diagram, again this is all open to discussion. Depending on how this concept is received I may compile a list of effects for each body part. (I'd like to note that I am unsure of how the bandages work in this game (whether more than one is needed to prevent blood loss like in PR) so bare with me). I do not currently own the game due to my computer blowing up on me recently. I have however played Project Reality for about 4 years running so I assume I have at least a low level understanding of the mechanics in the game.