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  1. Ex-Airman signing on

    But it cooooould ;) http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/4059-rtosignal-support-specialist-role/?p=143492
  2. Suggestion: Give Most Classes Binoculars

    I disagree. I actually believe binocs should only be available to recon kits. But I can see if only support kits get them. Long distant intel gathering capabilities is a very powerful tool and should definitely not be available to everyone.
  3. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    Yes! I'm glad I found someone with this same idea. I too was a comm maintenance tech in the AF, and when i went to the sandbox(as an Army augmentee..trained with Army, lived with Army...outshot the army ;) ), I repaired all the comm equipment on the vehicles, personnel MBITR radios, and FBCB2 blue force trackers. I would LOVE to see a signal support role implemented. I also understand why the devs can't make voice comms a detriment to use because you would end up getting organized teams just hopping on 3rd party programs, which I would hate. BUT THERE IS ANOTHER WAY. Currently looking at the map, you are able to see all friendlies. How is this possible? Is it magic? ESP? It's a disconnect with immersion to me and the spirit of this fine game. As I mentioned before, I installed, repaired, and trained troops on FBCB2 blue force tracking equipment which is pretty much exactly what the current in game map is like, but to a much lesser extent. With FBCB2, vehicles were tracked by their GPS transponders, or you were able to manually input things such as weather conditions, enemies, obstacles, route data, etc. So what would a signal kit do? They will be the bearers of the squads FBCB2 terminal, able to input various icons onto the map to aid the rest of the team. This will not be a point-and-call out type of action that automatically shows up on all HUDS or maps. This will be an actual terminal that can be setup/torn down in a decent amount of time. The terminal will allow the signal troop the ability to input information based on what their squads tell AND allow other members to look at it. This will also display on OTHER FBCB2 terminals setup by other squad signal troops. The handheld PDA will only be viewable by the signal troop, so it would require them to communicate to their squad the information relayed to them. Not only does the information show up on other FBCB2 terminals and PDAs, but the primary base will have a "war room" that will contain the commander(when they are put in) and their staff. The war room will have a large NASA like screen that shows the entire battlefield just like the current map but with all of the icons input by the signal troops into the FBCB2s. The signal kit should be available to a fairly small squad, so small recon teams would be possible. There should only be 1 signal kit available per squad. With the addition of the signal kit and the FBCB2s, the current map will need to be revamped to further encourage use of the signal kit and stress the need for signal troops. You know how you can currently see all friendlies at all times on the map? That should be modified. A player will always be able to see their own squad mates on their map in real time, but that is all. The rest of the team will only be able to see other squads and players on their map IN REAL TIME IF that squad is within a short range to either the signal troop, within a moderate range from a deployed FBCB2 terminal, or within a large radius of a FOB that has been upgraded by the signal troop to contain a SATCOM FBCB2 terminal. The commander will be very dependent on signal troops(just like in real life!) in order to make effective decisions. Without the signal troop, the commander will be flying blind and solely have to rely on voice comms and map coordinates. To prevent a team from being severely hampered when not using a signal kit, other players/squads locations should still be visible on the map, but not in real time. It would be a sampling rate of about once every 1-3 minutes to update maps without the use of a signal kit. I believe implementing the FBCB2 and signal kit would be a great way to add another support role to Squad. Additionally, this would be a way to add an extremely valuable kit that ALL modern armies cannot do without, without encouraging the use of third party voice tools. While the squad leader is the rally point and pillar of the squad, the signal troop will be the bridge that connects the squads to the team. Don't get them confused with a recon kit, though. Recons would be adept at gathering information, but they would still need a way to get that information out to their squad, the team, and most importantly, the commander. Here's what an FBCB2 would look like: Handheld by signal troop: This is the deployed version view able by everyone that looks at it...That also means ENEMIES too so it needs to be protected The FOB upgrade: Each Vehicle will have one: And finally, the commander's situation room: PS. I reeeeeeally want a signal kit. INFORMATION IS POWER.
  4. I would also like this feature for immersion, especially being able to hear enemies speaking to each other. I understand why the devs kept being able to understand enemies out, though. It would only encourage people to use 3rd party VOIP programs instead of the in game ones. The devs have to be careful and not make ingame voip have any down sides to keep organized teams from just hopping on other programs.
  5. Hello everyone! Was in the USAF for a bit as a Comm/Net technician. Just got Squad today and so far I'm really liking what I see. Prefer playing more support roles like medic, recon, and techs(maybe have a comm tech support role? :D) Normally a big fan of battlefield games due to the amount of teamwork involved and Squad is like that but even better! Looking forward to supporting!