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  1. How can i get the server files?

    I'll just add to the comments here and point out that I find this restrictedness a tad ridiculous. I'm not paying BFS $80 / month for one game server. *whines like a little bitch*
  2. Check if Microsoft Security / Windows Defender is doing stuff in the background. Same for Windows Update. (Also turn off the "feature" that allows people to download windows updates from your PC.) Just a shot in the dark, no guarantee.
  3. $50 a game..now I feel foolish as well...

    Honest to God can't figure out why there is a Power Saving feature on desktops. If you care about your power bill, buy a damned tablet.
  4. Vote SQUAD for Indie GOTY!

    Done, y'all should go encourage the reddit crowd to quit being sticks in the mud.
  5. Heard up to 60 dead and 100 held hostage. It's all speculative seeing how early this is. We stand with the French.
  6. Now worried because I haven't even really started to play Squad yet and the GF already complains I spend too much time on the Internet and not with her... Hmmm.....
  7. Future of Cheat Protection

    I think Squad will probably have a strong community which results in strong servers with strong admins. Option 2. I am not opposed to Option 1, I simply think Option 2 will probably be better and present less hassles.
  8. Do you find this justified?

    Depends if he followed through or not. I've threatened to execute SM's before, only have followed through on friends. Would never execute a random.
  9. FREE PC BETA for Star Wars Battlefront

    I think I'm the only one in here who is actually enjoying it. I find it quite different from Battlefield and doesn't have that shit-EA feel to it. Will probably buy.
  10. Am I crazy or...

    ...did the forum used to have a sidebar? https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=818DA6B624CE33E4!4104&authkey=!ABmy5lldHFXSi0U&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng See, there's a place for one but nothing there, seems like an odd empty space.
  11. Favorite Tech Reference Websites

    Do you not use Ad Block Plus?
  12. Reasons to love the Internet: (Safe for work, it's a heart rate chart, no pr0n soz pervs.) https://np.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/3gk6un/wore_my_fitbit_heart_rate_monitor_during_sex/ (Also reasons to love reddit)
  13. I should've clarified: I said all that to make the point that mods will not be as popular or necessary in Squad because of the "core experience" that Merlin referred to above.
  14. Massive Explosions in Tianjin, China

    Not even offering sympathy for the dead? Chinese civilians have nothing to do with how their government conducts politics. At least try to have a heart.
  15. Vanilla Arma is terrible without mods, the game was literally designed for mods to finish it and make it more complete. Squad will be complete and offer a very fulfilling experience without mods.
  16. Game status

    I wasn't hype, lol?
  17. dank memes

    0/10 thread
  18. No UK servers anymore

    What they said. Your ping is not a problem.(And honestly if you're getting that upset about hit detection in a game where it's not all about killing, you might have the wrong mindset.)
  19. Game status

    I lost you at tick rate, I didn't realize we were actually playing CS:GO.
  20. Game status

    Keep in mind that SL will be 100x more playable than the current versions. Believe that makes SL 10000x more playable than the BF4 release.
  21. if only...

    EA only just pulled off destructibility with 40 players (max 64). Good luck with 100.
  22. Pre-Alpha [Frankfurt, GER#1] not working

    Really kills the immersion.
  23. No UK servers anymore

    Goodness gracious, you'd think the world had ended by your post. You can play on American servers just fine, plus ours come with an extra dose of freedom.