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  1. June 2018 Recap

    Let’s just give it a try before assuming it’ll ruin the game.
  2. Allow zooming without giving more pixels

    Arma zoom please. I love this game but the iron sights are ruining my damn eyes.
  3. Removal of marksmen from the game

    The marksman is incredibly effective if you know how to use the role, especially on urban maps. It also adds some variety to the gameplay and is based on how real squads are organized. I would hate to see it removed.
  4. June 2018 Recap

    Only in PR are players willing to stand still for 10 minutes, pointing their shotgun at a hole in the ceiling.
  5. Just wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to the FOB and rally mechanics getting reworked for v12 (counting on you, Fuzzhead). When a game devolves into a meat grinder with the attackers throwing bodies at an enemy fob and the defenders spawning back as quickly as possible, I feel that it goes against everything this game is trying to be. It basically concentrates the game into a tiny area of the map and turns it into a mindless COD kill-fest, with almost no communication, no real teamwork, just butting heads endlessly, and if the attackers get close enough to the enemy HAB, there's spawn camping. I was relieved to hear that Fuzzhead was game designer for PR for a number of years because although that game may have had its flaws, it nailed the pacing and emphasis on teamwork. I know Squad is trying to be its own game but there's no shame in taking what worked in PR and improving on it.
  6. July Community Roundtable

    Thank you!! Having to reset the rally constantly and tell your squad not to spawn when there are only 1-2 respawns is just annoying busywork (and then inexperienced players or those who don’t pay attention will spawn anyway). It’s also great to hear that you guys want to slow down the gameplay and encourage squad cohesion. Really looking forward to all of these changes.
  7. New Revive ability

    I think this new revive mechanic is a brilliant way of increasing squad cohesion, making squad survivability more likely when you stick together, and taking some pressure off the medic and as a result making his job more bearable.
  8. June 2018 Recap

    Just wanted to say again that I think this is probably the best recap so far. I really like the direction the game is going. Btw, who is doing the Yeho remake and the new desert map? I want to know because they look frickin amazing.
  9. June 2018 Recap

    I loooove the new map and the Yeho overhaul. The fob and rally overhaul also sounds good. Actually, everything looks and sounds really good!!
  10. May 2018 Recap

    Gatzby said on Reddit that he needs a few more days to make the recap. I sense that those extra days are actually necessary for the devs to get a playtest ready
  11. FOB De-Construction suggestion.

    Never had this problem in over 1000 hours of play.
  12. SquadChat - 6 - ft. artist Tim Douglas

    For those of you who didn’t see this, there’s a video of an Abrams firing its main gun at the beginning. Looks like tanks may be ready to roll.
  13. The meat grinder is awful

    This is exactly how I felt this morning playing Invasion on Belaya. The game felt very large-scale and tense at the beginning, especially when the first firefight broke out. But once the meat grinder started and continued for over 20 minutes I just got totally numb to the action and felt like I was playing CoD. I was bummed because that’s probably the impression all of the free weekend players got as well.
  14. The meat grinder is awful

    I’m glad to hear you guys agree. I think one other flaw of the current FOB system is that because of how it works, the only viable strategy is to put defensive FOBs directly on the flags or very close to them. This makes for very predictable and repetative gameplay. Also, the problem with the rallies is that because of human nature, people just spawn on them one at a time and run towards the objectives in a straight line like lemmings. This totally discourages squad cohesion.
  15. Bandaging Animations

    Anyone else think that the flexing hand animation is a little cheesy?
  16. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    Unfortunately, fortifications in relatively open locations like the villages on Kamdesh are pretty much useless. They only work when you want to fortify a large compound or building like a multi-story on Basrah.
  17. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    I've played this map about a dozen times now and this is what usually happens when you're the insurgents: - Try defending a village - Get utterly surrounded and outgunned in the village - Get shot over and over trying to flank or move to a better position - Village gets capped by the enemy - Move to a nearly identical village and repeat At least it's more balanced when two conventional forces fight but it's pretty tedious because of the repetitive terrain and cap points. I have to say, I love Squad and how it's progressing overall, but I think you guys should get a little more creative with the map design. Also, incorporating more modder-made maps would be great.
  18. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    I totally agree with you. People say thay you need to compensate with good tactics like flanking but that’s only possible when your team as a whole is better/smarter than the blufor team.
  19. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    Really? I’ve seen redfor get their asses kicked over and over again on this map. Even if you set up a defense, you’ll get surrounded and outgunned because of the relatively open terrain.
  20. Very nice interview. I'm glad that Taxi and the other devs were able to make Squad a success. I'm also wondering what those "secret projects to increase the longevity of Squad" are...
  21. Wonder what Taxi is up to.
  22. "Believability" of maps, realism

    I’m sure it’s more efficient but a few of those accessible rooms should be in useful locations, not just on the 2nd and 3rd floor of an 8-story building where trees block your line of sight. At least have a few rooms open on the upper floors so you don’t run up only to find out that everything is closed.
  23. "Believability" of maps, realism

    I was talking more about how it’s frustrating from a gameplay perspective, not about realism.
  24. why t72 and no t-90

    You have to admit, though, that T-72 they modeled looks amazing.