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  1. I was thinking the same thing. We were shown screens from it ages ago.
  2. Thanks. Appreciate the answer.
  3. Are dynamic audio reflections possible with 4.15? It's something I've really been looking forward to.
  4. You would need a shopping mall or something to make the car park a realistic addition. It would make for some good fights though.
  5. I gotta agree that this looks very natural. I really hope this makes it into the game. We definitely need more open, natural-looking maps.
  6. This is off topic but all of the new sounds in v9, especially the mortars, are frickin amazing. Keep it up!
  7. Don't worry, in 1.0 vehicles will have blades attached to the wheels like those chariots in Gladiator. People will get impaled or cut in half when they get near.
  8. How about left click to place (and make them stackable so they stand out and can be used as decoys or markers) and right click to throw so you can bait enemies? By the way, the sapper kit in PR places stacks or rocks by default.
  9. Looks great! Are these used extensively in the Russian army?
  10. @eggmanJust wanted to say that I found out about PR a few years ago and it was the only game I played for 3 years straight. Didn't play any other game whatsoever until Squad came out. Thank you for helping to create such a masterpiece. I'm glad the Squad devs are keeping the PR spirit alive and doing an amazing job at it.
  11. Great idea
  12. Rhino, please start modding for Squad
  13. Looks great!
  14. Wow, they actually simulated the RPG secondary rocket booster. That's pretty impressive. Also great attention to detail with the penetration. But they should replace all of the text in the video with "MORE EXPLOSIONS!" I think that would sum things up nicely.
  15. Ok, that sounds awesome.
  16. Thanks for the clip. But isn't that a gun run?
  17. What exactly do you mean by bomb run?
  18. He just shows up when he wants to complain.
  19. Now that Chance has been promoted it means that he HAS TO make more maps for us Khamisiyah please!
  20. Doesn't this call for TOW emplacements? Otherwise it might become a shooting gallery for vehicles.
  21. I'm gonna have flashbacks to Jabal from Project Reality.
  22. Wouldn't the btr82a give you more trouble than anything on this map? Anyway, looks great. Squad needs more open maps.
  23. I was watching a real life vid of a btr 30mm cannon being fired. It had huge muzzle flash but from a different angle it wasn't visible at all, there was only smoke. It it something with the filming or is the visibility of muzzle flash sporadic even in real life?
  24. You have to engage the btr82a from a distance and be ready to retreat behind cover if it starts engaging you with the cannon. The trick with all vehicles is to be in a position where you can quickly retreat behind cover if you find yourself at a disadvantage.