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  1. Alpha 12.1

    Devs, thanks for the following: - Less sway and horizontal recoil - Wasd controls for turrets - Optimization and everything else Squad is getting more epic every patch. One small suggestion is to make the iron sight versions of all guns a class has available. So, militia scout would also get the iron sight sks and squad lead would get iron sight ak-74. This would add more variety and cater to individual preferences without upsetting balance. I also think the militia medic should also have the option of an ak-74 because not everyone likes high-recoil weapons like the FAL. Would also be nice if the shortened AK was available to more classes. I used to love using that gun with the militia lat class.
  2. Squad vs Insurgency

    That just totally sucks. There should be an option to disable it.
  3. Alpha 12.1

    Looking forward to trying this. Thanks for all if the bug fixing and other hard work.
  4. I thought they struck a good balance in v11. It just bugs me that rapid firing in single shot is such a chore now because you have to constantly pull down on the mouse.
  5. Gatzby announced that the v12.1 patch will decrease sway and tweak recoil. Thank god.
  6. Alpha 12.1 on Public Testing

    Just fyi, Nordic clarified on reddit that “tweaked” means increased vertical recoil and said that shooting is even harder in v12.1. I’m curious to see how this will work out.
  7. Complexities

    Lesson from PR development: players are hard-coded.
  8. Why are the tank guns so slow to move?

    Please give us realistic turret speeds and combination mouse and wasd controls, with wasd moving the turret at max speed. I don’t see how this wouldn’t make everyone happy.
  9. Vehicle imbalance

    In v12 the 30mm cannon also has recoil now but it seems strange because you fire and the reticle jumps up a half-second later. Don’t know what this delay is all about. Also, do 30mm cannon really recoil this much?
  10. Any news on V12 patches/updates?

    Hope the “less soon” fix increases the vertical recoil recovery and you don’t have to constantly pull down on the mouse even when firing single shots. I also preferred the old, more authentic AK sights over the artificially narrow ones we have now.
  11. @Psyrus thanks! At what resolution and level of detail do you play?
  12. Turret Traverse A+D Keys

    Yes please.
  13. AK s Iron sights

    I just wish they would keep them authentic. I know they’re trying to make them more isuable but the authenticity of Squad is part of its appeal and sets its apart from other games.
  14. Yes, please allow a combination of wasd+mouse controls for the turrets. Running out of mouse pad is really annoying.
  15. Any news on V12 patches/updates?

    I shot the front armor of a Stryker at point blank range with over 20 rounds of 30mm AP and it shrugged it off, killed my btr, and drove off. Pretty weird.
  16. Very informative. I would also prefer vehicle battles (not just tank battles) that are deadlier, though I have to say that the devs did an awesome job with the locational damage. It’s amazing disbling the engine of a vehicle with a well-placed shot or trying to repair an engine in the field while under fire. Cook-offs are also great. OP, do you think the autocannons on IFVs are also underpowered?
  17. V12 performance

    How’s your video card treating you? I’m trying to decide between it and a 1070 just for Squad. But as you know, 1070s are ridiculously expensive in Japan.
  18. I agree with OP that vertical recovery should be increased. To fire single shots accurately in v11 you have to pull down constantly with the mouse. It’s not particularly challenging but it makes shooting more involved in an annoying way.
  19. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    I’m wondering whether you have you fired a lot of guns in real life because someone else who has was saying in another thread that the difficulty of shooting and controlling the recoil in v12 is actually unrealistic (I don’t know personally because I don’t shoot).
  20. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    I would agree with you if you were talking about v11. Now it feels wobbly and all over the place, like we’re back in v10. I think it’s a little too much.
  21. V12 performance

    Thanks for clarifying. I also prefer v11. With v12 I always feel vulnerable because the rifles are so difficult to control, even on single shot.
  22. V12 performance

    Yeah, floaty and jumpy is a good way to explain it. It also feels like the gun gently bounces up and down when you shoot, rather than jerking more violently, which is what I imagine recoil actually feels like (but I’m no weapons expert). Personally, I don’t really like the new gun handling for these reason.
  23. V12 performance

    There’s more vertical and horizontal recoil now, kind of like v10, so the it feels like you have less control over your weapon.
  24. FNFAL / G3 for normal rifleman

    Would also be nice if the medic could choose between the FAL and AK.