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  1. I was watching a real life vid of a btr 30mm cannon being fired. It had huge muzzle flash but from a different angle it wasn't visible at all, there was only smoke. It it something with the filming or is the visibility of muzzle flash sporadic even in real life?
  2. You have to engage the btr82a from a distance and be ready to retreat behind cover if it starts engaging you with the cannon. The trick with all vehicles is to be in a position where you can quickly retreat behind cover if you find yourself at a disadvantage.
  3. I wish they wouldn't make the cool areas with the new assets the last flags to be capped. No wonder I didn't notice them.
  4. I didn't know those urban assets were in the game. Are they new?
  5. A-10 please.
  6. I think the community has voted for Khami ; )
  7. Lazing for CAS jets is awesome in PR. It's so utterly satisfying when it works.
  8. Definitely need a different, more obvious sound when the vehicle gets hit by an AT round.
  9. Where do I report griefers? I was playing on your BlueFangSolutions.com - FREE WEEKEND - NYC#4 server around 1:30-2:30 GMT time on the Yeho map and my gunner destroyed 4-5 vehicles in our main base when we went back for repairs. People were also complaining that he had TKed on the previous map, which was Al Basrah. I have his steam account.
  10. Squad needs more maps with open dessert for good combined arms. Make Khami please!
  11. I agree. Right now it's about which team can throw more bodies at an objective and then quickly cap the next one. I was saying it's a problem because it goes against what the devs are trying to do but I agree that the current meta doesn't make player manned bases viable.
  12. Ok, great. I love Kashan Dessert and I would love to see it in Squad so I'm looking forward to this.
  13. Just please don't make it an unrealistic city, as in "why the hell did they build multi story apartment blocks in the middle of a dessert" unrealistic.
  14. I think it's funny how the devs were saying that it'll be harder to hide fobs and that people will have to stay on them and defend them, but now people still hide the fobs in bushes and place the habs as far away as possible to keep the fobs hidden. People still don't defend the fobs and don't seem to care that much about them compared to cap points. That's the trouble I see with the new system.
  15. They've been in for over a year. Maybe you're confusing RPKs with PKMs.
  16. They scenery looks beautiful. I like that wooden bridge.
  17. You remade my two favorite PR maps and they look awesome.
  18. Looks great!
  19. Looks sleek but I want to see them firing that saw from a deployed position. Monthly recap maybe.
  20. Animations + inventory + new urban map
  21. First light gave me the best fps in v8 but now it's one of the choppiest maps for me. Anyone else get this?
  22. This has also bothered me ever since vehicles came out. It's so hard to tell if you got hit. I think the muffled .50 sounds great but the muffled kpvt (when you're the gunner) sounds pretty weak. Same with the 30mm cannon. Sounds amazing when you're next to it but as the gunner it sounds a little weak. But I've never fired any of these before so I can't say anything about realism
  23. Grimshadow, i think you have a thing for the devs.