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  1. Alpha 15 Released

    Scout car seems to be bugged. Emptied 3 mags into an MRAP on Logar and it just drove off with no smoke.
  2. Alpha 15 Released

    Nice! No more looking at the test server browser only to find one server with 3 people
  3. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Very few people are playing the v15 test. I checked the browser at different times and its always between 1-10 people
  4. Now Testing Alpha 15

    BMP-2+optimizations yay!
  5. Excited for v15

    Looking forward to the next release, which should come any day now, and hoping that movement, rallies, and permadeath got tweaked or changed. Hopefully the BMP2 and maybe Chance’s new map are added as well. Maybe we’ll even see the commander role or choppers.
  6. Excited for v15

    @fuzzheadMuch appreciated. You give me hope for future gameplay design.
  7. Excited for v15

    Haha. All the negativity.
  8. Operation Flashlight?
  9. AK for Milita medic?

    Agreed. Giving niche weapons to the medic will discourage people from playing the class.
  10. Found a good thread on Reddit about why the current movement in Squad goes against it’s vision (unless that vision has been scrapped to make Squad more like Battlefield).
  11. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    I agree, the opening and ending screens with the voiceovers before and after each match are pretty cheesy. The victory music also sounds way too generic. I also don’t get the point of voice commands. Oh well.
  12. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Yeah, I’ve also been getting hugely inconsistent frame rates, from around 30 to over 60.
  13. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Unfortunately I’m getting terrible frames on Gorodok and for some reason run benchmark made the resolution look like Wolfenstein 3D. Do an i5-6500 and gtx1060 6gb really suck that much? Also, sometimes bandaging yourself won't work. It's utterly frustrating.
  14. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Like the new map and game mode.
  15. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    Yes, the new momentum is awful, especially in cramped locations.
  16. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    I played Skorpo in the playtest and it really has that massive, open PR feel to it.
  17. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Looks awesome! Well done, guys.
  18. New Wallpaper

    Nice! Can we get BMP wallpaper, too? Can’t wait for that vehicle.
  19. Alpha 13.1 Released

    @GatzbyI think the community already went through the rivet-counting phase and you guys did a great job balancing vehicles/infantry in v13 so I think you can at least shorten the list a bit. And I have to agree that since you guys are providing modding tools, there’s really no reason to complain if the game changes in an unexpected way.
  20. Alpha 13.1 Released

    It’s ok. The loud minority has the “owi is catering to the masses and changing squad into an arcade game to sell more copies” argument ready
  21. SquadChat - 12 - ft. Phil Merricks (Producer)

    @GatzbyI understand a producer's job is to make the team work together and get things done on time but you also asked Phil what direction he wants to take Squad gameplay wise. Does Phil also make game design decisions or is that up to the game designers?
  22. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Remember to fill out the survey guys. It’s just as important as complaining on the forums
  23. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Guys, they’re doing a survey about the new movement, buddy rally, and removal of insta-death. Check out the link posted in reddit and fill out the survey!
  24. I thought I'd take a break from complaining and make a thread about things we like about v13. Here's my list: - Better performance - Track and tire disabling mechanic is awesome and works great with c4 - Granular reload is awesome - Great m4 and vehicle driving sounds (love the creaking metal) - Bobbing when driving vehicles for more immersion - Buffs to 30 mm (feels much more balanced) and HE - Interesting new layers, AAS with invisible flags on routes or whatever they’re called - More scopes for conventional forces
  25. Things we like about v13

    I think that’s what vehicles are supposed to be for.