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  1. Feedback on current development.

    Let me summarize: - Squad devs promise to make a spiritual successor to PR - Squad starts out really unpolished, simple, and arcade-like, unlike PR - Over time, more and more features from PR are implemented into Squad (logistics is one big example) - Fuzz joins and over a few months brings Squad even closer to the PR gameplay style (slower movement, more suppression, more sway, etc.) - Devs suddenly decide to go in the opposite direction and make the game faster-paced and less punishing - Shitstorm erupts on the forums and reddit - Devs admit they’ve decided to cater to newer and less hardcore players and say that people who post on the forums and reddit are a minority of the community
  2. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Good points. Oh well, so much for that. Good points. Oh well, so much for that. Good points. Oh well, so much for that. Oh my god. My frickin iphone. It’s not letting me delete this stuff.
  3. Have claymores been confirmed?

    I know they've been talked about by the community from searching the forums but I was wondering if a claymore model has been made or if it's been confirmed for Squad at any point. Getting kills with remote-detonated claymore in PR was awesome and there are already a few prime locations in Squad where they would be useful.
  4. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Reddit has exploded into an endless shitstorm about how the recent controversial changes are ruining the game, so someone made a PR2 mod. Very simple but it’s a start. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1812471359
  5. Yeah, I think his ideas for Squad are close to what the community on the official forums wants but apparently we’re the minority.
  6. Fuzz keeps saying that he likes the previous movement system better and that things aren’t set in stone. But in this video he also said that the community doesn’t seem to care much about the movement changes, unlike buddy rally and dead-dead, which implies there’s less incentive for the devs to go back to the older movement style. He also said that there is disagreement among the devs about what kind of movement system is best for Squad.
  7. It's sad to hear that there hasn't been much discussion about the movement changes I wish we had the older movement, are at least more momentum. There is way too much crazy dashing and zig-zagging right now to avoid getting shot. It also just doesn't feel right to be able to move so easily with so much equipment. It's made Squad feel like an arcade game. Now I'm just hoping we'll get a modded hardcore mode since it doesn't look like we'll be getting more momentum.
  8. @fuzzheadBtw, who’s lead game designer now? I thought it was you until I read Merlin’s post on Reddit. Edit: My mistake. Now I know from the SquadChat that Fuzz is still lead designer (that's a relief). I was confused by Merlin's wording in his post on reddit.
  9. I agree so I’m going to make this into a question and maybe we’ll get a response. Does Fuzzhead have any ideas about how to tweak the movement? I know he’s not satisfied with how it currently works. Haha. Or maybe you’ll get a straight answer, but it’ll be different depending on which dev you ask. Can’t take it out on Gatzby or Fuzz, though, since they actually listen and respond to us
  10. Alpha 15 Released

    I hope it’s a bug, because it would make no sense otherwise.
  11. Alpha 15 Released

    Scout car seems to be bugged. Emptied 3 mags into an MRAP on Logar and it just drove off with no smoke.
  12. Alpha 15 Released

    Nice! No more looking at the test server browser only to find one server with 3 people
  13. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Very few people are playing the v15 test. I checked the browser at different times and its always between 1-10 people
  14. Now Testing Alpha 15

    BMP-2+optimizations yay!
  15. Excited for v15

    Looking forward to the next release, which should come any day now, and hoping that movement, rallies, and permadeath got tweaked or changed. Hopefully the BMP2 and maybe Chance’s new map are added as well. Maybe we’ll even see the commander role or choppers.
  16. Excited for v15

    @fuzzheadMuch appreciated. You give me hope for future gameplay design.
  17. Excited for v15

    Haha. All the negativity.
  18. Operation Flashlight?
  19. AK for Milita medic?

    Agreed. Giving niche weapons to the medic will discourage people from playing the class.
  20. Found a good thread on Reddit about why the current movement in Squad goes against it’s vision (unless that vision has been scrapped to make Squad more like Battlefield).
  21. Alpha 14 Released

    I agree, the opening and ending screens with the voiceovers before and after each match are pretty cheesy. The victory music also sounds way too generic. I also don’t get the point of voice commands. Oh well.
  22. Alpha 14 Released

    Yeah, I’ve also been getting hugely inconsistent frame rates, from around 30 to over 60.
  23. Alpha 14 Released

    Unfortunately I’m getting terrible frames on Gorodok and for some reason run benchmark made the resolution look like Wolfenstein 3D. Do an i5-6500 and gtx1060 6gb really suck that much? Also, sometimes bandaging yourself won't work. It's utterly frustrating.
  24. Alpha 14 Released

    Like the new map and game mode.
  25. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    Yes, the new momentum is awful, especially in cramped locations.