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  1. Squad vs Insurgency

    I think that map design could be improved in Squad by mimicking actual loactions more faithfully or at least coming up with some more varied designs that create new types of tactical situations, but I have to say that the weapon sounds in Sandstorm sound pretty damn arcadey and exaggerated. Also, why is this thread in the server feedback section?
  2. Thoughts on Suppression

    Well, aim punch is on the way so you just gotta give it a try.
  3. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    I think people appreciate you being active here since the other devs, except for Gatzby, haven’t posted for ages. Having someone who understands what gameplay mechanics made PR good and that there’s no shame in adapting them also gave me hope that Squad will reach it’s full potential.
  4. Regarding suppression and optic machineguns.

    I have to disagree about MGs being op. Firing in full auto while deployed, like on a window sill or wall, makes you exposed and draws lots of attention to your position. Also, on most maps the action is concentrated in areas with poor lines of sight. I actually find the scoped rifleman and even dmr more effective than the mg.
  5. July 2018 Recap

    Ohh yes, amphibious assaults would be amazing.
  6. Project Reality 1.5.5.

    I think it’s the pacing, but the upcoming spawn mechanic changes in Squad will make the pacing more like PR.
  7. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I have to say, the RIP guys seem good about not stacking their clan, and they’re pretty friendly.
  8. Project Reality 1.5.5.

    If PR could magically rewrite the game engine with its crappy net code and hit detection I would return
  9. July 2018 Recap

    Looking forward to this map so much combined with the new spawn and ammo mechanics. It’s going to be a new game.
  10. Ohhh man, people are bashing PS like none other in that thread. Did they really release without finishing all of the promised content and without optimizing??
  11. The filter on all vehicle scopes makes everything look even more grainy than when playing as infantry. I don’t mind the green tint as long as they get rid of the graininess, which literally makes my eyes hurt.
  12. air assets??

    Having jets dogfighting overhead and dropping bombs on lazed targets was one of the coolest parts of PR, though. Some of the most memorable moments playing as infantry involved air assets.
  13. Overall, I like this idea a lot and I’m sure any problems can be fixed with some tweaks and minor changes.
  14. July 2018 Recap

    OK, I’m just going to ask what everyone wants to know. Can you kill people with the hammer?
  15. July 2018 Recap

    Fuzzhead, off topic but has the dev team talked about changing the zoom system for the iron sights? An Arma-style zoom or at least an unlimited zoom for iron sights has been suggested many times and there seem to be quite a few people in favor of it but I’ve never seen a dev comment on this topic. To go back on topic, persistent ammo sounds great and I’m looking forward to the new spawn mechanics as well. Also, Outskirts is my new favorite map even though I have yet to play it