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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Looking forward to at least playing around in the test range. Also, a big thank you for improving the btrs, 30mm, and HE.
  2. Gun loading animation when entering vehicle.

    Yeah, it makes no sense.
  3. [WIP] Iron Dawn (Vanilla)

    Love the trenches and outposts.
  4. General Update

    Did you guys work on vehicle balance for v13?
  5. General Update

    By the way, why no map updates? Wasn’t Chance working on something?
  6. General Update

    I have faith if you guys but goddamn things are taking a long time.
  7. And then the BRDM witht the missiles could counter the Bradley (if it gets a jump on it).
  8. @fuzzhead Just a heads-up...I don’t think the community are complaining about vehicle balance because the Russians don’t have atgm vehicle. It’s more because the guns on the btr-80 amd 82a are really underpowered, especially against Strykers. This is the feedback that you see on Reddit over and over again (I admit, I complain about it as well). Why not just increase the damage of the 30 mm and 14.5 mm and see how it plays out?
  9. New Map: Grozny

    It’s a great map but after a while everyone just went back to playing Fallujah and Muttrah.
  10. February 2019 Recap

    But none of these are what’s in the recap.
  11. February 2019 Recap

    Looking forward to the performance improvements! Also, anyone know if that tow mrap exists in real life? I wonder why they made it instead if just giving the Stryker a tow.
  12. Weapon Recoil

    I think it’s because the sights automatically recenter, whereas in Squad they don’t, so you have to pull the mouse down manually. I prefer the PS gun handling as well, including how the zoom for the iron sights isn’t on a timer. God, I hate the timer.
  13. Will the autocannons be improved in v13?

    I just had another absolutely awful vehicle experience so I have to reply. Drove up behind a Stryker and my gunner hit it right in the back over a dozen times at less than 10 meters distance, but it swung its turret around and killed us before we could finish it off. We must have hit it over 20 times but it still got away. I don't think changing overheating is going to do much to help here. It's just horribly unbalanced and unrealistic. The Russian 14.5 mm is also horribly underpowered against lightly armored vehicles.
  14. Over the past months I’ve seen lots of community members talking about (especially on Reddit) how the 30 mm autocannon is underpowered, both from realism and balance perspectives. Will this be addressed in v13?
  15. Grenade and Mortar Blast Radius

    Yep, HE and frag are underpowered. 30mm is also a joke all around.