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  1. Looking good!
  2. KaB, we're all waiting for you to impress us with the new animation system
  3. Yeah, I think all this would add to the immersion. Who knows? Maybe something is already in the works for the new anim system.
  4. I have faith that the meat grinder thing will end at some point. TBH, I think PR nailed the pacing because enemies would come in waves rather than constantly and ever engagement felt significant.
  5. The post scriptum dev blog kind of satisfied my monthly recap craving but it's not quite the same...awesome blog though
  6. There is already a btr with a custom militia paint job that was revealed months ago. Wonder why it's not in yet...
  7. Things sound good. I want things.
  8. Well, that's great news. I'm sure the new buildings will look even better.
  9. I don't know any of the legal stuff but I think this is comparable to plagiarism. The models are clearly based on BF2 models, and this thread makes that obvious. Moving the positions of a few windows or changing the texture slightly won't make them original content even though they were made from scratch. Anyway, making this into a mod and having 24/7 Al Basrah servers sounds good to me
  10. I liked the dirty mattress you sat on when using the .50
  11. I'd like to see an arms style unlimited zoom actually. I don't want to ruin my eyes squinting at the screen all the time.
  12. Fighting in t-buildings without BF2s awful hit detection will be awesome.
  13. The sound in the dynamic reflection preview video was just amazing imo. It hope that's how things will sound in the future.
  14. They made a T-building!!!!!!!!! Please make the tall hotel building as well for spotting/sniping
  15. The terrain looks just right to me. Not too flat but not much to obscure your vision either.