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  1. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    Yeah, it may result in more copies being sold in China but personally I hated the weapons and assets of the Chinese faction in PR. I prefer MEC.
  2. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    AFSoccer, one of the devs, mentioned in an interview that they’re thinking about adding a mec-like faction after the British! I have my hopes up.
  3. battle royale mod for squad ? :)

    Working together with your squad to kill zombies would be pretty amazing. Especially if you had the btr82a. IEDs would be fun, too.
  4. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Has any other game done sight misalignment well? Just wondering.
  5. Alpha 10

    And shovel melee please!
  6. Where Did My FPS Go?

    I’ve also lost some frames in my i5 and gtx950.
  7. Alpha 10

    Yeah, I know. I just don’t like it aesthetically but I guess that’s a personal preference. Brings back memories of the infamous “the blue tracksuit has got to go” thread/shitstorm from ages ago when people on this forum liked to nitpick more
  8. Alpha 10

    Thanks, I’ll give that a try.
  9. Alpha 10

    Just two bits of feedback: - The bipods don’t deploy on certain windowsills, like at the northeastern village on First Light and some of the buildings on Basrah (I think it’s the windowsills that have narrow wooden frames on the inside and thus aren’t completely flat). - I liked how you guys made the Militia look more professional in v9 but now there’s one kit that combines the tracksuit and helmet, which looks really silly imo. Overall great update though and the attention to detail is amazing.
  10. Alpha 10

    This game feels so new!! I’m back to playing every night.
  11. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Thanks. I’ll mention it on discord.
  12. V10 Getting Headache

    It looks much more grainy and I’m getting 10-20 less fps...so maybe that will lead to a headache.
  13. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Hell yeah! I just hope performance goes back up to how it was in v9. I’ve lost 10-20 frames. The content is great though/
  14. Just a few words for the devs: - Programmers, thanks for all the grinding work fixing the bugs. - The new M4 sounds great! - Small thing, but I'm excited about the SPG having frag rounds. I was looking forward to this. - The ranging, including the working optics, is awesome and seems to work flawlessly. - Everything is just really badass, thank you.
  15. Overall, does v10 have better or worse performance compared to v9. Or does it really just depend on the system? I was getting a 10+ fps drop on Basrah with my gtx950 and i5.