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  1. Grenade and Mortar Blast Radius

    Yep, HE and frag are underpowered. 30mm is also a joke all around.
  2. January 2019 Recap

    I get the impression that you really like choopers.
  3. January 2019 Recap

    Lots to be excited for!
  4. inconsistency with tank armour profiles?

    Omg, please stop quoting Gatzby every time you reply to him. The post he quoted takes forever to scroll through.
  5. WASD Turret Control

    I’d like to know the answer to #2.
  6. @Guan_Yu007has some very good advice but I think we have to admit that in pub games vehicle crews usually aren’t that competent. I think tow vehicles would be a good balance like OP suggested and also add more variety to the game.
  7. It sounds like you’re giving up without really giving the game a try. Like ppl have suggested, fix your tech issues by posting on this forum or contacting tech support, and then join a good server with decent squad leads who will teach you the ropes. That’s all you can really do because even if the devs decide to redesign the UI and add a tutorial (they probably won’t do this, though), it will take months to get implemented.
  8. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    The stryker can also absorb a crazy amount of rpgs and 30mm rounds.
  9. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    I have to agree that the chevrons are too thick, but bot just for the scopes — the Russian aimpoint is also too big. As for vehicle balance, I think that the 30mm needs to be buffed because irl it would shred strykers, mraps, and trucks. Increasing the number of btr 82as would just result in more of them being lost in pub games so I think increasing the effectiveness of the autocannon is a more practical solution. It would help balance and be more realistic. Also, we will get the BMP eventually, which will help.
  10. Vehicle imbalance

    Just want to say that the 30mm is kind of a joke now. It takes way too many rounds to kill lighter vehicles like trucks and strykers, which the 30mm should be able to shred.
  11. Remake

    Yeah, Grozny is amazing. Unfortunately people stopped playing it after the novelty wore off and went back to Kashan and Muttrah
  12. Heli flight models

    So you don’t just sit in it and make rotor sounds with your mouth?
  13. Just wanted to say Thank you and Good job!

    Yes, it’s quite good now.
  14. Basically you need a really competent squad lead and competent players for fire teams to work. From my experience this does not happen often in pub matches.
  15. Alpha 12.1

    Devs, thanks for the following: - Less sway and horizontal recoil - Wasd controls for turrets - Optimization and everything else Squad is getting more epic every patch. One small suggestion is to make the iron sight versions of all guns a class has available. So, militia scout would also get the iron sight sks and squad lead would get iron sight ak-74. This would add more variety and cater to individual preferences without upsetting balance. I also think the militia medic should also have the option of an ak-74 because not everyone likes high-recoil weapons like the FAL. Would also be nice if the shortened AK was available to more classes. I used to love using that gun with the militia lat class.