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  1. korengal

    I'm just going to wait for the official release then figure out what I need to upgrade.
  2. It's not so much about the tracks as it is about the big frickin gun on top.
  3. Just take a look and you'll know what I mean: https://twitter.com/JoinSquad/status/834561410143105024?s=09
  4. Yes! I saw that and it was awesome. Felt like I was watching a war movie.
  5. Oh, man. Those lumbering tanks are awesome. I love the engine and machinegun sounds too.
  6. Man, this mod is a dream come true. And it's being developed so damn quickly but the quality looks amazing.
  7. It's actually Christmas that delayed the update. The devs were on holiday recovering from exhaustion afaik.
  8. Sorry, man. Kory said on reddit that it'll probably be another 3 weeks or so. The original goal, as stated by Taxi, was the end of this month, but definitely not this week. I can't wait either, though! I really hope we get that amazing urban map.
  9. suggestion

    Just wait for coreinventory which will probably come in the late April update.
  10. With coreinventory they may let us chose which gun to use. That would make everyone happy, right?
  11. When you guys do play testing does the game feel the way you want it to or are you still a long way from where you want the game to be?
  12. In Project Reality you were usually limited to one LAT kit per squad (sometimes you had a HAT as well) with only one or two rounds. It was also more difficult to time and aim in PR because of the deviation. If AT weapons are made more deadly in Squad, I think they should be a little rarer and more difficult to aim as well. Right now it's just point and click. There's no challenge to it IMO and it doesn't really matter that much if you miss. In PR there was much more tension and people would always say "don't miss or we're screwed!" but you don't really have those moments in Squad. I know Squad and PR are different but I think PR has much more tension and everything you did had more significance. Currently Squad feels pretty spammy/arcade-like though I still love the game. Also, Sgt. Ross mentioned that humvees sometimes survive multiple RPG hits. In Squad it's kind of silly how technicals and trucks don't die with one hit but once again, if AT damage is increased I think AT weapons need to be made rarer/more difficult to use.
  13. Where did you hear that? I think that weapon resting requires the new animation system which taxi said won't be in until v10. He said that v9 will be a content update with lots of stuff but that it won't really have any new features.
  14. Are the devs working on weapon resting as well or will that be later down the road? Weapon resting + large urban environment + more vehicles will be awesome.