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  1. First light gave me the best fps in v8 but now it's one of the choppiest maps for me. Anyone else get this?
  2. This has also bothered me ever since vehicles came out. It's so hard to tell if you got hit. I think the muffled .50 sounds great but the muffled kpvt (when you're the gunner) sounds pretty weak. Same with the 30mm cannon. Sounds amazing when you're next to it but as the gunner it sounds a little weak. But I've never fired any of these before so I can't say anything about realism
  3. Grimshadow, i think you have a thing for the devs.
  4. Thanks for all the hard work. This update was definitely worth the wait.
  5. Good for them for implementing this feature.
  6. Yeah, those new bullet cracks and whizzing/ricochet sounds were one of those "holy crap" moments in Squad. Firefights feel much more immersive now.
  7. A patch for the v9 test branch seemed to fix everything for me, including stuttering and crashes. I'm surprised they fixed those issues so quickly tbh because they were major, game-breaking issues.
  8. This is a good point. The sounds are excellent but the volume balance is odd. The dshk reload is especially loud.
  9. There are a lot of crashes still but overall it's a huge improvement in many ways. I was very impressed. Once they get rid of the crashes it'll be great.
  10. Everything sounds even better in v9. The engine and driving sounds (like gravel hitting the hull and the sound of the vehicle rattling at high speeds are amazing). I haven't heard anything so immersive in a game before. The new .50 cal and kpvt sounds also blew me away.
  11. Anyone getting disconnected constantly (like every five minutes) in the v9 test?
  12. Thanks, I got it to work. Just playing around on the firing range and I must the new sounds...just amazing. The sound of the BRDM engine is perhaps the best sound effect I've heard in a game. So frickin immersive. Also love the .50 sound when you're firing from within a vehicle. Anders you are a GOD! Also, the vehicle handling is SOOOO much better. Thank you programmers!
  13. I entered the password and it got verified but steam doesn't seem to be downloading. Anyone else have this problem?
  14. Yay! Playtest! I'll be happy even just messing around in the firing range.