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  1. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Snakecharmer Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pledgeslayer/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 25 Timezone or Region: TEXAS Nature of Interest: Effing up terrorists, Driving BTR's like the general lee, hardcore or unforgiving teamwork oriented shootouts Gaming Background: Battlefield Vietnam, 2142, 2, 4, Red orchestra/rising storm 2, Planetside 2 Additional Skills: Do professional live audio mixing/theatrical lighting for a D1 university! Play bass, drums, guitar, keys, and soon fiddle Status: Unassigned
  2. -|TBG|- True Born Gaming - Adult Oriented Fun

    Hey, I've played on y'alls server so long now I'm thinkin' to myself maybe it's time to check out more info on joining. Man I haven't been part of a clan or group for ages lol
  3. @M.I.K.E.It's just plugged in directly via cat 5. My desktop does have a wireless card but I'm not using it. I have had some success joining servers via the steam browser but it's kind of hit and miss
  4. @M.I.K.E. No sir I am not on a VPN. I saw that solution works for some people but I don't really know anything about setting them up. I suppose it's sunday and I'm about to learn if I can't get a solution working lol @Nordic No sir I do not have the skins enabled. Strangely I got it to connect one time last night by enabling all the skins, applying the setting, then disabling them but it hasn't worked since. If my router or something changed settings or updated how would I go about finding the right ports to keep open? If y'all think that would even be an issue
  5. Dangit, after 350 hours and playing all day today now all of a sudden I'm having this issue. I have no idea how to work or setup a VPN and don't really understand why I have to all of a sudden just to connect to servers
  6. Good evening all, Sometime around 9 or 10 tonight after playing a few hours today I hopped off for a break. When I went to get back in the action I got the 'server closed connection message'. On every server. I have tried deleting the local app and binaries, verifying the game cache, my 'veteran skins' or whatever have never been turned on and I've never had a single problem with the game. Tried connecting via steam servers, all my drivers are up to date, literally nothing has changed that I'm consiously aware of. I have about 350 hours of great times and great fps with 0 problems now I'm broken :/. Anything else I can do? Never set up a VPN before and I don't get why I should have to all of a sudden? ---------------------------------------- Update: Tried reinstalling easy cheat and shutting down antivirus to no avail. I guess I'm just broken until they release some kind of fix
  7. HEY,i'd like to know your opinion...

    I was worried too that it was in Alpha so there wasn't going to be enough content. There are quite a few maps which have a TON of replay-ability thanks to the challenging, yet rewarding game play, the FOB system, and the fact that every squad is different people with different personalities so you're going to have a different experience. Support is awesome, since buying in December I have seen multiple updates adding or fixing stuff we all requested. If you like Red Orchestra, Arma, or even the hardcore or realism modes on other titles, I think this is worth a shot.
  8. Yet another Texas member..

    Haha I totally say "Howdy!" sometimes.
  9. Suggestion: Give Most Classes Binoculars

    I'd like to see something like that as well, but maybe you can just change the attachments or kits for your class. I'm afraid if you let us make custom classes everyone's either going to be a sniper or make classes that don't even make any sense
  10. Howdy from Tejas

    I'm from the country, but I'm going to school in DFW haha :)
  11. Visual Runtime Error?

    Hey man and welcome! I had the exact same issue, in order to install the runtime your windows needs to be up to date. I think you'll find a lot of useful info here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/8093-win-7-c-0x80240017/ Hope it helps!
  12. Suggestion: Give Most Classes Binoculars

    I don't think 'every' class should have them, but I wish there was one class that was more of a support role that had them. Like it's weird to me that the medic has them, I want that guy sewing up my teammates not doing recon.
  13. Howdy from Tejas

    Thank you!, I remember playing with some of you guys yesterday! Good times!
  14. Win 7 c++ 0x80240017

    Yeah I had to use a windows 8 version of mine
  15. Visual C++ runtime ERROR

    Awesome, thank you :)