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  1. Squad management

    So here is an idea. Separating a nine man squad into fire teams or patrols by color, such as in arma 2`s ace mod. This would make leading a squad much simpler. Also setting a fireteam/patrol leader would make issuing orders much simpler. Squad members would identify patrol leaders with a corporals rank next to their name much like the squad leaders, which is a sergeant. For example a nine man squad separated in to three man patrols (taken from a FDF manual) 1.Patrol Squad leader - Medic - Support rifleman. 2.Patrol Patrol leader - Machine gunner - Rifleman 3.Patrol Patrol leader - Machine gunner- Engineer Not sure if this is all ready planned or in game yet but nevertheless I would like this to be added.
  2. Mic problem

    Heres what I did to solve it. I went to the control panel->audio and disabled all mics except the working one. Then I went to steam and made sure steam detected the mic and made sure it worked. So it seems that squad uses the microphone steam uses. Hope I helped.