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  1. annnnnnd again... This one's error code 17
  2. Thanks bro, apreciate the quick fix!
  3. ok maybe not today, so now I dunno bout that, other than just plain lame...
  4. https://ibb.co/m58K3k and yhea Ive updated windows, just did, still an issue... also verified files in steam...
  5. lol nice reference, but yhea, Ive tried turning both on and off, and yesss its plugged in... ...and yhea Ive reinstalled it 4 times
  6. So outta the blue, after playing not two-three hours ago with no restart of steam or my computer I get this error 30005 easy cheat failed to launch crap. Looked at the forums, said they updated it today, so, wtf?
  7. Serious lag spikes

    Ever since the new patch I've had severe lagspikes making this game almost unplayable. My ping regularly shoots up to 400 then drops to 30 (ie what the servers ping I joined was). My internet works fine, my download speeds are a constant 10 megs downloading and I've done a speed test saying I'm right in the range I'm paying for with comcast.... Pretty much just this game that's been having massive lag...
  8. Reshade 8.8 EAC kicks

    badass brothers thanks!
  9. Reshade 8.8 EAC kicks

    So looks like reshade's getting kicks from eac. Sadly the lighting situation, while massively improved, still kinda sucks and reshade/sweet FX was a brilliant way to fix the color grading. Anyone found a solution to this or are we sh--- out of luck on pretty squad?
  10. v 8.6 crashes with reshade 1.10

    Well now 8.8 just wont even let me on a server... anyone found a way around this?
  11. v 8.6 crashes with reshade 1.10

    Yhea, that worked, thanks! Not sure why though, don't think this is an open gl thing... but hey, if it works it works, thanks!
  12. v 8.6 crashes with reshade 1.10

    So I just retried 3.0.4 and its the same fail, do you know anyone who has gotten it to work?
  13. v 8.6 crashes with reshade 1.10

    Yeah it works without, kinda not the point. I tried 3.0.4... didn't seem to work, but I'll try it again
  14. So the old standard of reshade vrs 1.10 is now crashing on startup with this latest version, has anyone found a work around? Wouldn't be an issue if the squad developers would allow adjustments for contrast in the settings, but bland seems to be the name of the game. I will say they made it bearable with the last update but I'm already spoiled rotten and I happen to be a videographer for a living so CC is a big deal to me, would love to get my reshade back! '