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  1. I would like to highlight the need in the mid-future for China faction and maps. 1/ A very clever man pointed out for me personaly that : China is like a 10 year old kid next to a bunch of old mans, has huge future and potencial. 2/ Is the second most powerfull army and not only but in economics too. 3/ There is a huge amount of potencial chinese buyer. As this above, I would like that the Chinese faction to be a very good looking, pr one feels ugly to me, and a little OP due to reality. Maps could have a better athmosphere than in Qwai2 for example. just some ideas
  2. Tomorrowland 2016

    Hey mates! It's been a long time since my last activity here on SQUAD forums, and really hopes you all doing well in private. I came back here to ask a little help or opinion of your (especially from Benelux guys ) So, after trying I couldn't manage to get to Tomorrow this year, but already turning 19 and would really like to join the globe biggest or most crazy festival. As mentioned in this post, the festival is really expensive for a Transylvanian 19 year old on his own as it goes up to 1500 euro. What I'm interested and was adviced to join next year as a volunteer. Now I know they won't pick anybody and in a festival like this everything is on high standard, but I'm asking some of you who was there or could make a phone call in my service to ask a mate I hope there is a way to join as volunteer and still join the party sometime Thank you for your help or opinion, PS : If this is not going to work, I'm still interested if somebody is going to pre-order the ticket in the future, as I heard it's better if in groups. I'm interested for 2 tickets atm to buy
  3. Is it to late?

    The community is great indeed, we are a nice bunch of people )
  4. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Operation Red Storm Red Outpost Marea Kaspi ( Caspian see) Blackwater village Oakwood point
  5. Squad Order Marker [Map]

    Much apreciated!
  6. Kickstarter Roundup

    I guess this is UE4 http://9gag.com/gag/a8jYYEV
  7. Squad Music

    That is in same time ones of the biggest improvement and the biggest feeling killer feature.
  8. Kickstarter Hype

  9. Community content WIP thread!

    I hope this is going to be a forest map.
  10. Kickstarter Roundup

    Firstly ; That Taliban POW looks awesome people with the rusky accent LOL Secondly ; Thank you DEV team again on working on this potential-full yet above the general level Game ) PS : Just watched the trailer 5 times, please make more ones like this.
  11. Last days of the Squad Kickstarter campaign

    I think if we are in the last 50hours, we should activate our youtube promoters to give a last push with livestreams in the time the Thunderclap is going. I just hope Devs contacted many famous youtubers or online gaming agencies if they want to break barriers. I'm supporting Squad now as never before and really hope we hit it as high as possible. Maybe 500.000 $ ? PS . Every livestreaming youtuber having the KS link in the top of the video is must
  12. Community content WIP thread!

    Giving you an ideaa - making the gulf twice as bigger and making both forces having to circle it could give two feature : Either russians from abandoned fort or americans from lighthouse point could sneaky swimm across the bay and flank the enemy, making Fobs snd forts at gulf-side is a key of preventing this. Also placing some key bridges on your rivers, could hold strategical positions as vehiches could only roll throught those.
  13. They have never really had played due to the fact, that its a pain in the ass if the server lacks teamwork, while Ins or ASS is still going with a bunch of lonewolfers and selfiesh squads.
  14. SQUAD Kickstarter Fan Trailer

    Cool indeed ")
  15. GREAT as always! You guys deliver...
  16. hello, now heres that alpha release! (jk)

    Top Joke dude!
  17. Last days of the Squad Kickstarter campaign

    I can see OP one-manned HMMW's everywhere ) On a serious note, including a bunch of great youtubers from EVERY country could help you the most. If one of them accepts, it will spread as wildfire across the wide country. I don't think many gamers from ex. Turkey or Hungary watch Jacksfrag or BD.
  18. Kickstarter Project update #8

    A big thank you for all of YOU! You picked up a rock, that was never picked before, regarding the nature and genre of this game, it wasn't and still isn't easy to give your best and to share a required work but you know you are working on the right project, that will rise in the sky in the close future. I wish all the best in your personal life too and a great succes with this game ! Until we meet on the battlefield,
  19. Live stream interview with NationFusion

  20. kickstarter project update #6

    I predicted a Muttrah return... by the time that Fallujah wins the poll, Muttrah is already in working... nasty devs
  21. Kickstarter Project update #5

    Good luck for you guys! Cheers for this games big future