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  1. August 2017 Recap

    *throws 1 nade* *destroys 20 barbed wires*
  2. Squad Leading Guide with +++++

    This guide still holds up for infantry squads. 90% of my radios are never found or destroyed...
  3. What's up with the community?

    It's to stop a noob and his friend from taking and wasting a l33t stryker. Deal with it.
  4. Has no: Vaulting Mortars Free Look Dragging Doors IEDS Vbieds Air support Optimization
  5. Why the medic aversion?

    Medic class is like being a babysitter and I can see why people would avoid it. People screaming, "medic" as soon as they're downed literally makes me shudder. Every time I hear it I try to be calm and educate the players. Don't scream medic, keep comms clear. You're dead, you have time to open your god damned map and assess the situation. Medic too far? Give up. Medic close but on another player, be patient. Medic close, give him directions in squad comms, even better in local.
  6. I agree, it's 90 seconds now? Make it an even 2 minutes.
  7. Cool idea, but how will you know if the guy you're shooting at is incapped from a long distance? Is he crawling for cover to heal or not?
  8. null_value

    This is a niche game...Deal with it.
  9. Free look & weapon rest position

    V9... but yeah, bring v10 along with it.
  10. Nerf dolphin diving. Don't penalize people for getting shot. Remember this isn't a mil sim.
  11. RIP, picking up on sarcasm or having a sense of humor. Not unless you're trolling and going along with the joke.
  12. Sprint and focus same button?

    I had to reinstall windows and all of my games so I lost my settings. I thought I remember being able to move forward and focus at the same time. Now I simply begin to sprint. Was it always that way or am I imagining that?
  13. Remove kill count from end/score screen

    Eh, didn't see that in my drunken stupor.
  14. Remove kill count from end/score screen

    I see you lost this game.
  15. Why I havent been playing SQUAD

    I completely agree... I've sunk all of 10 hours into v7. I was completely on board and spent a lot of money rebuilding a pc specifically for Squad before that. All we can do is wait for v8, or v9 to optimize the performance. Maybe that will bring the player base back up? There's always Rising storm 2 (early 2017) battlefield 1 for now.