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  1. GPU overclocking and SQUAD

    Actually my current clock for 2500K is 4.4 Ghz with default voltage. My main incentive to overclock GPU is to get better visibility at long distances. Super sampling should help with that but GPU will become a limiting factor pretty quick. I suppose upgrading CPU, GPU and monitor to 4K will be much better solution than AA or super sampling. But still not sure how good even something like 2070 super will work with 4K resolution. And my main question behind this forum topic is next: why squad is so sensitive to GPU overclocking? It start crashing before stresstest. I am just curious.
  2. GPU overclocking and SQUAD

    Thanks Crafty! I've never looked how load distributed over different cores. It can be a single core bottleneck. I have a very old CPU (2500K), but it already overclocked beyond 4 ghz. Still instructions per tick can be better with new core.
  3. Hi there! I have NVidia 1070 GPU and it is never enough. So I trying to get some extra fps from my rig. But as soon as I add more than 64 Mhz to core clock I get random crashes from Squad UT engine. At the same time all GPU stresstests I've tried work fine with substantially higher clocking than Squad. So is Squad known to be more sensitive to overclocking? Is there any stresstest allowing to find appropriate clocking values for Squad?
  4. Which soft/tricks was used for CPU/FPS monitoring? Is there anything to see GPU load as well?
  5. Spawning

    Got myself a few long hikes too as previous spawn point become inexistent. Spawn point automatically resetting back to main base and it is not looking right for me. I suppose removing spawn point selection and forcing player to choose new place to spawn will be better. Sometimes I just didn't notice that old spawn point go up in smoke.
  6. Squad For Linux

    Definitely will wait for Squad on Linux. Great news!