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  1. Submit Your Battlecam!

    Not sure if this qualifies at all since its Youtube and its a video OF me being dragged away in a glitch https://clips.twitch.tv/HardTalentedPoxKappaClaus Vid done by Ac3ofNight
  2. Theres a time when you finally decide to become a Squad Leader. Mine was when Squad was released. I played PR ALOT back in the the day and I would sit and watch the Squad Leaders doing their thing thinking "Holy crap I could never do that". I finally decided to jump into the command seat with Squad. It was Epic. Im proud to say that this has been one of the most positive communities and player communities I have seen. But... and its an important but, there are a few things as a squad member or even potential squad leader that I want to give advice and guidance on. ALWAYS WATCH YOUR MAP. You see it in all the squad play throughs but I constantly see 1 or 2 squad members off in the distance and I have to wrangle them back in. Normally this isn't the case with a well organized squad but we still have new players so I dont put them at fault. But again, pay attention to your map theres more than one reason than just having your bearings. You need to see where your team is so you know whether or not its a friendly or an enemy. I usually pop my map up every 10 seconds to check where everyone is and I rely on my squad members to be my eyes on the battlefield when were moving. CLEAR COMMS this is a HUGE thing that gets on my nerves but Im having to listen to my squad mate talk on squad chat about his date with a kangaroo while im trying to get information on an enemy position from another squad leader and its being drowned out by the squad member. Ive had good comms and bad comms and I can tell you right now. KEEP the joking around to local. I cant stress this enough. When you start joking around in coms usually you're drowning out the squad leader and ive had times I was trying to organize and group up my squad and im constantly being talked over by some squad member joking around. CALL CONTACTS and on top of that you shouldnt really shoot at an enemy unless you've been given the clear to fire. One of the things alot of new players dont realize is you may want to get the kill but then no one knows where you're shooting. You need to call out the contacts using the compass at the bottom of your screen like "Contact at 330" Saying contact left isnt going to do anything to help and so is just shooting at an enemy. Now on the not firing til given the go to shoot, you dont necessarily know what your SL is trying to do and when you shoot and give away your position you may have just fucked the SL's plan to sneak around the enemy flank. STICK TOGETHER This isnt call of duty. This isnt even Battlefield. You need to stick with your squad. ESPECIALLY medics. I understand if we just met up with another squad and they need medical attention but as soon as their medic is up regroup with the squad. Ive had countless times where my medics are 200-300 yards away busy healing another squad when I need them on my own squad members. Also this game is called squad for a reason TEAMWORK is Essential! Sure you may get alot of kills as a lone wolf but you arent helping the team when the objective is lost because you could have been the one guy that noticed a whole enemy squad coming up on the back. NEVER have just one medic this is pretty self explanatory. FORMATION you do not always want to be bunched up. Squad leaders this is where checking your map is important. Always be aware of how your squad is positioned and formed and correct accordingly. I usually have mine fan out a bit when we are sweeping. you dont want one rpg to take out your whole squad now. KEEP YOUR SQUAD INFORMED as a squad leader I never have a squad member ask what we are doing. and if you do you are wrong. You have a mic and a squad channel for a reason. Let your squad know the plan so they can be one step ahead of you. Let the other SL's know what you are doing. Keep your Squad members informed as to where you're going and potential contacts and always remind them to keep their eyes open and on the horizons. like I said your squad mates are your eyes and ears on the battlefield. HELP OTHER SQUADS You need to be at the ready if theres a squad that needs help even if you're moving to the next position you may need to fall back to help another squad out. this always plays a part into my next bullet point. FLANK FLANK FLANK. Never run at the enemy head on thats stupid. You need to learn how to flank and use the environment as your cover. See that hill, use the other side as cover, those bushes and crops, crouch all the way. you may think it takes a long time but ive helped alot of squads by having my squad flank an enemy position. Flanking is the best tactic to use in most situations, you need to be one step ahead of the enemy and make sure that you have a rough idea where they are at. this is the time that your SL would want you to hold fire possibly to sneak around the enemy. KEEP YOUR COOL As a squad leader you need to keep your head straight. Youre going to have bullets, RPG's, Grenades all coming at you and sometimes from all directions. You need to constantly be thinking of the best avenues of attack and defense, where to place your squad members, you CANNOT freeze. once you freeze and stop moving and stop organizing your squad in a firefight, you're done for. You need to keep the momentum up with your squad as well. Make sure you keep barking out those orders, where you want them to shoot, to move, to cover. As soon as you freeze up and go hold on to the squad and their taking a million and one bullets the enemy squad has already won. DONT LET YOURSELF BE PINNED (courtesy of kindlylight) When you are squad leader, you manage your squad and you want to keep them alive. Its fine to sit in a position for a little and take some shots off but this is why flanking and moving is important. just like a sniper you dont want to squad to zero in on your position and not give you an avenue to get out. I myself and as Kindly pointed out constantly see squad members too afraid to move from a position. Just last night we had an enemy squad behind us and I had to pretty much YELL at my squad to move from cover and with me across the field. EVEN THOUGH it was in enemy fire I knew if we made it across wed take out the enemy squad and their rally point. You want to know what happened? Finally my squad crossed with me, we swept the area, got about 8 kills and took out a squad. This is why moving is important, Had we stayed where we were. the possible second squad that was on the opposite side of us could have moved in behind and taken us out. SQUAD COMPOSITION AND POSITIONING You want to make sure you have a good mix of roles, and not just a bunch of rifleman and a medic, this is how your squad should look: 2 medics 1 AR gunner 2 Optics (ACOG) 1 Rocketeer 1-2 Grenadiers and the rest rifleman You want to make sure you keep the AR gunner at the back and always have him stay in position and give support fire while moving up on the enemy. the enemy will usually think you're still there and be pinned by the AR gunner, you are good to leave a medic with him as well. When you engage the enemy have the Rocketeer and grenadiers pop explosives at the enemy and then move up to flank. When moving ALWAYS have your medics in the back and spread out among the squad, you dont want both of them getting taken out at once. YOU (edit: This is only if youre leading your squad somewhere like "follow me" kind of thing) or a Optics should be at the front and moving. never have a medic be at the front. BE THE TEACHER If you have a new player to a MilSim or even FPS's teach them. Dont just shun them and tell them to go do whatever. be engaging and help them out. give them tips, teach them how each role works and where they should be at all times. make sure you give him the experience that keeps him playing and understand this isnt your average FPS. That you cant just lone wolf and that teamwork wins the game. I WAS A MEDIC LIKE YOU, UNTIL I TOOK A BULLET TO THE FACE You need to make sure that you let the SL or other medic know you're down if you're a medic. Medics in my mind take top priority when it comes to who to revive first. I was a medic first when I started playing PR and then Squad. As a medic be aware of whos hurt and make judgement calls on who to revive first. Dont run out and try to be a hero and heal a guy in the middle of the damn street At Least without covering fire. Make sure you tell other people who are up to BANDAGE THEMSELVES FIRST before you heal them. If you run out of bandages and there's no one near by, you cant revive anybody. as a medic only use bandages on yourself and on downed squad members. Just remember, its a game. Were here to have fun. But its always fun when you have an engaging squad that listens and follows orders and does it well. This is the essence of squad. Teamwork and Coordination. TL;DR This is just some basic bullets on how to be a better squad member and squad leader. I will update if i think of anymore points.