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  1. Alright, I know many of you will read the title and immediately think that I'm nitpicking, but hear me out. To be quite blunt, I think Squad has some of the worst looking grass I've ever seen in an FPS. I mean this in an aesthetic way, not in terms of graphical fidelity. Something about the grass looks very very bad, not only does it often not blend in with the terrain at all, but the grass just looks sharp. It is hard on the eyes, and makes large fields look like a complete mess of pixels. I believe the lack of proper anti-aliasing options has something to do with this, but it could also be the textures themselves. Below is a screenshot from Squad: In the Squad screenshot, the grass doesn't blend with the terrain at all. What I'm assuming is supposed to be a lush field just doesn't look like one. I always viewed 3D grass as something to compliment and give depth to the terrain texture, by itself it just looks out of place. Also, the actual field of grass looks aesthetically displeasing. Just a complete mess of sharp, ugly pixels. I don't know why grass looks the way it does in Squad, but to be honest it has been bothering me since I bought the game back in December. The blades of grass need to be smoother and blend together, right now it looks like I can cut myself on that stuff. And here is a screenshot from Project Reality: Now compare to this screenshot of Project Reality. Graphically speaking, the grass is quite dated and doesn't look that good on its own. But in a large field, like in this screenshot, the grass looks pretty great, especially for its age. It perfectly matches the terrain below it, and has that smooth look so that the entire field blends together. I honestly believe that this grass looks more believable and realistic than the grass in Squad. You might think that this entire post is petty and a waste of time, I don't see it that way. I believe the grass in Squad hurts the overall presentation of the game, as well as the immersion and just general aesthetics. I believe grass isn't really that important to gameplay, but that it's primary goal is to blend into the environment and make it believable and immersive. If your eyes are being drawn to something as boring as grass, then it probably isn't done right. This has been on my mind for some time, and bothered me enough to make this forum post about it. I tried to describe my thoughts as best as I could, I couldn't offer a solution because I honestly don't know how to solve this. I love the game, If I didn't I wouldn't have put in the effort to make this post. Here are a couple of screenshots from other games showing off the grass: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Battlefield 3 Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Call of Duty: World at War
  2. Please no raised weapon as default

    I agree 100%. The benefits of true first person don't go much further than immersion, at the cost of negatively affecting the gameplay. TFP gives us bugs like misaligned sights, where aiming up and down shift your sights left and right, weapons and body parts clipping through literally everything, and just issues with immersion like having soldiers constantly shoulder their weapons. I honestly don't think that TFP is worth all the problems that it brings, better to just add legs to a traditional first person rig. Also, switching to a traditional first person rig will allow us to have lowered weapons without the need to add overly complex systems just to raise and lower your firearm. I feel like adding a lower/raise button is not only completely unnecessary, but would also probably feel very clunky and awkward.
  3. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    Sorry to be so harsh but do people not read the recaps and only look at the screenshots? It says that the ACOG is a placeholder right there in the recap
  4. Black artifacts on radeon r9 290

    Here's a dev response about it from the Squad subreddit.
  5. Flickering in Alpha 6

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK7kDIQ_x8U Decided to upload a video since flickering is hard to capture in screenshots. I never had any issues with flickering in this game before, and the recent update caused many meshes to start flickering pretty badly. Anybody else have this issue, or know if the devs will be able to fix this issue soon?
  6. V.6 community feedback

    Anybody else getting some pretty terrible Z-fighting issues that they never had before? I'll try and upload a video later showing what I mean.
  7. V.6 community feedback

    Check your key bindings, focus for me was reset to pressing QWE.
  8. You'll have to zoom in on the pipes and vents to see it, but I'm getting pretty bad Z-fighting on just about all the vents in the tunnels, as well as other structures (the police station floor in the firing range). Also getting some strange white lines inbetween the ceilings and walls, also between the separate tunnel pieces. I'm using an R9 290 btw. IDK if it's a driver thing or what (in terms of Z-fighting), but when I got this card I also got Z-fighting issues with other games like Skyrim and BF4.
  9. Pitch black shadows?

    Yeah, here are some screenshots I took today. As you can see, both indoors and outdoors is extremely dark. Now, with the new lighting I did get a performance increase, but honestly this is too much. Extremely hard to see anything and just looks bad tbh. Other than that though great patch, I especially love the new Sumari.
  10. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    I was at work while the testing was going on, I was wondering if any of you guys still have the testing branch code? I would love to mess around offline.
  11. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    Hey devs I'll be at work during the testing, was wondering if you guys could allow us to download and mess around with the update for the whole day. That way many of us can still give feedback and report bugs even if we miss the actual test. Plus my hype is killing me I just want to fly around the maps and see what's new
  12. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Alright I got it working! Email was sent to the Promotions tab and I missed it.
  13. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I backed the Kickstarter at the Rifleman tier, but didn't receive a backer tag
  14. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Those tunnels look great!
  15. What do you think about the new gray scaled map?

    I will agree that this clean and nice, but the map loses so much detail that it's not worth it. I liked the old maps that looked like satellite footage, because there was a lot of detail. You could easily see everything, from debris, cover, rooftops, trees, and elevation in terrain. With this, half of a hill/mountain is dark grey, you don't see any vegetation so you can't plan out FOB placement/maneuvering in a forest anymore (which gives players with good map knowledge a large advantage, something the devs said they want to avoid), and you cant tell if a roof is flat or not. In the future you may not be able to tell Trans to drop you on the roof of a building, because you won't know if the roof is flat or not, which once again is another disadvantage to new players with little map knowledge. I love a clean UI, but this seems to put form over function. I would rather have the maps we have in PR, instead of working towards a two-tone terrain map and grey rectangles for buildings. Vegetation isn't even shown, how can I tell if a valley is a wheat field, bare dirt, or a dense forest?