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  1. V6 update not smooth

    Even after the hotfix I'm not impressed - still problems with performance. I think the populated server count on a Saturday night, 2 days after this release show it all: There's only 7 populated US servers. You usually see that population at the end of a build, before a new one is released. A bad build = dropping player counts, which is dangerous in development because many may not return.
  2. Alpha Version 6 Released

    And I'm the one being rude here? You're an example of what's wrong with the community. Grow up.
  3. Alpha Version 6 Released

    LMAO, this is the typical response here when you criticize something. Squad and its devs are beyond reproach apparently. There's no room for criticism or discussion. I'm done. Enjoy your forum.
  4. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Here's the point the community is making: Keep making excuses as developers, and there won't be a community for full release.
  5. Alpha Version 6 Released

    I gotta admit, at least I chuckled.
  6. Alpha Version 6 Released

    ^ Another fanboy. Typical Fanboy response. Alpha or EA doesn't equal that you can fuck it up and be like "meh, it's an EA, oh well"
  7. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Just checked 2 other maps - It's not just Gorodok but the entire game. I have an i7, 16GB RAM, and 980s in SLI but struggle to get 30fps at the same settings of the last version.
  8. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Gorodok is unplayable - HORRIBLE FPS. like sub 30 FPS with continual drops below 20. I'm not the only one either it looks like.
  9. PSA to All Server Admins

    huh? I've seen the Americans get rolled on that map multiple times.
  10. What the hell do you think I mean by blinded, and what do you think blinded means? Pretty sure it means "not able to see" lmfao. You're coming off as the dick here, as if your tender sensibilities have been offended because someone questioned your knowledge... Again, you won't be blinded, or "won't be able to see" (whatever wording you chose for the same thing), by looking into a bright light with NODs on that are autogated. Let me guess, you're some 11badass who knows everything? Not worth my time. There's gotta be an ignore list here to add you to.
  11. Talib John doesn't understand for the most part. Some smart ones (rare) sure - majority of em? Nope. Throw out any other 3rd world shitbags we come up against - you think they grasp it or have knowledge of how to counter them? Yeah.... no Lastly, if you're trying to start a dick swinging contest then this isn't the place.
  12. Meh, still standing by it's a misconception - unless you have a non-autogated unit, light sources will not "blind" you through NODs. (there's a mix of both right now currently issued) No one is being a dick, but there's a LOT of misconceptions about how NODs work all throughout the gaming world. .....I'd also say you have no idea who you're addressing either... because again... internet ;-) My opinions come from real world knowledge.
  13. The number one reason the ratio of casualties is so high irl is because the opposing side doesn't grasp the technology of NODs, nor do they know they're using them. It wouldn't be the same in a game where people knew the opposing side were actively using them, and therefore trying to counter them. I agree with the second point about a specific game mode, but believe it could be incorporated into the current game mode with specially made maps.
  14. Welp, as someone who has both and uses / used both, I'd like to clear up some misconceptions: 1. Modern NODs don't blind you with bright light. It's called autogating. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. Does it make them pretty useless due to bloom and such? sure... but it's not going to blind you... 2. No one uses their optics with the NODs on their head - if it's on their head they use IR lasers for aiming, it the NODs are on their weapons then you have to hold it up and aim to view the night vision. If it's an NV compatible sight then the tube is mounted behind it - if it's on your head you use IR lasers. How to make it realistic and implement it? -fill cities with lighting at night, and rooms with lighting or bright sources that make NODs not the best choice -Implement a "one eye" design to using NODs. What do I mean? Half your FOV is lost if you view through your NODs for full vision. If you open both eyes you get a mixed, but dimmer view with NODs. -Give flashlights to all. Flashlights will temporarily bloom NODs and disrupt your vision (again won't blind you though). -Design the maps that require teams with NODs to come into the light sources to cap points (no sitting outside camping with NODs) You balance it out this way, and players figure things out. When implemented as close to real life as possible, then it's evenly balanced.
  15. Alpha 4 Released

    Same version number...?