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  1. Banned for joining a squad

    I am also referring to his post and to personal experience. Nothing to do with your server, but your qualification as Toxic usually isn't on the player only. Also this is the Squad forum, not your server forum. Mind your privilege.
  2. Banned for joining a squad

    Bunch of non-sense, typical of short-tempered people who are handed a trifle of responsibility and can't deal with it in a cool, wise manner. Oh and paradoxical...you're no OP, Dev or concerned admin as far as your handle shows. Yet the first thing you do is curtailing the speech behind you. It doesn't pertain to the OP alone, Admin abuse I've seen, felt and tasted is alive and well. From Clan mates, ghosting, to admins covering cheaters, to admins banning for many cuckoo reasons (including "being apologetic of terrorism" or simply having some misguided fun with the indicators at the beginning of the round, like marking the Russian un-capable spawns as FOB's). Admins are there to be admins first. This is has to be internal policy on who is on charge for x-shift or y-shift. If you are supposed to be admin but you like playing too much to be fair or good-mannered, just don't get involved in administration tasks. PERIOD. If you have that much activity it means something is wrong and it requires your attention as an admin, you asked for that responsibility not the other players. And if that kind of activity is chronical on your server, then look no further you're not cut for that job. The idea that leaving the squad/team/server is the solution is just hiding the issue under the rug. I believe that Squad is a mature community that doesn't deserve to hide behind petty primadonnas not getting their perfect squad. Toxic players become so because they sense prejudice and feel prejudice. It's no different from real life actually. You don't care for others, then they will care for you. For the patent offenders there's no need to worry they don't hide and they don't pretend, they just send everything to shit. It's the petty bans, the non-sensical defense behind what the OP just reported that are stingy. Admins are no different than other people when it comes to character, however they make decisions that re based on whims more often than one might think. Demanding fair treatment isn't some bollocks tantrum, it's not being toxic. I've been kicked for taking the BTR while marking BTR squad on the squad handle and having al BTR people join and actually use the damn thing properly. Suddenly French Clan needs BTR for whatever reason and boom, 4 people disconnected, we reconnect, find the said clan riding on our BTR's and then threatening us with bans.
  3. Marksman role...

    It's called Sniper rifle, but it doesn't exactly fill that niche from a Soviet viewpoint. And from Russian viewpoint it's totally obsolete as a "sniper" rifle, since the Chechen crisis at least.
  4. Marksman role...

    1P21 then **** no. That thing is a product of the devil. It "self zeroes" (PO-4 is even worse) for long range shots. That's not something the Dev's want to deal with as of now. So let's just stick with stuff like POSP 6x24 and give the X10 to the murricans if the bullet drop can be properly done.
  5. I've gone 50-4 with an SVD and we still lost by 60 tickets. And not further than two weeks ago. ZOMG SVD impacts the game negatively...or does it? The BTR is a beast in select situations, it's a lame duck in other select situations. You selectively read what you want. I'm saying that the BTR on itself doesn't change the combat basics. What it does change however is that infantry without the means to disable/destroy is dead meat. If that's what you're saying then yeah, armored vehicles tend to need specialized assets to be defeated. Nice one captain obvious. We tore it on the Fool's road with the driver and still lost. We did the same on the Yehorivka and won on a large margin. You never seem to understand this, like wtf...it's called bias. I understand that you don't like vehicles, but they are part of the game, avoid them when not able to defeat them, ambush them when you can, make sure they're corralled or limited to areas that they can't have much impact on, make sure they don't see many targets, make sure they're always on the move, a moving vehicle is less prone to sit and take potshots at exposed squads. And basically, have a good team, that one helps. On this point Romby is clearly far more accurate than you, symmetrical (although not as much) vehicular assets tend to equalize the exchanges. They also tend to force teams into specific tactics on how to deal with them. Less protected assets are victim to a bigger spectrum of threats, more protected are victims of a more narrow spectrum of threats. Yeah captain obvious... It makes sense when you read and comprehend the whole post, obviously you didn't. I can't help you with that.
  6. Cracking round

    No, it's just you and the rest of the gang that don't understand that assets in this game aren't interchangeable. You need your AT-guy to be with you or ready to hit at the fire order. The medic needs to be more cautious and the squad leader to be levelheaded. But above all, you need your side to know how to actually shoot and fight. Most of the complainers are bad at everything. Movement is subpar, awareness and map knowledge is subpar, engagement is subpar, tactics employed (roof idiots for instance) are subpar. Basically I see a lot of carry-overs from BF or god forbid COD. The few guys that were on PR are usually good in Squad. You need your medic to be good on what it does. The armored assets are too few in most cases to make a difference unless you let them do. Also i hate playing as US, the M4 is a pain in the ass with hit detection, have a lot more facility with the open sights on the AK. I usually win and when I don't i still have nasty K/D ratios and points. It's just people trying to absolutely win by going head on, doesn't work like that. Had you played Insurgents back in PR, you'd probably not complain at all.
  7. ... I offered you two examples on the issues you have with armored assets when things go well or when they don't, you chose to pick up on the first one, albeit I clearly said, the game basically rested on 9 guys (1 squad and the BTR) because the BTR driver applied military sound thinking. While the second map ended up as a loss despite all squads cooperating and me and the driver, doing exactly the same thing with the same game plan and exact same result in KD-ratio. In bonus the driver racked up 18 kills on the Fool's road. Basically we had a better round than the Yehorivka and we still lost. How can you lose a BTR in Yehorivka? Like I said very easily coming under fire from Techie, getting fixed and getting a couple of RPG's. A well organized squad will make your BTR ride very rough, especially as they can shoot your driver with one RPG and then proceed to kill you once your try to haul ass in the same fashion. Also 50 cal emplacements are there for you. Chora a hard map...not particularly, drive along the river, keep the flanks, very easy to see people coming and the M72 is really a pain to aim with. Also, My point demonstrates exactly that. Vehicles don't impact the game in the same way, you shouldn't use them in the same way. If you want BluFOR vs RedFOR then pick your servers differently. Or play Battlefield.
  8. ... Holy molly. Read the edit. What I do is replicating a military though process. I don't start hunting for squads, I try and shadow the most mobile assets and the most valuable. It happens that the techies are as lightly armored as the logis. Like it is in the real life. Furthermore it's a wrong assumption to say that the BTR is too powerful. Quite the contrary, unless you are with a very good driver, chances are you're going to become dogfood pretty fast on Yehorivka. Also as i said, it's called Assymetrical warfare for a reason...DWI. All is fair in love and war.
  9. You clearly don't understand the concept of fire support. BTR's parking 300m away are nothing more than sitting target practice. I know that, I've played against Russians with techies and with good mentality all it takes is crew on bridge to pepper outbound vehicles wth DShK. The whole Idea is that you don't need to go for the heavy assets, but for the soft ones. Assymetrical warfare, it's not just slang. We didn't go after the individual kills, we went after techies, supplies and soon enough we found FOBS, shadowing the logis. The whole point of the BTR once the transport duty is fulfilled is to become a nuisance.
  10. Both times as Russian. Yeho= Russian vs Milita. FR=Russian vs US.
  11. Honest to God, this game is a farcry from being "ruined" by vehicles. Actually like with everything crews are the deciding factor. And even then, crews need to work out a plan to be effective AND deadly. Yesterday I racked up 26-zero on Yehorivka and we won by 300+ tickets, mainly because the driver was focused on disrupting supplies and asset support (techies). We had only one commander leading the charge with most squads doing absolutely rubbish. FFW next game, very involved teams on a Fool's Road, much communication, and once again 27-1 but we lost by 26 tickets...the game is decided by how it stacks up and how the teams are made. Vehicles even with the best drivers are still too limited to really be dangerous or game changers. When the game will feature heavy armour and full armament suite then some situations will be really lopsided but now, it's nothing.
  12. Weapons ineffective

    Simply not true, I've been trade killing with people firing on FA since roughly the last patch. Before I had like 80% of chance of getting the guy if both were aware of respective presence. Semi automatic in short and midrange fights used to be a good bet now it's becoming more dicey as people can manage to contain the bursts inside a small square and don't really think about ammo conservation as long as they stay alive. And If they don't stay alive who cares...respawn. This attitude towards general involvement is a tell tale of a different public playing this game, and in many cases makes for some easy kills, but most of the time it has to do with improper hit detection etc. IMO.
  13. Weapons ineffective

    Well the problems start with inconsistent hit detection, and inconsistent damage that comes from that. For instance i've noticed that most US players are systematically firing full auto. SAW is a whole other issue, but M4's are always full auto, this is ridiculous. People simply unload a whole magazine while getting shot with consistent, accurate semi auto fire, sometimes it's just awful. Me: Hit, hit, hit, kill. Him: turnaround small burst in general direction, kill. Never mind the midrange firefights that become outright comical because of the saturation effect. This stems from lack of ability to use the weapons correctly, and also because the hit detection is a joke... And then...SAW, braaaaaaatattatataatattataattatta, until it hits something. It just doesn't work like that IRL. But even in a game it shouldn't be a recreation of Predator's M134 shenanigans.
  14. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    I put a disclaimer, sometimes I say stupid stuff, glad this one was a stupid assumption. Carry on. @KaB: Sorry nevermind just a stupid "apoplexy" moment. Thank you for clearing this up.
  15. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Between my work and sleep there's about an hour of cooking and eating with my girlfriend, the rest is Squad and more work. So yeah, being adult while trying to not give up on the small spark of coolness is hard. And it just became harder.