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  1. Ridiculous accuracy.

    I too would prefer longer engagements and proper firefights. I'm not a fan of FPS shooters and I was eager to see if V10 was going to change the way shooting works so we could experience real engagements with enemies that we can't see. That's how my experience was in V3, then everyone got good. We all want this game to do something that no other shooter has achieved.
  2. POLL - v10

    I think most players who play Squad as one of their regular games come from FPS games. So this major turn into a more realistic shooter might not be very popular among them. It does feel clunky and very out of control but that’s because I’m sprinting everywhere, changing stances every 3 or 4 seconds and flicking my mouse around. It feels a lot slower now and more tactical. However, I played a bit of v10 and in my experience one tapping and two tapping is still there, but less frequently than in previous versions. I was very interested to see if firefights would last longer and turn into proper full on engagements. But there’s still plenty more updates to come so I’m very optimistic.
  3. Alpha 9.17 Released

    What was the K/D like during the testing of V10? Similar to current Squad or did engagements last longer?
  4. Admin scramble command

    It’s not fun for either side when one side is getting rolled, unless you’re new to the game and you’re doing the rolling. On the other hand we wouldn’t have as much fun if we can’t play with our friends and Squad wouldn’t be as successful if it didn’t allow players to play with their friends. Part of Squads success so far is down to the community’s self-policing.
  5. The End of Humvees? :(

    Just do what GTA does and rename the vehicle. TUMVEE MUMVEE
  6. This is an interesting read. I think Squad has attracted many FPS players. I'm not sure how popular or unpopular these mechanics would be among those who primarily play FPS games. It seems like it would take a lot of time to understand and practice your aiming, not to mention the different mechanics of each gun. Squad is a game that you quickly jump into to experience a realistic war. The bigger the learning curve, and more time required to understand how everything works, the more off-putting the game may be to newcomers? Last I heard the average time people play Squad is 30 hours. I think it would be great to implement all this, though probably very complex. These mechanics would increase the length of firefights and slow the game down. Just imagine having to sit in a 2 storey building for 30 minutes with your squadmates as you're suppressing the Taliban in the compounds down the road. With inaccurate rockets flying at your building and a constant fear of running out of ammo. Would love to fight in the rivers of Chora with the enemy on the other side of the field in a ditch. Neither can see each other but both are suppressing each other. These mechanics would add to the realistic experiences of war immensely. However, I don't think these mechanics, and the possible experiences I wrote above, would be popular among many Squad players who mostly play FPS games.
  7. It would add a strategic element to the game imo. Having a fuel system would encourage more emphasis on vehicle stations, resource depots or even superfobs. It would also require a lot more resources to camp outside enemy main for example or go on lengthy excursions into enemy territory. With the fuel system teams have to be more careful with their planning on vehicle movement. One way to slow down the steamroll is to rely on resources, the further you are from main, the longer it takes to get those resources. Or if you're relying on stored resources from a FOB, there's still a bigger distance to cover between Main-FOB-Frontline on the steamrolling side.
  8. Red Dead

    Rockstar have had so many issues with GTA on PC. I hope they still made a massive profit despite the amount of time put into the online world. Because if it's been more trouble that profitable then they might not wanna risk doing it all over again.
  9. That's the same with most games. Will vehicles require fuel in the future?
  10. Insurgents are meant to adopt guerilla tactics. Giving them an opportunity to gain air superiority would make guerilla tactics secondary. In AAS I think options for guerilla warfare are limited because the mode is quite linear but in the Insurgency mode it's much more doable to go guerilla.
  11. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    Bought Squad when I saw the game top fragging on Top Seller as it released on Steam. Was surprised how many players were playing on Christmas Day. I was happy sitting on the rooftop defending Radio Tower waiting for combat as I heard intense fighting in the distance.
  12. Rushing - The Game Changer

    Rushing takes away the essence of the game. I'm hoping it's just an Alpha thang and we won't be able to rush in the final game or if we do, it's punishable. I'm hoping that by release, or at least Beta, Squad will become what I thought it was going to become, a grand strategy of a game. I think rushing is the most effective tactic on some maps as it disrupts the entire enemy teams plans. But I think this game was supposed to be slower and more methodical.
  13. Flippin' FOBS on Flags!!!

    I forgot about this. The nature of FOBs on flags has changed now as the game progresses. In earlier versions you could get away with putting a FOB way out and only use it as a last resort when the rally was gone. Now people are finding enemy FOBs so much easier and with the introduction of HMGs and vehicles, it doesn't matter if the enemy knows where your FOB is. Doesn't even matter if the enemy camp your FOB because a couple of people moaned about spawn camping which lead to this Call of Duty spawn protection thing. One thing I will stand by though is that if you're the superfobbers, don't take credit for defending the flag. Usually it's the defending squad outside the flag who's attacking the attackers, and tearing down their rallies and FOBs, that's doing the defending whilst the superfobbers slow down the enemy from getting inside the cap. I don't think fortifications are useless if they're built on chokepoints which your team doesn't need to use but the enemy needs to get through. But if you're gonna put a FOB on the flag, keep your rally's or a FOB is outside of the flag in case you get overwhelmed.
  14. Also the alignment of the sights needs to be random if possible. For example, when you hold down A or D to strafe left or right, the sights have a set 3 or 4 second pattern or routine. I'm not sure the timing exactly but let's say every 2 seconds the sights align as you're strafing before unaligning. So experienced shooters can still strafe and not suffer a penalty because they know when the sights are going to line up. Reason why I bring this up is because if loss of steady aim is implemented, there might be a set pattern which more experienced players will eventually adapt to. Knowing this set pattern will alleviate the effects of being under fire. But by making the aligninment of the sights random, it'll cancel out any experience the player has therefore firefights will last longer and suppression will be much more effective. A casual player could then pin down and dominate a competitive player in a random game. I'm not sure if sway also has a set pattern but if it does then experienced shooters can also adjust to that as well.