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  1. Insurgents are meant to adopt guerilla tactics. Giving them an opportunity to gain air superiority would make guerilla tactics secondary. In AAS I think options for guerilla warfare are limited because the mode is quite linear but in the Insurgency mode it's much more doable to go guerilla.
  2. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    Bought Squad when I saw the game top fragging on Top Seller as it released on Steam. Was surprised how many players were playing on Christmas Day. I was happy sitting on the rooftop defending Radio Tower waiting for combat as I heard intense fighting in the distance.
  3. Rushing - The Game Changer

    Rushing takes away the essence of the game. I'm hoping it's just an Alpha thang and we won't be able to rush in the final game or if we do, it's punishable. I'm hoping that by release, or at least Beta, Squad will become what I thought it was going to become, a grand strategy of a game. I think rushing is the most effective tactic on some maps as it disrupts the entire enemy teams plans. But I think this game was supposed to be slower and more methodical.
  4. Flippin' FOBS on Flags!!!

    I forgot about this. The nature of FOBs on flags has changed now as the game progresses. In earlier versions you could get away with putting a FOB way out and only use it as a last resort when the rally was gone. Now people are finding enemy FOBs so much easier and with the introduction of HMGs and vehicles, it doesn't matter if the enemy knows where your FOB is. Doesn't even matter if the enemy camp your FOB because a couple of people moaned about spawn camping which lead to this Call of Duty spawn protection thing. One thing I will stand by though is that if you're the superfobbers, don't take credit for defending the flag. Usually it's the defending squad outside the flag who's attacking the attackers, and tearing down their rallies and FOBs, that's doing the defending whilst the superfobbers slow down the enemy from getting inside the cap. I don't think fortifications are useless if they're built on chokepoints which your team doesn't need to use but the enemy needs to get through. But if you're gonna put a FOB on the flag, keep your rally's or a FOB is outside of the flag in case you get overwhelmed.
  5. Also the alignment of the sights needs to be random if possible. For example, when you hold down A or D to strafe left or right, the sights have a set 3 or 4 second pattern or routine. I'm not sure the timing exactly but let's say every 2 seconds the sights align as you're strafing before unaligning. So experienced shooters can still strafe and not suffer a penalty because they know when the sights are going to line up. Reason why I bring this up is because if loss of steady aim is implemented, there might be a set pattern which more experienced players will eventually adapt to. Knowing this set pattern will alleviate the effects of being under fire. But by making the aligninment of the sights random, it'll cancel out any experience the player has therefore firefights will last longer and suppression will be much more effective. A casual player could then pin down and dominate a competitive player in a random game. I'm not sure if sway also has a set pattern but if it does then experienced shooters can also adjust to that as well.
  6. Some new players are quick learners, doesn't mean everybody is a quick learner. I think it's selfish for the 8 other guys in your squad if you pick SL and don't know what you're doing. It's also selfish for the rest of the team and can suck the fun out of the game.
  7. Squad won't win unless we all agree on voting for just one of the awards. The small player base has split its vote among the various awards.
  8. I think the devs are tracking Squad's stats through Google Analytics. I believe that, unless Militia and Insurgents have better shooters on their team than U.S or Rus, by default the U.S and Rus will always win. Maybe the Google Analytics reports show this, maybe not. But rest assured, any issues the game has will be addressed I'm sure. Even if the devs won't or can't address it, the modders will. Regarding the sway, that actually benefits experienced shooters more than inexperienced shooters. Inexperienced shooters don't have the hand eye coordination to deal with the swaying sights, whereas experienced shooters do. I think the sway was implemented because some players can easily get a lot of kills. So far, I haven't seen a reduction in those number of kills.
  9. The Amount of Stress -> 50 to 100 Real Quick

    I admire SLs who can remain as cool as a cucumber under pressure with all of what's going on now. Before V7 I could squad lead just fine in pub games but now there's too much to deal with. I just leave it to the pros. One thing I've wanted to do is make a vehicle-only squad with the intention of providing fire support on enemy positions just to limit their movement.
  10. I think they're trying to find ways to reduce the number of kills players can get. This method hasn't worked imo.
  11. Whenever I've played with someone who says they come from PR or someone who says "how do I heal, its not the same as in PR", they always played Squad much slower than the rest of us. There was no rush to get the flag for them.
  12. Commander(s)

    A section leader would be an awesome feature to implement, but they need to have abilities that SLs don't. Otherwise 2 SLs out of the 6 SLs could take up that role.
  13. Color Coding Every Squad on Map

    Yes that would be very useful. Especially when you're SL and you ask squad 4 to defend without realising that squad 4 is split up. Would help to make quicker decisions. Maybe even have a tiny symbol for each class so that you can call squad 3s rpg guy over to take out the enemy technical. Not only would communication be much faster, but the level of teamwork would increase IMO as many times we can't be bothered to hover over each player.
  14. That would be the worst thing if devs started dictating how we play and breaking the dynamic gameplay that squad brings. People will do it, and it's still a viable strategy. However, there are many strategies that are considered viable, doesn't mean that they're some of the best options available. While i don't want to go around telling people what I think are the best strategies as I'd rather play with all the different strategies SLs have to offer, one thing I will say is that if you are Superfob Squad, don't take all the credit for defending the flag. One thing I've noticed on Fortress is that you don't need to outnumber the enemy defending it in order to cap it. So, the defenders may end up trapping themselves inside with longer resawn times on the FOB as the attackers sit ontop.
  15. If you're up against a disorganised group of randoms who aren't very experienced with the game, then by all means do so. You just have to make sure you're not up against an experienced group of randoms. Thing with FOBS on flags is that they know where you are, so the enemy are not gonna expect to get shot from behind or the flank. Usually it's the defending squad who's patrolling and fighting around the perimeter that managed to keep the enemy away from the flag and not the superfob itself. However, naturally the superfob squad will take all the credit for defending the flag despite perimeter squad getting more kills, taking down enemy rally points and enemy FOBs. It's understandable considering you don't come into contact with the enemy as much when another squad is doing the work for you and you hardly die because the enemy are not able to get close enough in the first place. If you are going to put a FOB on the flag, be considerate enough to put a backup FOB elsewhere so you can outmanovre the enemy if they begin to overrun the superfob. Or at least rally's outside of the flag, in order to give people the option of where to spawn.