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  1. Next Squad mod . lol

    Dude **** yes! That is awesome!
  2. Beautiful New Map!

    Wow! That's a really cool map!
  3. Kickstarter questions

    Yeah see that's what I was wondering about myself.
  4. Kickstarter questions

    Ahh okay it's disabled makes sense. Yeah I just noticed once upon a time we had them and now we don't.
  5. Kickstarter questions

    What's up guys, it's been a min since I have played. built a new rig and it's nice to see how well the game has been developed. I noticed the forums have changed. Was wondering what happened to all the backer content? Like the signatures and forum content and stuff. Are the in game skins not working, Or is that not a current priority ?
  6. Forum Founders / Backer Tag's ?

    What happened to the tags ? We had them for a few years now all of a sudden they are gone ?
  7. Dedicated Squads

    Troll lvl over 9000...
  8. Can I get accepted in the community?

    Simple answer, Yes. Don't let anything like that discourage you from playing what you want. That type of behavior is everywhere. I dealt with it at 14 also. I'm now 29 and I sometimes talk shit to "squeakers" as well. One thing I think about now is how I let it make me feel bad or change my decisions, Learned the hard way. You need some thick skin, Bullshit back with them or ignore them. If you do get kicked, Call him a *** and move on... Buy this game and have fun man. It's an amazing game!
  9. Love this update!

    Man this update is pretty awesome guys, Thank you all for staying on track and fine tuning all this content. All of you dev's have my respect! Keep this thing rolling!
  10. Server Connection Closed.

    Oh wow, Never paid attention to that. Thanks...
  11. Server Connection Closed.

    That worked... Is that going to be fixed or did they give servers the option to not allow it for some stupid reason ?
  12. Server Connection Closed.

    I did a fresh install today, Every time I connect to a server even low pop servers 30/75.... I get this error? I'll try a Very Integrity of Game Files and let you know what happens. - Nothing I'm reinstalling again..