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  1. Forum Founders / Backer Tag's ?

    I donated $20 to acquire a forum tag and this is missing too now.
  2. September 2017 Recap

    Forget everything else... Staging Area < this alone will increase the game play. No more leaving squad members behind and splitting the team up. No more rushing to get a vehicle only for it to get taken. No more confusing starts with squad leaders unsure where and what everyone else is doing. Now we will be squaded up with a plan starting games in an organised manor. 5*
  3. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    I've backed this. I bottled it when squad was on kickstarter and waited till steam release. Wish they would remove the name tags including squad. it really detracts from the look of the game. You have a minimal hud then have stupid player names showing up.
  4. Game looks stunning all maxed out. Sadly though its a disadvantage vs these low end systems to play with all the eye candy turned on. Why we cannot have servers where the graphics are pre set and any config edits will be kicked i dont know. Always pandering to the low end, out dated pc user!!! Complaining they cannot run a 2017 game on hardware from 10 years ago. How can a game move forward if it always needs to think of the budget user with specs that only scrap the minimum. There was a guy posting last year sometime about how good his KD was. Then when he posted screen shots you could see why. All the lovely grass and cover was removed because everything was set on low and config edits had made his game look like a throw back to a mid 90s shooter. Would love to play on a server where everyone was locked to the same specs in game.
  5. Ever called for a lift in game only to see them drive off in the other direction or strait past you, leaving a very long walk. So a group of players get full control leaving everyone else playing walking sim 2017.
  6. AASv(*)

    Hide every cap zone and have it randomised to where they appear across the map so teams cannot prearrange how / where to go. This way both teams cannot rush because there be unsure where the next cap zone is going to spawn. Could even include a 5 min timer after capping before next cap zone shows on the map forcing teams to set defensive lines up before moving on... kinda like INS mode spots spawn. Squad is getting a little boring with everyone doing the same things. Fobs end up in same locations every game and mostly the same tactics of movement get used.
  7. Buy a 980-ti, its more then enough for squad and other games at 1080 (all epic and 1.5 x super sampling 70-100fps) and it beats a 1060 if you look on ebay your get a 2nd hand one for the same price or less then the 1060 sure if you spend a few days/week searching your find a bargain. http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-980-Ti-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1060-6GB/3439vs3639
  8. Hi, hoping someone on here will be able to help me out, Looking to have one of theses jackets imported to the UK from the states. Could anyone help size me up? As its a gamble spending upwards of $200 only for it to arrive and be the wrong size. I am after a GEN 1 or GEN 2 jacket as the GEN 3 sadly does not come in woodland camo. I am wanting to layer the ecwcs jacket on top of a snugpak sasquatch which is a medium. I cannot work out which size ecwcs jacket i need between a medium / long or Large / long. When i lay the snugpak flat on the bed it measures 58cm arm pit to arm pit / (around a 42+/- badly measured myself) 76cm for the length / 30/31 81cm for the sleeve from the side of neck, not middle of back 6ft+ tall I am struggling to decide if i need a medium/long or a large/long. I know there designed to be fit over exciting clothing. The snugpak bulks me out quite a bit plus the other added layers as it is and i am not the above sizing with the jacket off. Looking at different size charts online its hard to truly work out which size to go for. Ecwcs gen 1 sizing <<into google then images... The first sizing chart says M/L chest 42-1/2 to 45-1/2 with 35/36 sleeve length. So by that the M/L is the correct size as the large is 46-1/2 - 49-1/2 with 35/36 which would make a large massive on me. But then view the tags on the jackets for sale and it looks like a large would be the correct size as a medium is 37-41 and large 41-45 Could anyone tell me what chest MN and WN means on the tags which one should i be taking note of? and why the two different sizes As i understand the Official USA gore-tex with gore seems are some of the best jackets going for wet weather use?? I have seen the copy's from helikon, tru-spec and other company's but i would rather buy the real deal. could anyone offer some helpful advice Thanks
  9. FOB ammo abuse

    Its there way of bringing the game in line with there plans. They have thankfully stopped the lame process of dropping a fob and returning 10-mins later to a fully armed ready to go fob. Tbh I was sick of some games having 6-8 fobs dotted about the map, the fob spam was crazy and came with little thought behind there use. Now we will have a few months of people playing where they can only gain ammo all while getting the mindset that without supplying the fob there unable to build. Then in a future update remove remaining points making deploying a fob without a logistic truck totally useless. (like it should be) Least that is how i hope it will go.
  10. Do mortars suck?

    When i hear the mortars start to land around me i take cover and hide and stop moving around. And from viewing other players they do the same too. So mortars do have an impact on the game. Just because mortars are not giving out huge KDs it does not mean there being effective.
  11. Hide inactive white flags from map?

    We are getting to a stage where the gameplay is already pre-planned before you start, across every map. You know the enemy will be at this spot and ruffly the time they will arrive too. It also leads to some poor squad leading. Go here place fob, attack here... Yeah done that last game and it failed, come to think of it the last 10 games a fob was placed in this and that area. I would like to see a more dynamic map layout with the next objectives hidden, randomized cap zones big and small sounds great. Would also like to see less symmetrical cap zones on the map to.
  12. Help me choose a monitor.

    Gsync is worth the extra cost. No tearing and everything's so smooth.
  13. Can i run it?

    CPU maybe what limits you. Could not tell you what FPS to expect. Best to try it out as you can always get a refund so long as you dont play more then (i think) 90mins... < better double check that time. But steam are good on the refunds.
  14. 1440p upgrade

    Why not go 1080 144hz with G-Sync instead, should be able to find one around your price range now and if stepping up from 1080 at 60hz it will be a massive improvement. Stuttering is a thing of the past and best of all being 1080 gives max fps across every game. I dont have time to admire how pretty a game looks.
  15. Can i run it?

    No one can answer, if you dont share your specs.