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  1. When i hear the mortars start to land around me i take cover and hide and stop moving around. And from viewing other players they do the same too. So mortars do have an impact on the game. Just because mortars are not giving out huge KDs it does not mean there being effective.
  2. We are getting to a stage where the gameplay is already pre-planned before you start, across every map. You know the enemy will be at this spot and ruffly the time they will arrive too. It also leads to some poor squad leading. Go here place fob, attack here... Yeah done that last game and it failed, come to think of it the last 10 games a fob was placed in this and that area. I would like to see a more dynamic map layout with the next objectives hidden, randomized cap zones big and small sounds great. Would also like to see less symmetrical cap zones on the map to.
  3. Gsync is worth the extra cost. No tearing and everything's so smooth.
  4. CPU maybe what limits you. Could not tell you what FPS to expect. Best to try it out as you can always get a refund so long as you dont play more then (i think) 90mins... < better double check that time. But steam are good on the refunds.
  5. Why not go 1080 144hz with G-Sync instead, should be able to find one around your price range now and if stepping up from 1080 at 60hz it will be a massive improvement. Stuttering is a thing of the past and best of all being 1080 gives max fps across every game. I dont have time to admire how pretty a game looks.
  6. No one can answer, if you dont share your specs.
  7. Stop players bandaging themselves and only be aloud to heal / stop the bleeding of a team mate. Increase from 2 too 3 per player. This would promote a lot more close teamwork at the same time. Can honestly not mention a time where having been hit a team mate without asking has come over and bandaged me up ready for a medic. More often i have multiple players just run over me without any care.
  8. We need to be able to spawn into the map so we can group up, organize and enter the correct vehicles. This would make the start of games a lot more organized and a lot less rushed. Have a spawn zone on each base that players cannot leave till the time ends / game starts so players cannot go running off.
  9. excessive teamkilling

    Team kills happen its apart of the game. I seem to go long periods without doing it but then will have an off day. So i ask what is excessive? Cant say i have run into to many teamkilling griefers in squad. To me there is no issue. I think some people just over react when they get team killed.
  10. Not played since this update for that reason so thought i would give it a week or two. They need to limit fobs to one per team. So as you advance across the map you need to dismount the fob, get all your supplies in order and move forward across the map or risk players being to far from the objective. Rather then allowing every squad leader to make his own fob and start mine-crafting. My biggest fear is throughout the whole game its now going to be boom, boom,boom,boom,boom,boom. Every game
  11. Because the controls for medic are a ball ache and this is the reason i swerve this class. Why can they not separate the bandages and medic bag? Having to keep cycling through theses every time all game is just annoying.
  12. Its at the price point to keep the idiots and cheats away. What is £40 for a game that has a life span of ??? (years) Some pay to win games would see this amount done in 2 months, but squad is for life. Dont lower the price it just brings problem players, this why every F2P game is full of cheats.
  13. When a game lasts an hour or more an extra 2-mins at the start to get organised is really not a big deal. I would rather wait and have a squad and team plan then start the game and try make a plan as everyone rushes off. This is what makes clan games so exciting everyone ready at the start knowing what they are doing and where they are going. Everyone ready for action.
  14. I see the thread i started only a few days ago quoted above. And I can say 100% there is ZERO benefits gameplay wise. It does make the game brighter and objects sharper but does not give any advantage over another player. Think of it like this, with it off the game is grey and dull, and textures have a slight blur but with it on the game is brighter, more colorful and textures sharper and the grey shade removed. Try it, follow the thread i made thats quoted above... install it, copy melbo`s file and switch it on and off and view the difference. Now what is wrong and i am sure this is happening quite a lot is diving into the config files and making game changing edits here. I for one would like to the theses files locked and any edits cause the game to crash.
  15. Night maps are pointless, you can tell by the end score who turned there gamma up. If everyone is going to up there gamma then they may as well just remove the night map option. Its a shame as i always keep it dark but being shot from 100 meters away when i cannot see more the 20 is not fun.