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  1. Image Quality and Colours

    This!! Sweet fx makes the game come alive with more vibrant colors!
  2. Blood and Gore

    Hmmm, I would figure that anyone who have seen "horrors of war", that have issues with seeing red stuff, would also have issues knowing that they are jumping in a game that centers around a character weilding a gun, with other characters around him, also wielding weapons or driving vehicles intending to kill. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding a gore system to this game. I'd love to see it happen, and make it optional for all others that have issues with limbs flying off or red blood everywhere. That way, both sides are happy. There are tons of shooters available without it. It may not be the most important feature the devs could add, but why downplay it as if it were irrelevant? Adding such a system only continues to raise the bar for immersion/realism that this game has already set.
  3. Near impossible to see beyond 50m

    I am very glad you pointed this out. And I too am not bashing squad as I love the premise of it and play it with friends. But it is definitely difficult to see past a specific range. It's to the point where I often take fire, and don't have a clue where to spot the threat when I know the area to look. It's somewhat annoying. Unless you are a SL or medic that have the binoculars, it's tough to see. Maybe everyone should be equipped with binoculars.
  4. Textures not loading

    I already have it set at Epic, since my card can easily handle it. It was fine before, but it was weird that happened as soon as I loaded up the game. I will play more of Squad later tonight. So I'll post back if it continues to happen.
  5. Textures not loading

    I played a game of squad with some friends earlier this week and noticed the textures in the game didn't load correctly. From the look of other players, to the map, everything looked muddy. Is this an existing issue or is anyone having this problem? If so, I apologize in advance. Here's the link to what I'm talking about. https://www.twitch.tv/mazing87/v/62140111 My specs for my system are: i5-4690k H105 liquid cooling GTX 980ti 6gb vram 16gb memory 120gb SSD 3TB HDD 650w PSU
  6. Is the community getting better or worse?

    I have played in that server before and haven't experienced what you have so far. Sounds like a bunch of randoms wanting to ruin the fun. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Was going the Early Access route a bad idea?

    I won't ever concern myself with players that have low attention spans or have been "burned out" by playing an early access game. It was always understood that by buying an "Early access" game, you know there will be bugs, there will be many many play throughs (wash, rinse, repeat) and time that goes by, and updates/patches from feedback. If PR has been around this long, with people still playing it to this day, then Squad will be around a long time to come. I haven't lost any interest or excitement to the game yet. Seems like only the mature players are more patient, remembered the details of why they chose to invest in an EA title, and appreciate the process, ensuring it will be as polished as it could be. Some gamers just aren't built for that, while others are.
  8. NA Servers

    Good tip
  9. 1) Vaulting would be great. Struggled with this when I first. Crouch jumping doesn't sound realistic. Not sure why anyone would suggest it. 3) I actually like how the set up is now, where you need x amount of players before the marksmen class is available. Too many people will want to be a sniper and it'll promote camping or using the class all wrong, not advancing with the squad, just simply look for kills. 4) The theme of focusing on objectives and teamwork is great in the game. Not having the kill count stat show up on tab scoreboard is a great move and should remain. Players not knowing how many kills they have will keep them more focused on the objective! 5) Don't need extra time during intermissions, as they are already long as is. I rather get back in game and plan as we move along across the map, it's a long sprint anyways. 6)Disagree. Using a general will make the SLs less valuable. Squad Leaders and medics play big roles in the game.
  10. Creating a party

    A limit; Then make a party of say half the squad (no more than 5)? I have streamed the game and as a result, a couple of friends bought it after seeing how great it is. It's sometimes a pain to try and join servers together, where one of us will be in, while the other isn't when the list showed there was more than enough available slots. The party system would instantly make a squad in game.
  11. Comms works wonders! Me: Medic!!!! Medic: I'm on my way to you. Me: Ok. 2 outcomes: Medic: You're good as new Me: Thanks Doc/Medic or Medic: I'm hit I can't get back to you / I can't reach you, sorry Me: Thanks for letting me know.....Respawn I've never been downed or close to death irl but having a black screen when you're down, not knowing what is happening around you, just makes the game more immersive and intense. All I hear is guns or grenades going off. And it's actually great to see how squadmates are willing to die to revive their comrade. And when they actually revive you after all of that, it speaks volumes! A lot of people try to be patient but can't and get frustrated and respawn.
  12. What Makes People Think They Can Just Disobey You?

    What would any of you do if a SL simply sprinted across the map to get to the farthest objective, and not lay down rally points or communicate to his squad what his plan is?
  13. Initially hooked, now un-installed the game.

    He really expected to take 5 guys down just because they didn't see him. The outcome he was hoping for is very COD-esque. The fact that they didn't see you OP, you could have checked your map and see if you had any squadmates or teammates around. You could have just waited a bit to analyze their movements. Having patience is a good thing to have in a game like this I think. I just enjoy the atmosphere of this game. The pacing, the audio, and the emphasis of teamwork and objectives is what makes this game stand out from all the other shooters. I hope it remains that way!
  14. Slow Animations

    This. When I use mousewheel, sometimes what I want selected isn't what is equipped. On topic, it does seem a bit slow to change equipment. A bit of a tweak would be perfect. Just not too much.
  15. Squads that dont talk...