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  1. Custom Patches and Nametags

    Hello all, I understand there are a large number of critical issues that need to be fixed, and features that absolutely must be added - I am just curious what everyone's thoughts are on the idea that some day in the far future, custom arm patches and/or name tags are added to the game? To elaborate further, for arm patches I mean literally the same thing as in arma where you can create a squad xml and add a small custom image to display as a patch on your arm. This seems like a small thing but it would be a very simple feature to add, and a really cool customization option. Regarding custom name tags, would it not be cool to have your user name or a custom entered name be able to display as a name tag on your backpack or somewhere on your uniform? This also would be a very simple feature to add and I think it would be really cool. You would not have to even necessarily add it as some sort of image it could be auto generated in game. We have set this up as a custom mod in arma 2/3 from scratch in one of the groups I play with, it was not that difficult, and it was always cool being able to literally see the person's name rather than looking for a name hovering over top of their head in neon green. Again, I understand that the game is still in alpha and these features are by no means top priority - just curious what everyone's thoughts are on this?
  2. Export Render of Ru Rifleman Crouching

    Hello and good day, I am trying to export an high res image of an ru rifleman crouching with a blank background. So far I have been able to use umodel to extract the model and take a screenshot of it but I have not done this in a long time and cannot figure out how to get the model to display the crouch animation. I might not even be going down the right path, I have tried to google this but since squad is kind of new I did not find a lot of info and I am not sure if it is different from regular UT models. Any help would greatly be appreciated!