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  1. Connection issues

    Well why would i bother? when you guys just left old m8 H-Milch hanging up there. You guys never actually finished this thread. He posted his log file and never heard from you guys again?
  2. Connection issues

    Cant be bothered, why would i waste my time with you when the guy above me got disgusting support from you guys? Not worth my time
  3. Connection issues

    So I have this problem too, and from the looks of things the devs dont care enough to even finish this thread. Hell just a boring link to a support would do, atleast you wouldnt look AS lazy.
  4. Snipers?

  5. Server problem

    it is up to the developers to find the hosts which have efficient protection though.
  6. Server problem

    For starters this issue should not come up at all, its 2016 there is more then enough hosts that should provide DDOS protection. This issue should have been solved earlier.
  7. Server problem

    Devs need to drop their shit, and find a way to fix these ddos issues.
  8. Guessing you saw the other thread about this issue, yep still suffering with it. This is something only the devs can fix.