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  1. RIP is one of the best servers and the RIP players and leaders seem very competent!
  2. Sounds good!
  3. The Squad developers had PR on their record, so there was a reason to trust them. And they were more than 3 people. I won't say anything positive or negative about this project, because it is too early to say anything at all. Let us wait and see. I will be glad if they succeed in a good SWAT game.
  4. That is a good post, I feel the same way. And it is one of the aspects in the game that I love so much. I think in real gunbattles, you also don't see a lot of enemies directly into their eyes but rather shoot in their general direction (as it can be seen in many gunfight videos, I am no expert though). Suppressing works and sometimes even gets you kills
  5. I had not played for the last six months. Holy shit, Squad has become a very good game and feels so immersive! Very good work, congratulations!
  6. That goat-****er-thing is racist though. Goat-lover is an insult used only for middle-eastern people.
  7. Check your coolers for dust. Maybe your CPU or GPU is overheating.
  8. Make your own squad then.
  9. Haha, yeah. Suka blyed davai davai viju brativnika za stalinaaaaaa
  10. Those words are only a sign of true belief, my brother. Mashallah!
  11. Absolutely. I have never been happy in a game after a lost game. But in Squad I was happy because losing felt awesome thanks to teamplay.
  12. I can smell some butthurt in this thread. Why would anyone be offended by a request for more diverse player characters? The US side should be more diverse to reflect reality (whites, blacks, asians). The russian/militia/insurgent sides should have some diversity within their specific racial features. Big/small nose, eyes and so on. It would feel more realistic than being part of a clone army as it is right now. However I also think this is a topic that should be adressed far more down the line. Now it is more important to get the core features functioning.
  13. Well analysed. I also think, FOBs should not cost any tickets at a loss. However, there must be some sort of penalty. Maybe a timer, that prevents placing a new FOB soon, when a FOB has been destroyed recently? Even 5 minutes could help the other team gain a momentum. I can imagine a scenario, where a team has just lost a flag but took down a FOB --> they would have time and resources to reorganize for an attack, while the team that took the flag would need to survive for some time in order to be able to make a holdfast of their new gain.
  14. I like this. It would be a nice alternative setting from time to time.