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  1. Anything new with this? Because this just started for me tonight out of nowhere?
  2. Zoom'ed Game

    Now my game will freeze when trying to join servers, I cannot play at all...
  3. Zoom'ed Game

    So not sure what happend, but my games Glitched like this. Ive tried relaunching the game. I did recently change my resolution up past 1080p. but yeah? idk what to do...
  4. Low FPS on decent end PC

    Any current graphic/hardware teaks out for newest updates?
  5. Low FPS on decent end PC

    Any new Squad config file's modifications out there? Also, How do I go back (undo) to default settings in my Squad Files?
  6. So still nothing from the devs on what this issue is; How to fix it?
  7. AMD Optimization

    anyone know where to find that huge list of ""WindowsNoEditor"" edit's? and or good for V6?
  8. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    It's easy for me to dream, and trust you guys, cause you're constantly here talking to us giving us mental stimulation. Thanks for that devs... (...I'm currently pooping...)
  9. Ok cool. So can you give me more settings to turn down in Gameusersettings.ini that will help with FPS and Performance?
  10. Remember this? "Ok thx. What do u mean by "do your setting" , and re-apply my .ini settings, anything I need a link to the devs latest .ini files conversions"
  11. ...also I have done steps 1 and 2, and think it might have fixed it? But It still does it here and there.
  12. I know but I asked how to modify the ini.
  13. You never explained how to go about it... hold my hand please...
  14. Need help resetting .ini files...
  15. Game Freezes for 2-10sec

    I think? That will solve my freezing problem??...