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  1. I sometimes accidentally unplug my headset and I can't get sound back without restarting the game. It sucks when there's a queue get on the server! Can we please get a console command to reinitialize the sound device in the game?
  2. EAC Security Violation Detection

    EAC still flipping on SelLedV2.exe Updated my Gigabyte RGB Fusion softwares last week and suddenly I couldn't launch Squad
  3. I think when real tanks enters Squad we will see a rebalans on IFV/ABC and anti tank weapons. I like to see a optional rifleman kit with one AT4 and more heavy anti tank kits options. I like to see the MBT LAW and Carl Gustaf M3 as a heavy weapon kit.
  4. Is wall healing permitted?

    I agree except about blocking bridges with vehicles, .a perfectly legitimate tactic. But maybe the devs should make it possible to destroy the wreckage with a IED or satchel charge
  5. Steam down?

    Beer and watching new episode of RoadKill and hoping Steam online in 40 min.
  6. Steam down?

  7. Steam down?

    Cant find any servers! https://steamstat.us/
  8. mortar sight bug

    Happen to me 2 times. Killed when using mortar and FOB removed when using enemy mortar. Disappears at mapp change. Not tested, but try entering and exiting a mortar
  9. My dislike: The feeling of playing a short nearsighted person that can't clime a knee high wall.
  10. Black Floor Texture Bug Al Basrah

    Have same problem time to time. Only on that map Sapphire RX 580 Nitro 8GB
  11. Excessive Teamkilling

    I had to disconnect 2 servers yesterday because of rampaging team killers. Was really sad because It took a long time to fill the server and we had a good game going. Really hope tay can implement a optional vote kick system ASAP. And maybe build a more complex system when Squad goes in to Beta version
  12. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    The Carl Gustaf M3 A smörgårdsbord of ammuniton to choose from and squad members to help me carry extra ammo Is is in use by the US in Afghanistan and British has a variant dubbed AE84-RCL
  13. Yes I know, but a lot of other people don't. And that shows ingame. So making is easier and more clear maybe isn't wrong? All in all: Not everyone can be so all seeing and all might as you
  14. I like to see a icon confirmation for unloading, reloading supplies and reloading vehicle weapons. Similar like the one we have for repairing vehicle. Purple for supplies and yellow for ammo.
  15. ARX control for Squad

    Any one coding some cool stuff for Squad? https://www.logitechgpromo.com/arxpromo/