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  1. I tend to switch between speakers and headphones a lot. Speakers when I am not gaming, headphones when I am. Sometimes I boot the game forgetting I still have the speakers enabled and once I get in game there is no way to change it to the headphones without restarting the game. Would be nice if there was a drop down menu added in the audio options that allows you too choose your audio input/output.
  2. VOIP Overlay that works with Squad?

    I want it so I can tell who is talking in my clans TS server. The in game VOIP works fine. While in serious matches I turn off TS, but when I'm just messing around chatting with some friends who may not be in the game with me, I would like to know who is talking. Overwolf does not work with Squad.
  3. VOIP Overlay that works with Squad?

    I haven't been able to find a overlay for TS3 that works with Squad. Anyone else have any luck?
  4. First Impressions From a Tactical FPS Fan.

    That's what I thought. However, when I went to the training map I could hit every target no problem without having to adjust my aim for distance, etc. I could just aim the red dot scope directly at the target at 400m and hit it every time Yet when I am in an actually game it seems you have to lead every shot that isn't close range.
  5. First Impressions From a Tactical FPS Fan.

    Couldn't agree more. I don't mind if it's hard to hit people I just want it to be consistent. The other day I was playing with the sniper rifle, had the guy dead in the middle of my scope from about 100 yards away. Fired once, twice, three times, FOUR times, directly on the target without anything happening to him. He then turns to the hill I'm on and 1 taps me with an M4. I've had many other experiences where it's clear that something isn't right with the aiming. Also the recoil is INSANE. M4's have very little recoil in the real world yet in Squad the recoil has you looking up at a 45 degree angle after just a few rounds. Makes it so the only viable way to shoot is with semi-auto enabled.
  6. EO| Exiled Order - Recruitment

    Just put in an application. :)
  7. Teamates names not displaying properly

    I think you misunderstood what I was saying. It's not that the player names make it hard to aim. I have no problem aiming as I have been playing FPS games for years and years and years. My issue is the inconsistency where if I were standing in the open or without much around me, the player name would show up easily on mouse-over. Yet when I am say, in the second floor of a building looking out a window or peeking over a ledge (these are the only times I have experienced it anyway), I can be centered on the player for a good 5-10 seconds and the player name still doesn't show. At that point I assume it's an enemy and I shoot to kill. Oops. All I want is consistency. If friendly name plates are going to show up on mouse-over (which it seems like that's what the dev's want) then I think it should happen every time you mouse over. I don't see why looking through a window should hinder you ability to tell whether or not it's a friend or foe. I guess I could also just learn the uniforms better, which I am sure I will over time, but it seems like names are supposed to pop up on mouse over, and I'm just pointing out that at times (looking through windows, around corners, over ledges, etc...) those names aren't displaying properly.
  8. Mechanic class once vehicles drop?

    Yeah I searched and couldn't find anything on it. Thought it would be cool to add another class which could add another element to vehicles and possibly immobile weapons systems like a 50 cal or heavy artillery. I personally think it would be fun to be deployed on the battlefield to keep vehicles up and running etc. At least offers a different kit with objectives that aren't solely aiming down the sights.
  9. Mechanic class once vehicles drop?

  10. Maybe this has already been addressed, but wondering about vehicle "health" and the idea of having a mechanic that can repair damaged vehicles? Essentially the medic role but for vehicles rather than people. I think vehicles that are completely destroyed should probably stay that way, but if a vehicle is just damaged it could be interesting to be able to repair them.
  11. Multiple Monitor Support

    Yeah as soon as I posted I realized I would need three. The monitor I have now has a very small bezel edge, like 2mm.
  12. Whats goooood

    My avatar is disturbing? Thanks! :) Just happens to be one of the best drummers out there, Jon Fishman.
  13. Teamates names not displaying properly

    I'd even be fine with that, I just want consistency.